Sample Meeting Request Letter to State Legislator - DOC by robpearson


									   Sample Meeting Request Letter to State Legislator

On behalf of the music education community in your district, we would like to request a meeting
with you on (Date and Time) with you to discuss the status of music education in our district.
Attending the meeting will be __________(name of the attendees, their titles and the
organizations they represent.)

As you may know, strong music programs in our schools can help our kids and communities in
real and substantial ways. Students benefit from sequential music instruction in a variety of
ways, but these three are well documented elements that contribute to student success.

      Music education develops better communication skills and cognitive skills useful in
       every part of the curriculum, which helps students find greater academic achievement.
      Research shows music study actively contributes to brain development; therefore, music
       education leads to success in developing cognitive reasoning and problem solving
      Music education, whether undertaken as an individual or as a member of a large group,
       inevitably requires interaction with others for mutual successes, thereby providing
       elements of team building and workforce responsibility.

Please contact me at either (insert both day-time phone number and e-mail address) to confirm
our appointment. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss this important part of every
child’s education.


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