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									                                             FINANCING AGREEMENT
Applicant:                                                    Applicant:

Application Date:              ___________                    This Financing Agreement supersedes agreement dated:                     ___________

The loan for which you have applied shall be processed according to the following terms. Please note this agreement is not a
commitment to make a loan. Final approval is subject to satisfactory verification of information provided in your application
as may be applicable for the loan program you have chosen, as well as a satisfactory property appraisal and credit report(s). In
addition, your application may be subject to the approval of FHA, VA, and/or a secondary market investor. You will be
notified when your application is approved.

AMOUNT:       ______________                           TERM: _______________
TYPE:         _____ Fixed Rate Conventional            _____ Adjustable (____ - Year) **
      ** See ARM disclosure for detailed explanation of your ARM program.


_____ At your request, your rate and points have been locked / re-locked as follows:
Note Rate:              __________                        Origination Points:        __________
Valid Through:          __________                        Discount Points: __________
Borrower:               __________                        Seller:                    __________

 _____ At your request, your rate/points are "FLOATING", i.e., not guaranteed prior to closing. You may "LOCK" the rate
and points by contacting your loan officer after publication of that day's rates, which is generally by 12:30pm until 4:00pm. If
your loan officer is not available, you may speak to the office manager. All applications must be locked no later 3 business
days prior to settlement.
*Should your loan fail to close within any committed lock period, any relock will generally be the higher of the original lock
rate or the current market rate at relock.


_____ Your loan must be insured by a private mortgage insurer under some conditions. The insurance may be waived at some time during the term of
your mortgage. Please contact your note holder after closing to determine under what circumstances the coverage may be waived. (applicable only if

In addition to the necessary credit and property information, your loan may not close until we are in receipt of all applicable closing documents. The
following information must be received by The Financial Web, Inc. within the specified time period. Please coordinate with your realtor to ensure that all
information is received 3 DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSING.
1. Title Binder, Survey, & title company's insured closing letter, as applicable.
2. Homeowner's insurance policy, or binder, with 1 year's paid receipt. Condominiums will require a certificate of insurance.
3. Clear termite inspection on acceptable form.
4. Power-of-attorney (if applicable) must be specific for the transaction and is subject to review.
5. Contingencies - if your approval is contingent upon receipt of additional information, we must have the information.


Please note that the speed with which we can process and approve your loan depends on how quickly we receive information requested from both yourself
and from third parties such as credit reporting agencies, appraisers, your present and former employers, banking institutions, creditors, etc... Additional
information may be required during the processing of your loan and your timely response to such requests will minimize possible delays. Due to the
possibilities of third parties not responding to our requests in a timely manner, The Financial Web, Inc. cannot guarantee your loan will close within any
lock-in period you may select.

Subsequent to the execution of the Financing Agreement, the Borrower may waive in writing, the 72-hour advance presentation requirement and accept
the commitment at settlement only if the 72-hour requirement is shown by the Lender to be infeasible.

The Financial Web, Inc. is pleased to have the opportunity to assist you in securing all of your financing needs. Should you have any questions regarding
your lock-in, processing, or other terms or conditions of your application, please ask, we will be glad to help.

____________________________                        ________                       ____________________________                        ________
Applicant                                           Date                           Applicant                                           Date

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The Financial Web, Inc. representative                                             Title                                               Date

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