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					             ITIL Awareness
            UC JDCMG Discussion

7/10/2010                         1
Capability Maturity Model - SEI

7/10/2010                         2
Where are we today related to Service Management?
Discussion of Gartner’s Capability Maturity Model

                                                    5. Value      Integrated with
                                                                  Campus & IT Goals

                                                         Capacity Management
                                       4. Service
                                                         Service Level Management

                                               Performance Measurement, Availability
                           3. Proactive
                                               Management, Automation, Problem
                                               Management, Change Management
                2. Reactive        Trouble Tickets, Frequent Escalations

  1. Firefighting      Multiple Help Desks, Users finding the problems

7/10/2010                                                                           3
                  A set of documents that describe industry best practices for
                                   IT Service Management

   ITIL is recognized as the de facto standard for IT Service
   Formally adopted by U.K., E.U. and Canada. Rapidly being
    adopted in the U.S.
   ITIL is a best practices framework
   ITIL has a strong relationship with the ISO9000 quality framework
7/10/2010                                                                        4
ITIL - Parties Involved
Office Of Government Commerce (OGC) (
   • Formerly Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
   • Own ITIL

ISEB, EXIN And Loyalist College
   • Examining bodies that administer the ITIL certification process

Information Technology Service Management Forum, itSMF
   •   International Trade Association; Networking forum for ITIL
   •   Membership based; Owned and operated by the membership
   • (U.S.)
   •   Contributors include IBM, Cisco, Microsoft (MOF), etc.

7/10/2010                                                              5
ITIL - Service Management Framework

                                                                           Service Level

                                                  Management for
                                                                           Service                Management
                                                    IT Services
                Service Desk
                                                              IT Service                    Capacity
                                                              Continuity                   Management


             Release                                    Problem
            Management             Service             Management


                   Configuration                  Change
                   Management                   Management

7/10/2010                                                                                                         6
ITIL and IT Organizations

                   Apps      DB       SYS       Network
                   Mgt       Mgt      Mgt         Mgt

                          Incident Management              ITIL Processes cross all IT
  ITIL Processes

                          Problem Management
                                                           ITIL Processes are focused
                          Change Management               on business results
                                                           ITIL Processes are clearly
                     Configuration Management             defined with no overlap and no
                          Release Management
                                                           IT Services are optimized and
                      Availability Management             delivered based on client needs

                     Service Level Management

7/10/2010                                                                                 7
ITIL Observed Industry Benefits
ITIL offers a systematic, professional approach to the management of IT service provision.

Adopting its guidance can provide benefits such as:
   Increasing customer satisfaction with IT services
   Reducing the risk of not meeting business requirements for IT services
   Reducing costs when developing procedures and practices within an organization
   Better communication and information flows between IT staff and customers
   Standards and guidance for IT staff
   Greater productivity and better use of skills and experience
   A quality approach to IT services

There are also benefits to the customer of IT services, such as:
   Reassurance that IT services are provided in accordance with documented procedures that can be
   The ability to depend upon IT services, enabling the customer to meet business objectives
   The identification of contact points for enquiries or discussions about changing requirements
   The knowledge that information is produced to justify charges for IT services and to provide feedback
    from monitoring of service level agreements

7/10/2010                                                                                             8
ITIL Service Support

… describes the related components that provide stability and flexibility for IT services. It deals with identifying and
   recording IT configuration items, incidents, problems and changes. It covers the following function and processes:

Service Desk (Function)
    Service Desk is not a process but a function. The Service Desk’s objective is to provide a single point contact
     between users and the IT service organization. The ITIL Framework provides guidance about creating and
     operating a Service Desk to provide an efficient channel of communication between the user community and the
     IT provider.
Incident Management
    The Incident Management process aims to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize
     the adverse impact on business operations. This ensures that the best possible levels of service quality and
     availability are maintained.
Problem Management
    The process of Problem Management diagnoses the underlying cause of the incidents identified by the Service
     Desk. It arranges for correcting errors in the IT infrastructure and performs proactive problem prevention.
Change Management
    The Change Management process ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and
     prompt handling of all changes to minimize the impact of change related incidents on service quality.
     Consequently, change management aims to improve the day-today operation of the organization.
Release Management
    Good resource planning and management are essential to package and distribute a release successfully to the
     customer. Release Management takes a holistic view of an IT service change to ensure that all aspects of a
     release, technical and non-technical are considered together.
Configuration Management
    Configuration Management provides a logical model of the infrastructure or a service by identifying, controlling,
     maintaining and verifying the Configuration Items in existence.

