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My Infosys Experience : Santhosh Kumar. A Submitted by guru on Thu, 2005-10-06 18:50. Aptitude |
INFOSYS Zone | Interview | Success Story | Tips & Tricks
All power is wihin you; you can do anything and everything. Believe in that,
do not believe that you are weak. Standup and express the divinity within
you. -Swami Vivekananda

my Infy experience
Hi all,
This is my fst mail to this group i did 1 earlier but may b Chetna mam didnt approve tht but this
time i hope it will reach to evrybudy.
I have joined Chetna juss 2 month ago.
I have appeared in Infy exam,cleared the written but didnt get any selection mail and possibly wont
get it Becuz my Interview didnt go well.
But I wud like to list my experience here so that other people can learn from it.
well i got to know about the exam on 24 th august(nite) and the exam was on 28th august.IT was a
centralized campus thts why i had to travel 150kms to reach tht college
Now i was not at all prepared.I have always found those books (shakuntla devi)very boring so used
to leave it in between.But howevr Since getting call from Infy is very difficult i decided to
appear in the selection process.
So 4m tht very moment i started preparing.I started with Shakuntla devi's More puzzles to puzzle U
i did 70 80 ques tht nite and the rest on next day.
Thn on 26th i completed the smaller puzzle book.I talked to sum fren he told me it is important to
do George n summers book.
Infact i found the solutions of shakuntla devi'book very confusing & lacking of fundamental
approach but sumhow went thru it.
then we tried sum previous ques papers also
we foun da lot of ques 4m George n summers book.Sum ques which were of Shakuntala devi style infact
i was finding thm also very tough.In between i read sum experiences of selected candidates. We were
3 frenz
we tried to solve tht book but we found it very difficult.We were not able to solve a single puzzle
without referrin to answers.We left tht book in between.
Now the time was up .IT was 27th's morning.I was prepared with single vision of thoz shakuntla devi
book + 1 sleepless nite of 26th.
and both of my frenz .........
1 of thm did tht book thrice nd the othr one twice
I was the weakest contender logically.
Then i was very tensed but in noon b4 leaving sumhow i made myself comfortable with situation.
I decided to go with coolhead.then i left for that place reached in nite.After reaching their or in
my way i didnt evn try to have a look on my books.
But my frenz did(atleast thy tried)
then after reaching thr i had my food nd slept.
we were to report on 7:30 am i reached the venue in time.
thn soon we were distributed hall tickets.We were alloted roll numbers.Me and my fren we were given
cosecutive roll numbers we were infact sitting on cosecutive seats.tht to very close.
I confess....somehow it came to our mind that we will copy nd she ll b doing odd number ques nd i
ll b takin even numbered ques.
But trust me thoz Infy people thy r not fool....
Thy came suddenly nd shuffled out all the students
sent half of the students to other room including my fren
thn we were given a form to fill
Details like u r academic record,photograph,passport details etc is to b filled thr
thn we were given sum instructions bout the paper
We were given a puzzle test paper with 10 ques.
nd with a rough paper to rite the approach taken.
i staretd with coolhead.Keeping in my mind that its the only key to success.
my luck was gud.There was only 1 question 4m George n summers book.( I have seen many papers whr
4 ques 4m tht book r thr)
As i ve written b4 since i started preparing only 3 days ago i was slow in speed so taking into
account i left tht Summer's ques without evn reading tht.
So i found 8 of of 10 ques very easy to solve
But i cud solve only 7......
becuz of my poor speed
As if it was not enough...
I made a calculation error in 7th ques
thn thy took that question paper back.I knew that i can fill in the answer sheet later after
correcting my calculation.
I tried to do that But thoz infy people.....thy forbid me to do tht!
whtvr i decided to calmly attempt the English paper tht was not very tough ok ok kindaa
no prepration is needed for tht
since thr was no negative marking i attempted all the questions in English paper
after 30 mins thy took the paper back
nd we were told to wait 4 the results
we waited 4 3 4 hours
after tht thy announced the results.....
nd thr was a surprize
I got selected!!!
but unfortunately both of my frnz thy cudn't make it.Infact it was open 4 2004 passouts
Sum seniorz were also thr.But none of thm got selected.
well i was happy at this sudden achievement but was bit tensed also.
Tensed becuz....I was not at all prepared 4 interview
thn we were called in seminar hall
thr i kept my fingers crossed ki i shud not have my interview today.....
but but but It happens sumtime tht u have to face sum things abruptly in u r life
my name was called in the list of candidates who were to appear in the interview at the same day
But i decided to stay cool( Infact no other way was left)
i went thr.
and again as this was not enough i was the fst candidate to b interviewd
(it was my fst interview and fst placement paper)
in between sum chaos also occured.Thoz people thy mispelled my name nd said to go inside.I didnt
realized tht thy r actually calling me
but sumhow later i made out thy r actually making a call for me.
