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									Main Street Intermediate School
Morning Announcements
For the Week of March 2, 2009

The lunch menu for WEDNESDAY, 3-4-09: Chili, Tossed Salad, Frenzy
Fruit Punch Bar, Goldfish Crackers and milk. Meal prices for 2008-09
are: $2 for lunch and $1 for breakfast.

Congratulations to the 5th and 6th Grade Academic Challenge teams for
taking first place in the annual Huron County Competition at BGSU
Firelands. Main Street’s team, which competed against Norwalk
Catholic School, South Central and New London, has now finished first
in the county competition for FOUR consecutive years! Team members
include – 6th grade: Adam Francis, Ben Hohman, Conlan Hipp, Luke
Landis, Noah Little, Emma Penrose, Delaney Petersen, Elliot Rhodes
and John Woods; 5th grade: Sean Brady, Austin Burns, Brooke Landis,
Ashtyn Ley, Seth Peaslee, Alex Penrose, Ben Silcox and Alyssa Tuttle.
Congratulations to all team members, as well as advisors Ms. Burns and
Mrs. Beabout!

Main Street PTO is
sponsoring Bob Evans
Community Fun Night
next week, on
Monday, March 9th
and Tuesday, March
10th from 5 to 9 p.m.
The purpose of the
event is to raise funds
for Main Street’s
PTO, as 15% of sales
will be donated back
to the school if those
dining at the
restaurant remember to bring in their flier announcing the event. Bob
Evans is located at 230 Milan Avenue. Hope to see you all at Bob Evans
Community Fun Night next Monday and Tuesday!
Students are reminded to bring their coats with them to
the lunchroom, especially as the weather remains cold.
Students will not be dismissed from the cafeteria to go
back to their lockers to get their coats. Make sure you
bring your coat with you to lunch or you will be the last
one allowed to go outside for recess.

The school newspaper, The Main Street Journal, will be sold
during all lunch periods. Cost is 5 cents. These papers will be
sold each day until they sell out.

Congratulations to the February Students of the Month! In the 5th
grade: Leah Duplaga (Aviators), Ben Silcox (Aviators), Cassidy Pfeiffer
(Safari), Morgan Kolanda (Safari), Travis Cring (Waves), Quinn
Walton (Waves), Sarah Wilkins (Conquistadors), Caitlen Cameron
(Conquistadors) and Nick Eichenlaub (Conquistadors). In the 6th grade:
Courtney Lund (Heat), Noah Little (Heat), Jared Cook (Star-
Navigators), Job Adkins (Star-Navigators), Dylan Bickerstaff (Star-
Navigators), Tyler Shields (Frogs), Maria Vargas (Frogs), Lindsey
Krieg (Arctic Storm) and Shayla McGuckin (Arctic Storm).

End of the Day: Before the final tone sounds each day at 3:15, bus
riders are dismissed a few minutes early so they can go to their locker
and get to the auditorium on time. If you are not a bus rider, you are
not dismissed until the 3:15 tone sounds. Those who are taking
advantage of this need to stop now. If you are caught leaving early and
are not a bus rider, you will be assigned detentions that will keep you in
the building until 3:30 each day.

When the final tone sounds each day at 3:15 p.m., students who are
walking, riding a bike or being picked up will be dismissed from their
last class to go home. Bus riders will be dismissed to the auditorium
during announcements and should proceed immediately to their
assigned bus rows. Reminder to students being picked up from school –
the best place for your parents to meet you is the city lot, located behind
the building on the cafeteria side.
A reminder to all students leaving school at the end of
the day – make sure you are using the crosswalk any
time you need to cross the street. We’ve had some
reports of students running across Foster Street when
they see their parents parked at East of Chicago. In
order to avoid accidents, make sure you are using the
cross walk. Also, when you are heading over to the Hangin’
at the Haven skating program, you are only allowed to cross ONE street
at a time – do not run diagonally across the street.

Our theme for the year, as we announced on the first day, is “The
Journey to Excellence – This is the Time.” We celebrate that phrase
with a quotation dealing with excellence, achievement or success. Here’s
the quote for today from Harriott Beecher Stowe: “When you get in a
tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could
not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and
time that the tide will turn.”

