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June 2006
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CCST of the Month:
Steven Dugan, Level III
While working on a project in Russia in 1996, Steven Dugan          Dugan decided to pursue the CCST certification
learned that recognition of ISA certification extends around the    while he was investigating an instrumentation training
world. “The Russian engineers were aware of it,” he said.           program for his union local. “I met with the instrumentation
                                                                    instructors in Chicago who had modeled their training on ISA’s
A Level III Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®), Dugan    materials,” he said. During his trip to Chicago, he attended a
works as field supervisor for Precision Control Systems of          refresher course and took the exam.
Indianapolis, IN. On his one-month assignment in Murmansk,
Russia, he was responsible for calibrating the start-up on panels   When he returned to Indianapolis, he became the instructor of
at a district heating plant, a project affiliated with the          instrumentation courses for his union local. He believes his
Honeywell–Sterch Industrial Control joint venture.                  certification increases his credibility as an instructor.

“The ISA program is recognized and respected,” said Dugan,          Additionally, both Dugan and his employer have benefited
who encourages others to become certified.                          from his certification. “As a member of the union, I get paid
                                                                    over scale, and I’ve earned a vacation package that I wouldn’t
ISA established the CCST program in 1995 to recognize and           have otherwise,” he said about the personal benefits. He
document technicians’ knowledge, education, and experience          believes his employer has won projects by offering calibration
in instrumentation, measurement and control. The program            services by an ISA-certified technician.
was developed in conjunction with the Instrument Technicians
Labor-Management Cooperation Fund, the Instrument Con-              “Many of the engineering companies in Indianapolis are put-
tracting and Engineering Association (ICEA), the International      ting ISA certification in the job specifications for calibration and
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and the United            start-up,” Dugan said. Therefore, more clients are requiring the
Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (UA).                      certification for those types of projects.

The CCST program offers three levels of certification with vary-    The CCST exams cover seven performance areas or domains:
ing education and experience requirements. Level I requires a       calibration, loop checking, troubleshooting, start-up, docu-
minimum of five years of education, training and/or work expe-      mentation, maintenance/repair, and project organization/
rience. Level II requires seven years of education, training        administration.
and/or work experience with at least two years in instrumenta-
tion/measurement and control. Level III requires 13 years educa-    Field calibration and start-ups are among Dugan’s varied job
tion, training and/or work experience with at least five years in   responsibilities. “Precision Control is an Invensys temperature
instrumentation/measurement and control. CCSTs must renew           control contractor and systems integrator,” he said. “We do a lot
their certification every three years. This is accomplished by      of jobs at municipal wastewater and water treatment facilities.”
earning Professional Development Points (PDPs) by working,
training, and continually gaining knowledge in the field.           Dugan also supervises a group of pipe fitters and temperature
                                                                    control technicians, and he coordinates subcontractors who are
                                                                    primarily electrical technicians.

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                                                                                      Setting the Standard for Automation™
A Batch of Rules and Regulations

                                                                    By implementing these batch environment standards, digital

      rocess manufacturers must adhere to strict regulations and
      requirements, especially in batch-processing environments.    automation system manufacturers and users are sure to lever-
                                                                    age a common protocol in recipe management, batch execu-
Impeccable record keeping is imperative to satisfy                  tion, and historical collection.
government regulations and continuously improve quality.
Internationally defined standards such as ANSI/ISA-88.01-            Batch manufacturing—a technique for manufacturing
1995–Batch Control Part 1: Models and Terminology; Namur             parts or finished goods in groups, lots, or batches in which
NE33 Batch; IEC 61131-3; ISO 9000; and the Food and Drug             each part or finished product in the batch is identical.
Administration’s (FDA’s) 21 CFR specify the requirements for good    Batch process—a process that leads to the production of
manufacturing practices (GMP) in the design of batch systems.        finite quantities of material by subjecting quantities of input
                                                                     materials to an ordered set of processing activities over a
Digital automation systems that follow these five standards          finite time using one or more pieces of equipment.
have an advantage over both legacy systems and loosely devel-        Recipe—the complete set of data and procedures that
oped batch processes in the following ways:                          define the control requirements of a particular product
                                                                     manufactured by a batch process. A recipe consists of a
• The standards have defined a physical and functional batch         header, equipment requirements, procedure, and formula.
  control architecture that creates logical coherence through-
  out the system.

• A digital automation batch system that conforms to the
  accepted industry standards ensures an integrated batch           Nicholas Sheble ( edits the Control
  control environment.                                              Fundamentals department. One source for this installment is
                                                                    Fundamentals of Industrial Control, ISA Press 2005, D.A.
• A digital automation system in a batch environment seam-          Coggan, editor.
  lessly integrates the applications of the process with each
  other and with information systems, beginning with recipe
  management (configuration) through to batch execution and         Reprinted from the December 2004 InTech
  production planning and scheduling, and ending with batch
  history and analysis and reporting.

Once again, the giant leap in processing power has made it
possible to create a powerful batch-processing environment.          A typical recipe operation
Only automation systems built with all-digital communications
can achieve this level of integration.

A single, global database, not previously possible, enables
seamless interaction between recipe management, batch execu-                                   TRUE
tion, production planning and scheduling, and batch history,
analysis, and reporting.
                                                                           Add water       Add cocoa   Add sweetener      Agitate
                                                                             phase           phase         phase           phase
Controller memory capacity, recipe size, and phase logic all
have an impact on batch performance. However, the advanced,          Water phase
efficient communications of a digital automation system greatly
increase the power of a batch system.                                       Add milk

The digital automation system ensures the transparent, contin-
uous flow of batch information between the PCs, servers, and         Milk AND cocoa
controllers, including configuring and processing recipes, allo-     phases complete
cating equipment, implementing phase-to-phase communica-
tions, collecting and reporting history, and communicating with                            Add eggs
                                                                           Add cream
third-party software.                                                        phase          phase

The result is diminished process variability and increased plant
performance. The importance of following the ANSI/ISA-               Cream AND eggs AND sweetener
                                                                     phases complete
88.01-1995 and IEC 61131.3 batch design standards cannot be

CCST of the Month
Continued from page 1                                                 Join us for Lunch and meet your
Although Precision Control does not require certification, the
                                                                      fellow CCSTs Face-to-Face
company supported Dugan’s pursuit of the CCST designation by          ISA will host the third
reimbursing his exam fee.                                             annual CCST Luncheon
                                                                      at ISA EXPO 2006 in
Dugan has worked in instrumentation and controls for more             Houston, on Tuesday,
than 20 years, 17 of those at Precision Control. He renewed           17 October.
his certification in 2005 and plans to renew it again in 2008.
                                                                      Enjoy this special event
For those who are considering the certification process,              with your fellow CCSTs
Dugan encourages them to pursue it. “The more certification           and others that are
you have, the better off you are,” he said. To prepare, he            interested in becoming
recommends reviewing ISA’s study guide, taking the sample             CCST certified. Expand
test, and studying the textbook, Fundamentals of Industrial           your personal and profes-
Controls.                                                             sional network and take
                                                                      advantage of this great

                                                                      Tickets are just $30
                                                                      per person. Register
                                                                      online today at

        • Manufacturing
        • Cyber Security                                           ISA EXPO 2006
        • Networking & Wireless Systems
                                                                   North America’s only independent, unbiased
                                                                   platform for information exchange
        • Continuous/Discrete/Batch Control
        • Process Safety & Reliability
        • Instrumentation & Field Devices
        • Environmental Controls & Compliance
        • Systems Integration

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