Sincere Efforts towards Computerization of Land Records in M.P by fhy50518


									Sincere Efforts towards Computerization of Land Records in M.P

Madhya Pradesh is the first state to initiate serious efforts towards computerization
of Land records. The Land Records Computerization Project is one of the major
projects funded by Central government and Madhya Pradesh State government to
deliver excellent grass root governance within the domain of Land Management.
Computerization of Land Records is a joint venture of National Informatics Centre
(NIC), Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) and State Government.

Two days video conferencing session was organized by NIC Land Records Division,
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on 23rd & 24th November 2006. First day the VC session was
chaired by Commissioner Land Records & Settlement, Madhya Pradesh. The main
objectives were to solve the technical and administrative issues in Computerization of
Land Records.

First day of the VC was exclusively for explaining the administrative side of the
project. Commissioner Land Records & Settlement, Shri. Shailendra Singh, IAS, headed
this VC session and given administrative instructions and answered the administrative
queries of the users.

Commissioner Land Records & Settlement Shri. Shailendra Singh, IAS, Shri R.K.
Jain, ADM, Shri V.V.S. Tomar, S.D.M., Shri R.N. Gupta, Joint Collector, Shri Sharad
Shrothriy, Dy. Collector, Shri Rajeev Agrawal, Technical Director NIC and Shri
Sanjay Pandey, PSA, NIC during the VC session.

Second day of the VC was dedicated for explaining the installation procedure and the
features of the new version of the software (Bhu-Abhilekh Ver 3.0 and District data
center) and solving the technical queries of the users interactively all over M.P.
Shri Rajeev Agrawal along with Sh. Navin Panicker & Mr. K.P. Radhakrishnan from NIC
Land Records Division demonstrated on line installation, functioning and features of
Bhu-Abhilekh Ver 3.0 and District data center software.

Commissioner Land Records & Settlement appreciated the VC services of NIC and the
VC session was very much appreciated by Land records field level staff.

              News Article published in Danik Bhaskar Dated 24/11/2006

Reported by Shri Rajeev Agrawal, Technical Director & Head, Land Records Division, Gwalior

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