SOA Announcements Please turn off the lights in your

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					9/23/08 SOA Announcements

Please turn off the lights in your room when you leave for lunch.

Please check the web site, we update weekly with the announcements and we have added dates on the calendar.

Teachers- Please turn in your reimbursements forms

Please let us know at the desk if your class needs to meet during the extended co-op dates; Dec-Jan. we would
like to get the times, class rooms, etc. finalized

If you are willing to teach in the Spring, please stop by the desk as we might have a few more openings and we
need to finalize the Spring Class Grid

If you know that you are going to be absent-please write which family members will be absent on the
appropriate dates. Your children are then expected to turn in homework on the date due and get homework for
the class(es) they missed.

Conner Prairie- October 10th? Sign up available at the name tag table.

Teachers, by next Tuesday, we need from you, if you haven’t already submitted a syllabus for your class. It
should state, briefly, what you will be covering for the day and what homework will need to be completed for
the week. You don’t have to make copies for each of your students; we can do that next Tuesday and file them
in the mailboxes. Why are we having you do this: so parents have records of what their children are learning,
to help the parents know what homework needs to be completed for the week and for the very ambitious mom,
they can add to what is being taught

Floaters you need to come to the desk at the start of your Floating hour to see if and where help is needed.
Please be Servants. If you are not going to be in the Children’s sanctuary, we need to know where you are
going to be for that hour.

SYLLABUS: Teachers, for those that got filed in the wrong spot, I believe we did get some distributed this
week into the mailboxes. I will be checking to make sure we have them all this week, so if you haven't made
one for your class, please do so and e-mail it to me.

ABSENT, WHO YOU GONNA CALL? If you know Monday night or Tuesday that you or your children are
going to be absent due to illness or something unexpected, PLEASE contact deb 859-802-3487.

FLIP-FLOPS/SANDALS: If you have a student in gym games- any hour, please make sure they are wearing
gym shoes.