Sample Letter 2 by robpearson


									                                                                     Sample Letter 2

                   Acceptance of Volunteer Application
             Sample Letter – to be printed on County Stationery


Volunteer Name
Inside Address

Dear                               :

We are pleased to welcome you as an Extension volunteer in
      ______        County. We believe you will be a valuable addition to
Extension youth development programs as you work with (4-H club, EFNEP,
Master Gardener, etc.).

Now you are invited to learn more about Extension youth development programs,
by attending (an orientation / training) session. Join us on (date; time; location).
These are designed to help you learn about the resources available to do this
volunteer role. Enclosed is some information about (4-H club, EFNEP, Master
Gardener, etc.). that you may find helpful.


Extension Faculty/Staff                                        County Extension
Director (optional)

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