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The GEO FRIENDS Program at the Johnson GEO CENTRE.
                  Available at no cost to Members
       of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association.

For over eight thousand years, since after the last ice age, those living in what is now Newfoundland
and Labrador have struggled in what sometimes seems a bleak environment. Yet, instinctively, we
seem to have known our homeland is something very special and different.

Only during the past hundred-and-fifty years could our enterprising geologists discover and record the
exciting details of our Province’s truly astonishing geology. Through hundreds-of-millions-of-years,
our tremendously varied and rich geology has been formed out of huge, break-away-remainders of
drifting continents, volcanic activity, earthquakes, the scouring of ice ages and glaciers, and never-
ending weathering. These irresistible forces, and our unique location at the eastern edge of North
America, have bestowed on us our exceptional, remarkably-varied resources. Our own Earth
Scientists, and many who have visited here, agree our Province can properly be called “Earth’s
Geological Showcase”.

The “PURPOSE” in building the GEO CENTRE was to exhibit, for our own people and our visitors, that
our spectacular geology can tell the whole history of the earth. Although the GEO CENTRE receives
nearly 60,000 visitors a year, only half are people who live here. Our Geological Story is well
established, but it requires a lot of additional help to make it more widely known.

So, the GEO CENTRE is inviting influential individuals to become “GEO FRIENDS” to simply spread
the vitally important story about our Province’s geology. The GEO FRIENDS Program is offered only
to members of organizations such as the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association - - whose
Members’ reputations and opinions are well respected in our communities. Becoming a GEO FRIEND
is entirely your own choice (and a private matter), but this is a way that you can make a very
worthwhile effort in emphasizing the importance of our geology to our people and our economy.

What is asked of a GEO FRIEND is to be an unofficial ambassador about our geology. When talking
with others, and a natural opportunity arises, a GEO FRIEND would simply mention the extraordinary
diversity and riches in our Province’s rocks, minerals, and petroleum resources - - and the practical
role of the GEO CENTRE in interpreting them. Over time, the overall effort will increase the interest,
pride, and pleasure of our own people and our visitors.

                                                                                                  … continued

                                        Johnson GEO CENTRE
                                 175 Signal Hill Road, St. John’s, NL, A1A 1B2
       GEO FRIEND AND EVENT Services: Telephone 737-7889, Fax 737-7885,
                                                       - 2 -

The GEO FRIENDS Program is almost as remarkable as our geology. Unlike other programs, GEO
FRIENDS involves NO fees, NO renewals, NO financial overtures, and NO request to do volunteer
work. Our wish is simply to enlist the GEO FRIEND’s support in promoting the great significance of
our Province’s truly remarkable geology. In exchange for the GEO FRIEND’s goodwill, GEO offers the
following valuable ADVANTAGES:

      •      One Free, Personal GEO CENTRE Admission every year (currently valued at $7.50 + HST).
      •      A 10 % Discount at GEO GIFTS Galorious - - the GEO CENTRE gift shop.
      •      A 10 % Discount on Rental of GEO’s impressive facilities - - anytime.
      •      A 10 % Discount on GEO CENTRE Fundraising Event Admissions.
      •      A 33 % Discount on advance purchase of 4 or more GEO Adult Admission Tickets, as
             goodwill gifts to customers, clients, visitors, staff, family, or friends.

To become a GEO FRIEND, simply provide your name and contact information by:

      (1) calling GEO “FRIEND & EVENT Services” at 737-7889; or

      (2) on-line registration through the GEO CENTRE website at

When you receive your private, permanent, “GEO FRIEND CARD” you can avail of GEO FRIEND
Advantages at the GEO CENTRE at any time. GEO FRIENDS do not need to always show their card. It
is remarkably simple - - just stop in, or call, and tell our staff member your name and address.

By becoming a GEO FRIEND, you can provide your personal goodwill and influence as a GEO goodwill
ambassador, whenever a natural opportunity arises.

                                  What is shown on the GEO FRIEND card

                                           Johnson GEO CENTRE
                                    175 Signal Hill Road, St. John’s, NL, A1A 1B2
          GEO FRIEND AND EVENT Services: Telephone 737-7889, Fax 737-7885,

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