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					      A presentation for the
Electrical Inspectors Association

          Alberta 2004
              Kelly E. Morris P.E.C.
•Professional Electrical Contractor (#7; first
graduating class in 1994)
•Master Electrician

•Business Owner; Morris Electric Ltd.; 34 years

•Past President of the ECAA

•Chair of the ECAA Masters Committee
Let’s Review
   2003: Changes were proposed to the
    Certification & Permit Regulation intending to
    allow Journeyman Electricians to obtain
    Electrical Permits for certain types of Electrical
    Installations, among other equally alarming
   Given grave concerns about these proposed
    changes, and the impact of the Safety Codes
    Act in general, the ECAA successfully lobbied
    to stop this proposed change.
   The ECAA approached the Safety Services
    Branch of the department of Municipal Affairs,
    and successfully opened a dialogue to discuss
    the Masters Program at length and in detail.
   Two world (Alberta) tours were conducted to
    review the Masters Program, and introduced a
    high level vision for an improved system, to
    bring greater value to the Master Electrician
    Program for better safety to benefit Albertans.
   February 1 2006 saw a meeting with the then
    Minister of Municipal Affairs to ‘bless’ the plan
    to date, and secure permission to add detail
    and approach broader stakeholders for
   It became clear in meeting with the Minister
    that there is a perception at the highest levels of
    Government that the Master Electrician adds
    cost (unsubstantiated cost) to installations.
   The Master Electrician Program gives the
    impression with some as ‘self serving’.
   Master Electricians do not add needless cost to
    installation safety.
       Illegal installations leave the impression of costing
        less initially.
   The Master Electrician Program may appear
    self serving.
       The reality is it is safety serving.
   The long repealed Electrical Protection Act ensured
    safety by placing responsibility for safe electrical
    installations on individuals.
   The Safety Codes Act attempts to ensure overall
    installation safety by, generally speaking, making
    everyone responsible.
   The enhanced Master Electrician Program returns to
    the idea of individual responsibility for safe electrical
       This is intended to compliment, or work with the Safety Codes
        Act to ensure safe electrical installations.
   The ECAA and AMA stand ready to
    implement the vision.
       ECAA bylaws are amended to provide for two new
        titles within the ECAA body proper; and
       P.E.C. regulations are amended in draft form.
   Two new titles are in the process of being
       Certified Master Electrician
       Registered Master Electrician
   Certified Master Electrician
       Can obtain electrical permits
       Commits to continuing education
         Becomes exposed to Ethics and Professionalism
   Registered Master Electrician
       Does not wish to obtain electrical permits
       Is not required to commit to continuing education
       Provides for the establishment of Registration and
        Practice Review Committees.
       Requires the establishment of a Discipline
       Has very clear procedures regarding complaints.
       Provides for fines, suspension, cancellation, require
        additional training.
       Provides for an appeal process.
   The bargain we have struck is that when the
    new titles become regulation, AMA will amend
    the Permit Regulation to restrict electrical
    permits to ‘Certified Master Electricians’ versus
    ‘Master Electricians’.
   The P.E.C. regulation fits well with our
    improved Master Electrician Program and our
    interest in mandatory continuing education,
    better enforcement, and maintaining our
    traditional high standards.
   ECAA bylaws are amended;
   P.E.C. regulation draft has been out for
    stakeholder review; and
   AMA awaits implementation of the above to
    trigger changes to the Permit Regulation.
   Alberta Municipal Affairs and Housing has
    stated that the current Master Electrician
    program will not continue as it currently exists.
   Poor perception, poor enforcement, and poor
    practices by some Master Electricians delivered
    us to this point, in addition to a changing
    philosophy within AMA.
   Approximately 4000 invitations for feedback
    sent out to active and inactive Master
       404 responses received;
       360 support this vision, 23 of which had additional
       44 oppose.
   Advanced Education and Technology:
       Beyond this departments scope; no comment.
   Infrastructure and Transportation:
       No concerns.
   Service Alberta:
       No concerns.
   Municipal Affairs and Housing:
       Supports overall, clarification required with respect to the Master
        Electricians relationship to the ECAA, identifies the need for
        appropriate representation on Professional Committees, and
        consistency with TILMA.
   Alberta Construction Association
       Supports, and encourages TILMA issues to be resolved by
        Industry to Government.
       Supports*
   The enhanced Master Electrician program may
    become vital to ensuring electrical installation
    safety given the changes coming in the ‘Permit
       Removal of restrictions on homeowner permits;
       Lack of definition of ‘permit’;
       Issues surrounding communication wiring;
       Issues surrounding low voltage wiring;
       Among other things.
   Thank you EIAA for you’re the invitation to
    present to you.
   Thank you for your attendance and attention.
   Your feedback is always welcome.
   www.ecaa.ab.ca

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