Electric driven Hot pressure washers by phv84830


									                        Electric driven Hot pressure washers

  Reliable Industrial Duty Motors                   BullDogPRO™ Water Blasters are the toughest pressure washers
  5-Year Warranty on all Pumps                      on the market built specifically for demanding applications. Powered by
  Compact, Efficient and Serviceable                continuous duty Baldor or Leeson motors, all BullDogPRO systems
  Quick Start Electric Motors                       feature premium tri-plunger, oil bath pumps plumbed for reliability and long
  Performance Options Available                     term low cost. Serious cleaning requires serious equipment. There’s only one
                                                    choice - the BullDogPRO™.

                          Year Pump

All control boxes and electrical wiring are
moisture resistant and wired for safety according                                               Ultra reliable Beckett Burners
to UL industrial guidelines…                                                                    provide the heat to the industry’s
The big difference is easy access test-points,                                                  most efficient heaters in their
Color-coded wiring, indicator lights for                                                        class.
troubleshooting, redundant safety controls on
heaters, and the most complete array of optional
controls and shut-downs in the industry…
 we wrote the book on abusability.
                                                                                                Reliable, easy-starting industrial
                                                                                                duty electric motors run ultra quiet
                                                                                                and provide years of hassle free
Industrial-grade, heavy duty                                                                    service.
tri-plunger pump systems with
forged brass head, oil-bath and
ceramic pistons for durability,
 and high-volume bypass
 with over-heat shutdown                                                                           All BullDogPRO™ frames
 are for long-term-low-cost.                                                                       are sandblasted, primed and
                                                                                                   powder coated for the look
                                                                                                   and durability you want.

                                                                       MODEL            GPM         PSI       HP        HOSE

Distributed By:                                                   SHE 4-2000            3.6       2000        5       50ft. R1
                                                                  SHE 4-3000            3.6       3000       7.5      50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 6-2000            5.4       2000       7.5      50ft. R1
                                                                  SHE 4-4000            3.6       4000       10       50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 4-3500            4.0       3500       10       50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 5-3000            4.8       3000       10       50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 8-2000            7.2       2000       10       50ft. R1
                                                                  SHE 4-5000            4.0       5000       15       50ft. R2+
                                                                  SHE 5-4000            5.0       4000       15       50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 6-3500            5.5       3500       15       50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 8-3000            7.8       3000       15       50ft. R2
                                                                  SHE 6-5000            5.5       5000       20       50ft. R2+

                                               BullDogPRO water blasters are another quality product mfr. by…
                                              800-400-CLEAN (2532) www.PressureWasher.net
                                              main office: 10821 Airport Drive El Cajon, Calif. 92020 

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