Thn i stoodup and said Sir,its not wht u r calling
nd cleared the situation.
Thn sumbudy outside asked 4 my resume nd gave it inside.
(to the interviewers)
I was called inside
thy were 2
One was a gentleman nd the othr 1 was a lady.
I wished the lady fst thn thy asked me to have a seat
said wht happened u got late.....
i explained
Thy were cool bout it lady said oh! we r sorry 4 tht
I said no mam its not u r fault
thn thy started with the moss expected ques
tell me bout urself othr thn u r resume
I said bout my strengths nd weakness
i said my strengths r tht i can wrk well in a team
gud at makin people understand wht i m saying
gud communiction skills(this was all i had at the top of my mind)
thy said u r talkin bout team wrk...
have u evr wrked in team
i said ya i was team leader in both of my projects
thy said who appointed u the team leader
u r peers or u urself took u as teamleader
i said this wht our HOD decides
thy said ok ,whtz the criteria
i said idont sir(actually i dont)
thy mite b takin into account a student's performance or confidence
thy said ok
asked bout my weakness
i juss said i m bit emotional thts my weakness
thn i said but its my personal life has nothing to do with my professionalism.
thy said have u evr felt tht if were not wrking in a team u wud ve performed better
I said no i nve r felt tht
thy asked a puzzle bout arranging to farms so tht thy r equidistant 4m each othr
similar ques i did in Shakuntla
i answered
But sumhow thy wre not convinced..
asked me 4 explanation i did
thy moved on to next ques
like u ve written in u r Cv tht u ve taken part in various competitions..
in what type of competions.
i said mam i used to take part in debates .....i mean public speaking kindaaa activities
Here thy caught me
THy said isnt it contadictory to take part in debates with u r status of bein emotional
I said sir thts sumthin personal part of my life tht doesnt affect my professional life
He said how cum it is possible tht u r different in both of personal nd professional life
I said ya its difficult...
But at the end of the day a person has to do tht
The lady asked ,U living in Rajasthan....
I so how will u manage if u r selected she meant location problem
I said mam So if i have to leave my home it doesnt make any differnce whether i m 150 kms apart or
1500 kms
thy said ok
asked another puzzle
a bulb is hanging
nd reachin to u r forehead
whtz the height of the room
Its a really easy 1
But tht time it just didnt striked me
only after gettin out of the interview room it striked me
(Answer lies in the formula T=2pie*Squre root(L/G) we have to oscilate the bulb
nd can find L thn add it to u r height)
I tried to figure it out but failed
Evn thy said share the approach with us...
whtvr u think i said Sir sumhow i m not able to think of the approach
thn he asked wht do u do in free time
I said i listen music, net surfing
He asked wht type of music u like
i said new music hindi music i like
He said wht do u surf on net
i said sir sumtimes its chatting .....
nd thn i said with a smile actually i dwnld a lot of music 4m net
he said wht dwnld tools u use
i said dwnld toools?
Sir i dwnld directly 4m sites
he askes to name 3 4 music sites
i started, freemusic nd 1 more
he said wht format music files possess
I knew only 1 mp3...
thn thy asked me 1 more puzzle
if there r 2 identical bars 1 is magnet other is not how will u diffrentiate
(!!!!!! this was sumthing i found in sumbudy's experience but no answer to this ques was thr
I actually didnt know)
but i had no othr way accept 4 thinking
in betweem thy asked me 4 water i had sum
thy said we hav time costraints also
I surrendered that
I dont know the answer....
after tht thy asked
1 or 2 hr ques
thn said anythin u want 2 ask
( i was blank )
said aaaaaannnn
no sir i dont think so
thy wished me luck
i thanked thm
nd came out of room
My only plus point in the interview was that i was very confident.
nd still after 21 days i m waiting 4 their mail Thy mail in both cases whether u r rejected or
i havent got any mail yet
So the moral of the story is ......coolhead is the only key
u can always make it if u r cool at u r mind with hastiness u ll spoil it
Nd or the interview....
learn 4m previous experiences
a fresher shud always b prepared with all commom interview ques like thy asked me nd with major
its very imp to answer their puzzles which i didnt
try to gather all these puzzles and find out answers
the puzzles thy ask in interviews r not calculative thy have sum small trick based on concepts
rest bout preparing 4 written if i can clear tht in juss 2 days u can also do tht
ques dont cum directly 4m thoz books u need 2 go thruwith thm so that u may get used to
Best of luck
prey 4 me so tht i can get their selection mail....
Santhosh Kumar. A

» guru's blog
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