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									                           1100 1st Avenue South, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085
                             Office: 507-794-3210 Cell: 507-354-5370

                         Monthly Volunteer Timesheet
Please Print

                          For the Month of _____________
                      VOLUNTEER’S NAME: ________________________

               CONGREGATION TEAM: ________________________________
Volunteer mileage is not reimbursed but considered a donation

 Date      Receiver’s Name                                           Service Provided      Hours   Miles

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always enter full first and last names. Please return this
form by the 5th of each month. Please send timesheet by mail: VFS, 1100 1st Avenue
South, Sleepy Eye, MN, 56085, by FAX: 354-5370, by e-mail: ,
 by phone - office: 507-794-3210 or cell phone number: 507-354-5370. Let us know if
you have any questions. We are interested in any suggestions or concerns you may
have and you may write them on the reverse side of this form.
                                   Services Provided

1. Visiting       5. Reassurance Calls                          11. Housekeeping
2. Transportation       6. Paperwork                                  13. Administration
3. Respite Care   7. Chores    14. Other
4. Shopping        10. Meals   15. Board Administration

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