Action Steps to Unfreezing Your Organization by phv84830


									Action Steps to “Unfreezing” Your Organization

 The first step in bringing about               to be acted on now, rather than         your organization will
 change in your organization is                 down the road.                          wholeheartedly work towards
 something researchers call                                                             the proposed change.
 “unfreezing”. This is the process of      4.   Convince people of the
 helping our staff break out of                 appropriateness of the             8.   Reaffirm that Leadership is
 current patterns. The following are            suggested solution. After you           Supportive of the Change. It
 some steps you can take to help get            have established the case for a         should be clear that you
 the change process started at your             move away from the status               support the change.           Be
 organization. Note that they aren’t            quo, you will need to                   consistent with your staff, even
 necessarily in order as adjustment             additionally give information           if during the adjustment time
 will need to be made for each                  to back up why the suggested            there are some kinks that need
 particular situation and some things           replacement is going to solve           to be worked out. Make sure
 happen simultaneously or                       the problem.                            that raises, promotions, and
 throughout the entire process.                                                         other forms of affirmation
                                           5.   Show Your Staff that They               align with your formal stand on
 1.   Communicate the Need. A                   have the Power and Ability              the change process.
      critical role of a leader is to           to Affect the Change. Change
      anticipate the need for change            the mood from one of               9.   Show How the Change Will
      and motivate people to make the           discouragement in the face of           Personally Benefit Your
      change early so that the change           adjusting to something new to           Staff. Although ideally your
      can be productive and not                 empowerment. Inspire them               staff should be behind any
      reactive. People tend to resist           with the vision of what can be          change that benefits the
      change, so it’s important to help         and their vital role in the             organization as a whole, it can
      your staff see why it is necessary        change.                                 be very helpful if you can also
      to change by being proactive in                                                   show how the proposed change
      communicating with them.             6.   Organize a Powerful                     will benefit them individually.
                                                Coalition.      Although your
 2.   Forge a Vision. This may be               leadership in the change           10. Communicate Values. This
      done by the leadership or by              process is invaluable, it can be       goes back to convincing your
      pooling the expertise of your             helpful to organize a coalition        staff of the need for change.
      staff. The latter can help in
                                                to spearhead the change                Let them see how the proposed
      gaining their support for the
                                                comprised of your staff . They         change relates to yo ur
                                                may know more of the ins and           organization’s values—which
 3.   Create a Sense of Urgency. If             outs of the process and will           should be your staff’s values as
      you have done a good job of               also be able to speak to the           well.
      identifying needed change                 other staff as peers.
      before it becomes a crisis, this
                                           7.   Understand              Staff
      may be hard for you to do, but
                                                Commitment. It is important
      it’s vital.   Give your staff
                                                for you as a leader to be aware
      enough information for them to
                                                of the commitment levels of
      see that the change really does
                                                your staff because only those
      need to occur and that it needs
                                                who are really committed to

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