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					Volume 6 Issue 7

  Summer 2009

                      ! Business /Education Partnerships
                                                                   “Linking Companies to their Communities”

                          Frustrated with the work ethic and skill level         What students say about the Career Class:
                                       of job applicants?
 Susan Jeanne Mertz
                                                                                 “They helped me to feel comfortable and confident in getting
     President                  IMPACT! your future workforce                    the job I want.”
                       Sponsor a Career Workshop in a local high school.
                                                                                 “I like the spending budget. It’s really good to know how
                      IMPACT! created a 9-hour interactive workshop,             much money you spend on a weekly and monthly base.”
                      complete with a 110+ page workbook, that brings            “It gave me a better understanding on how interviews really
                      the real world of work into the classroom.                 work and what happens.”
 Call us              In these award-winning Career Workshops, students          “They asked us questions. We had to think hard.”
                      are given specific tools to aid them in successfully
TODAY!                obtaining a desired job in their career search.            “It helped me believe in myself.”
                      Workshop Objectives and Lessons:                           “I liked everything because it teaches you about the world.
                      Students learned how to complete an employment             Most students don’t get this type of experience.”
                      application and create a resume’ with powerful
                      accomplishment statements that showcase their                                         Awards
  Begin to            special skills and talents. They learn to prepare for
                      interviews by creating their own self-promoting            Recognized as a “High Performance Partnership” by
  make an             summary, formulating questions to ask the                  the South Carolina State Chamber of Commerce,
                      interviewer, and rehearsing how best to answer             2003, 2004.
 IMPACT!              interview questions.                                       Recipient of the “Business Education Partnership”
                                                                                 award given by the College of Charleston and
                      Students are given the persona of a worker with real
                                                                                 Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce Education
 tomorrow!            life responsibilities. Using the salary and job that
                                                                                 Foundation, 2004, 2007.
                      they are given, students create a budget, pay the
                      bills, and fulfill the responsibilities of their worker.
                                                                                             Make a difference in the life
                      For the culminating activity at the end of the
                      workshop, students search for a job, prepare a cover
                                                                                               of a future job seeker.
843.821.3283          letter, create a resume and experience a mock job
                                                                                         To sponsor a Class, Contact Susan;
                      interview given by area HR professionals and
                      business leaders.                                            

                                                        Make an IMPACT!              Make an IMPACT! with                IMPACT! your community with                Understand how to better
                          "Customized Communications"               "Messages that Matter"                   IMPACT! your customers

                        IMPACT! designs polished,               IMPACT! strategically places             IMPACT! facilitates surveys
                        professional external and internal      feature articles and                     and evaluations and compiles
                        communication pieces. Our staff         announcements of company                 results in comprehensive
                        also creates professional,              news, products and services in           reports that allow you to better
                        efficient and effective                 targeted media and creates               tailor your services and
                        presentations tailored to your          written materials that increases         products to meet the
                        target market that sets you apart       your credibility and builds your         individualized expectations of
                        from your competition.                  organization’s identity.                 your target audience.

                                  IMPACT! Inc. creates opportunities that link clients to their communities
                         through comprehensive public relations strategies and customized corporate communications.