7/10/2010                                                                                                                  9
          ITIL Service Support Model
                                                                            The Business, Customers & Users
   Tools                      Service Requests
                                                             Difficulties           Communication
                                                             Queries, Enquiries        Updates
Incidents                              Incidents

                    Incident                               Service Desk                   Changes

   Service Reports                      Problem                                                 Releases
   Incident statistics
   Audit Reports
                          Problem Statistics               Change
                          Trend Analysis
                          Problem Reports
                          Problem Reviews      Change Schedule
                          Diagnostic Aids      CAB Minutes                         Release
                          Audit Reports        Change Statistics
                                               Change Reviews        Release Schedule
                                               Audit Reports         Release Statistics             Configuration
                                                                     Release Reviews
                                                                     Secure Library
                                                                     Testing standards                         CMDB Reports
                                                        Changes      Audit Reports                             CMDB Statistics
                                      Problems                                                                 Policy/Standards
                  Incidents                                                               Releases
                                     Known Errors                                                              Audit Reports

                              CIs                                                                           CIs
                                                        RFCs/Change                  Release
                         Relationships                                                                 Relationships
 7/10/2010                                              Documentation             Documentation                             10
ITIL Service Delivery

… describes the processes necessary to deliver quality, cost effective IT services. It includes the following processes:

Availability Management
    Availability Management’s goal is to optimize IT infrastructure capability, its services and the supporting
     organization. This results in a cost effective, sustained level of service availability that enables the business to
     meet its objectives.
Capacity Management
    Capacity Management enables an organization to manage resources in times of crisis and predict the need for
     additional capacity in advance. It describes the procedures necessary for planning, implementing and running this
IT Service Continuity Management
    IT Service Continuity Management describes managing an organization’s ability to continue providing a pre-
     determined level of IT service following an interruption to the business. This may range from an application or
     system failure, to a complete loss of the business premises.
Service Level Management
    Service Level Management’s goal is to maintain and improve IT service quality through a constant cycle of
     agreeing, monitoring and reporting IT service achievements. Service Level Management instigates actions to
     eradicate poor service and allow a stronger relationship to develop between IT and its customers.
Financial Management For IT Services
    Financial Management is the sound stewardship of the organization’s monetary resources and supports the
     enterprise in planning and executing its business objectives. Within an IT organization this process is visible in
     three main areas: Budgeting, IT accounting and charging.

7/10/2010                                                                                                               11
   ITIL Service Delivery Model

                                                                    The Business, Customers And users
                                                                                Queries      Communication
                                                                               Enquiries        Updates
                      Availability Plan                         Service Level
                      Design Criteria
                                                                Management                   SLA’s, OLA’s, SLR’s
                      Targets/Thresholds                                                     Service requests
                      Reports                                    Requirements                Service catalogue
                      Audit Reports                                                          SIP
                                            Capacity                Targets                  Exception reports
                                                                 Achievements                Audit reports
                                           Capacity Plan
                                           Capacity Reports     IT Financial           IT Service
                                           Audit Reports        management             Continuity

                                                                                              IT Continuity Plans
                                                                 Financial Plans              BIA & Risk Analysis
                        Alerts                                   Types & Models               Define Requirements
        Management                                               Costs & Charges              Control Centers
                      Exceptions                                                              DR Contacts
           Tools                                                 Reports
                       Changes                                   Budgets & Forecasts          Reports
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Bonus Slides

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IT Governance and Context of ITIL

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