Again this year, the 6th grade will be participating in the “Character At
Work” Character Education program, as part of their regular
classroom activities. We celebrate that program with today’s “Intercom
Insight” on topics being covered this month by the Character At Work
program. The topic for March is Service. Here’s today’s, from actor
Brad Pitt: “Service is good for us. It’s in our own best interest. It’s
personally rewarding when you see lives change because of action you take
that, though simple for you, means so much to others. You sleep peacefully
at night.”

Main Street’s PTO is once again sponsoring the Staff Member of the
Month award. Students may nominate any staff member at Main Street
School – nominations can be made for teachers, aides, specialists,
members of the office, cafeteria or custodial staff. If your nominee is
chosen by the PTO, he/she will receive a $25 gift certificate to a place of
their choice! If the staff member you nominated is chosen, you will
receive a $10 gift certificate to a place of your choice! Forms are
available on the table outside the main office and should be turned into
the office once they are completed.
Congratulations to the Staff Member of the Month
for February – 6th grade teacher Miss Didion! Miss
Didion was nominated by 6th grader Rachel Palm. In
answering the question of how this staff member
stands out, Rachel wrote: “She is the best teacher
and she makes everyone want to come to school and
learn. She encourages everyone to pay attention and
participate in class. She also gives us tickets if we do
something extra good. She is a great representative
of Main Street School. Miss Didion is the BEST!”

The next Student Council meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday,
March 10th at 8 a.m. in the cafeteria.

Main Street’s Yearbook staff will meet this Wednesday (3/4/09) in
Room 300 until 4 p.m.

Drama club meets this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
(3/3/09, 3/4/09, 3/5/09) in Miss Tinker’s Room (Room 105).

The Ohio Lottery is sponsoring the Academic All-Star
Program, a program designed to recognize
outstanding teachers and faculty for their contributions
to their school, excellence in their classroom,
leadership, innovation, community involvement, dedication, and
work on behalf of Ohio students in grades K-12. Main Street’s PTO is
coordinating the collection of these nomination forms from our school.
If you are interested in nominating one of your teachers for this
outstanding award, please pick up a form located on the table outside
the main office. Once you have it completed, turn it back into the office.

Congratulations to Student Council for a running
a VERY successful Pasta for Pennies fundraiser, a
nation-wide program that allows schools to help
raise money for individuals with blood cancers. In
two weeks, Main Street students raised $2,436.23
by bringing in spare change. Homeroom winners
included Mrs. McConnell’s ($441.37), recipients of
an Olive Garden Pasta Party and Mrs. Van Dresser’s ($423.35),
recipients of a class pizza party. Thanks to Student Council advisors
Mrs. Reamer and Miss Didion for organizing the campaign!
Students who attend the Achievement
Academy for 5th or 6th grade will have their
name placed in the prize drawing jar for
EVERY day they are in attendance at one of
these sessions. We will draw names through
the campaign to award students for their
attendance by allowing them to choose a prize
from the Survivor Challenge collection.

The annual God, Flag and Country
Competition was held this Saturday
at the Eagles Club on Cline Street.
Congratulations to one of our
students, 6th grader Emma Penrose,
for taking 1st place in the 10 to 11
year-old age category. Emma’s
speech was on her definition of the
word “Country.”

Former Main Street student Adrian
Go, now a 7th grader at Norwalk
Middle School, took 1st place in the
12 to 13 year-old age category for his
speech on “The Strength to Survive.”

Other Main Street participants included: Isaac Lindenberger, Bryon
Rowan, Katlyn Wos and Brianna Young.
Thanks to all of the students and
staff for your excellent
participation at the Jan. 22nd
Survivor Challenge Assembly. I
truly believe that this year’s
assembly, featuring the surprise
appearance of Survivor cast
member Rupert Boneham, was
our best Survivor assembly in
our four years of having them.
The enthusiasm level of the
students is higher for this year’s Survivor campaign than any other time
in our building’s history. Stay tuned for announcements about
upcoming challenges and keep an eye on the wall outside the office for
daily point totals.
Main Street Intermediate has been
recognized as one of 146 schools in
the State of Ohio to earn distinction
as a School of Promise! The State
Superintendent’s Schools of Promise
program, administered by the Ohio
Department of Education (ODE),
recognizes schools across Ohio that are demonstrating high achievement
in reading and mathematics for all groups of students, despite the fact
that 40 percent or more of these students come from low-income
backgrounds. Last year, students at Main Street met or exceeded the
state standard of 75 percent passage in reading.

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