Change by IMPACTPR


									Volume 6 Issue 9

    Fall 2009

                                               ! Change & Managing PR
                                                                   “Linking Companies to their Communities”

                                The paradigm* has shifted.                           How will you grow your business in 2010?
                             Business is not back to “as usual”.                  Fact: Businesses that maintained or increased their
 Susan Jeanne Mertz              Change is EVERYWHERE!                            marketing efforts during the 1981-1982 recession
     President                                                                    grew 275% by 1985; Companies that didn’t keep up
                      Change presents opportunities for growth.                   their marketing grew by only 19%.
                      Look for these opportunities in your PR/marketing           In 2010 it’s time to: Think Differently and consider:
                      audit of goals, objectives, tactics and results
                      accomplished with your 2009 PR/marketing efforts.           Video. If “a picture is worth a 1,000 words.” Video
 Call us              Evaluate what worked; Identify why it worked; and
                                                                                  could be worth millions! A study by
                                                                                  found that 52% of viewers exposed to an online video
                      Modify/improve each tactic.                                 took some sort of action. Consider Incorporating
TODAY!                Recessions force businesses to evaluate, re-design          video in online news releases and websites, blogs,
                      and refine their marketing processes as they focus          and social media sites.
                      on cash flow, costs, customer retention, and survival.      SEO. Search engine optimization is important in web
                      We are all searching for advantages and innovative          text. Consider using it in blogs, news releases
                      ways to increase marketshare and avoid losses.              submitted/attached to internet sites.
  Begin to
                      Public Relations is still the most cost-effective           Reporters and others search the web for stories to
  make an             marketing strategy that builds and sustains your
                      brand. . . and maintaining brand awareness is much
                                                                                  include in their own publications and communications.
                                                                                  You never know . . maybe Oprah’s researchers will
                                                                                  find your story if you use the right keywords!
 IMPACT!              less costly than rebuilding it later.
                                                                                  Blogs. Consider using blogging platforms                to
                      2010 is the perfect time to incorporate more low-
                                                                                  supplement the role of a public spokesman.
 tomorrow!            cost, no-cost PR strategies: media interviews, media
                      releases to broadcast, print, and internet sites,           Best Practice: An integrated approach where these
                      blogs, videos, podcasts, and social marketing tactics.      activities are tied together with TV/radio
                      Given the explosion of social media sites, staying on       appearances, email marketing, media releases,
                      top of these new technical developments can be              social/internet presence, community involvement,
843.821.3283          challenging. Planning new programs using existing           and other active public relations efforts result in
                                                                                  better results and bigger revenues.
                      resources can be a cost effective approach to
                      keeping abreast of these new technologies.                          Call IMPACT! 843-821-3283
                                          ∗A paradigm is a frame of reference,          We can grow your business in 2010!
Susan.Mertz@                          a perspective, the way we view our world.
                                                        Make an IMPACT!              Make an IMPACT! with                IMPACT! your community with             Understand how to better
                          "Customized Communications"               "Messages that Matter"                IMPACT! your customers

                        IMPACT! designs polished,               IMPACT! strategically places           IMPACT! develops effective
                        professional external and internal      feature articles and                   strategic plans based on
                        communication pieces. Our staff         announcements of company               outcomes, so that you
                        also creates professional,              news, products and services in         understand your target market
                        efficient and effective                 targeted media and creates             and competition and have the
                        presentations tailored to your          written materials that increase        knowledge to make informed
                        target market that sets you apart       your credibility and build your        decisions before implementing
                        from your competition.                  organization’s identity.               PR and marketing strategies.

                                  IMPACT! Inc. creates opportunities that link clients to their communities
                         through comprehensive public relations strategies and customized corporate communications.

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