Results-Based Collaboration Action Steps by phv84830


									                                                   Results-Based Collaboration: Action Steps
Teacher Name:_______________                                             Student Group: _____________________                                                                Year: ___________

             GOALS                                                                                                                             REFINEMENT                        PROFESSIONAL
          Data Analysis                               STRATEGIES                     RESOURCES              ASSESSMENT                          Did it work?                     DEVELOPMENT
       Low-Performing Areas                                                                                                                   Why or why not?
Action Steps                              Action Steps                               Action Steps       Action Steps                 Action Steps                            Action Step
1. Collect and analyze student data in    1. The school library media                The school         1. Develop assessments       1. Use ongoing assessment of            Let your data on
    order to paint a clear picture of         coordinator and technology             library media          to be used for each          student performance and             student performance
    strengths and areas for growth.           facilitator, along with classroom      coordinator and        instructional strategy       continual examination of teaching   be the guide as to what
    (Refer to “Resources for Data             teachers, should gain a thorough       technology             identified in column         practices as a means of becoming    kind of staff
    Collection and Analysis” in the           understanding of the theory and        facilitator            two. These should be         more effective. What strategies     development to
    Collaboration Toolkit.)                   effective implementation of            collaborate with       formative                    worked? What strategies need to     provide. The ultimate
2. Identify no more than two clear,           research-based instructional           classroom              assessments crafted          be refined or eliminated? We can    goal of professional
    measurable goals designed to build        strategies that are known to           teachers to            to prepare students          know when the learning goals are    development is to
    up or improve areas targeted for          increase student achievement. The      locate and             for state/district           met ONLY if procedures for          improve student
    growth. These goals can be                nine categories of research-based      match all              assessments, but             assessment and effective            achievement.
    related to academic, disciplinary,        instructional strategies known to      available print,       should also be               feedback are in place.
    or attendance needs.                      increase achievement can be found      non-print, and         authentic and            2. Have frequent conversations          Free Web Resources
3. Obtain highly detailed reports of          in Classroom Instruction that          technology             meaningful.                  about strategies that work or do    National Staff
    student data for the current year         Works: Research-based                  resources to the   2. Formative assessment          not work.                           Development Council
    and from previous years to look for       Strategies for Increasing              needs of               is used to adjust        3. Celebrate and reward all   
    trends over time. No Child Left           Student Achievement, by Robert         students, as           teaching and learning        measurable successes recorded       projects/
    Behind suggests disaggregating            Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane     identified in          strategies along the         on formative assessments.           m
    the data according to subgroups.          Pollock.                               columns one            way and is based on      4. Examine data to find teachers           What Works in the
4. Identify SPECIFIC, measurable,         2. Discuss student strengths that can      and two.               every day data.              who have comparatively higher           Elementary School:
    low-scoring skills or standards to        be used to build up/improve the                               Teachers can use the         achievement. Observe,                   Results-Based Staff
    target for improvement.                   targeted areas for growth.             Plan and deliver       results of quizzes,          interview, and disseminate what
                                                                                                                                                                                What Works in the
                                          3. Identify research-based                 lessons                rubrics, projects, and       you learn from those teachers.          Middle School:
Free Web Resources                            instructional strategies to directly   collaboratively        other classroom-                                                     Results-Based Staff
(NCREL, Learning Point Associates)            address each set of low-scoring        with your              based assessments to     This “feedback loop” is ongoing and         Development              skills/objectives identified in the    Media/Techno-          ensure that students     involves continual examination of          What Works in the
This is data analysis made easy! Its          first column on this planning form.    logy personnel.        are making progress      teaching practices and learning             High School: Results-
tools and tutorials help educators use                                                                      toward intended          opportunities as a means of                 Based Staff
data for instructional decisionmaking.    Free Web Resource                                                 academic                 becoming more effective.                    Development
It works for all types and levels of      Can’t find the book? No problem.                                  achievement.
                                                                                                                                                                             How to Raise Student
testing and assessment. It can be used    Download a free PDF at:                                                                    Effective media and technology
                                                                                                                                                                             Achievement Through
for analyzing attendance information,                       Free Web Resource            programs routinely consult the          Quality Staff
surveys of attitudes and perceptions,     _development/strategies/What_Works.                           http://jonathan.mueller.f    research, see where resources and       Development, by
and programs. The questions apply         pdf                                                    strategies fit, and then study the      Michelle Palmer
equally well when analyzing data at                                                                     whatisit.htm                 effects so that necessary               Weaver, NCDPI
the district, school, grade, classroom,   Integrating Technology Using                                                               adjustments to the teaching and         www.ncpublicschools.or
or student level.                         Classroom Instruction That Works                                                           learning process can be made.           g/schoolimprovement/d
                                          _development/strategies                                                                                                            achieve


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