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									                                             Marketing                91

  Introduction to marketing    92   COURSES FROM THE
  Strategic marketing          93   INSTITUTE OF DIRECT
  planning                          MARKETING
  Effective internet           93   Complete digital marketing 96
  marketing                         Customer insight – the       96
  Creating effective events    94   complete A-Z one-day workshop
  Everything you wanted to     94   Data protection workshop for 96
  know about copywriting            direct and digital marketers
  Search engine optimisation   95   Developing your digital      96
                                    marketing strategy
                                    Effective email marketing: 96
                                    beyond the basics
                                    Maximising campaign          96
                                    How to write more powerful 96
                                    direct mail letters
                                    Mobile marketing             96

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92    Marketing

      A toolkit of practical marketing techniques

                                                      Who is it for?                             Course overview
                                                      All those new to marketing and staff       • Definitions and origins of marketing
                                                      who are customer facing and need to        • Differences between product-
                                                      be aware of marketing principles.            led, sales-led and marketing-led
                                                      What is it about?                          • Free markets: supply and demand
                                                      This course covers the principle           • Marketing orientation in your
                                                      theory and practice of marketing,            organisation
                                                      and includes practical examples            • The four P’s and the extra P’s
                                                      and exercises to aid understanding.
                                                                                                 • Competitive advantage and unique
                                                      Delegates will be equipped to
                                                                                                   selling points – features, advantages,
                                                      assess the marketing process in their
                                                      organisation, understand how
                                                                                                 • Forecasting life cycles, the Boston
                                                      their products are positioned, and
                                                                                                   Matrix, Ansoff & Porter models
                                                      work more effectively with suppliers
                                                      and agencies.                              • Relationship marketing and
                                                                                                   Pareto’s law
                                                      What will I get out of it?                 • Marketing planning: the marketing
                                                      • Skills to segment, profile and target      audit, SWOT and planning process
                                                        customers for increased return on        • Segmenting and positioning in the
                                                        investment                                 market
                                                      • Ability to create effective promotion,   • Pricing processes and strategies
                                                        advertising and direct marketing         • Customer-driven marketing
                                                        campaigns                                  strategies
                                                      • Competitive advantage through            • Consumer behaviour: hierarchy of
                                                        identification of the benefits and         needs, why people buy
                                                        unique selling points of your product    • Getting the most from advertising/
                                                        or service                                 research agencies
                                                                                                 • The communications mix
                                                                                                 • How advertising works and
                                                                                                   advertising terminology – push and
                                                                                                   pull strategies
                                                                                                 • Awareness, image and perceptions
                                                                                                   – creative themes, copywriting and
     “The trainer knew the course material inside                                                  strap-lines
      out and explained it so well it seemed easy.                                               Follow-up courses
      There was no ‘waffle’ and we didn’t get bored                                              Effective internet marketing p93.
      – an excellent course!” Kerry Peachey,                                                     Strategic marketing planning p93.
                                                                                                 Everything you wanted to know
      St. James Place                                                                            about copywriting p94.

                                                      Duration & cost      2 Days, £940 + VAT
                                                      London               Jan: 21-22 Mar: 1-2 Apr: 13-14 May: 20-21 Jun: 28-29
                                                      Code                 PM

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                                                               in advance and get 30% off! See p120 for details

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                                                                                                                                                          Marketing          93

                            STRATEGIC MARKETING                                         EFFECTIVE INTERNET MARKETING
                                       PLANNING                                                         Optimise your online activity for powerful,
                                    Maximise return on investment                                                             measurable, results

Who is it for?                                                                        Who is it for?
This course is for all those involved in    • Marketing audit                         Marketing professionals and                 • Discussion forum marketing. Mailing
the development of marketing plans.           – The rules and guidelines for          non-specialists alike, requiring an           lists; usenet newsgroups; web based
It will suit those managing smaller             conducting a marketing audit          understanding of the internet and             forums; promotion techniques;
businesses needing to review their          • The tools of strategic marketing        its role within the marketing mix.            targeting discussion forums
marketing strategy or marketing               planning                                                                            • Search engine & directory marketing
managers from larger organisations.                                                   What is it about?
                                              – An investigation into the planning                                                  – Differing search engines; search
                                                                                      Demystify internet marketing.                    engine and directory liaisons;
What is it about?                               tools available
                                                                                      This course will open the door to the            getting top search result position;
                                            • Segmentation, targeting and
The course is about strategic planning                                                benefits and cost efficiencies that can          how not to get penalised
to get the most from your marketing                                                   be had from optimising your online
                                              – Identify the company’s key                                                        • Direct email marketing
budget. As well as gap analysis,                                                      marketing. It will teach you the right
                                                target segments                                                                     – To spam or not; opt-in direct
targeting and segmentation, it also                                                   way to optimise your search engine
                                            • Competitive advantage analysis                                                           emailing; promotion techniques;
looks at new ideas and best practice.                                                 presence, drive traffic to your site, the
                                              – Discover the roots of competitive                                                      email push
You will learn how to grow and                                                        promotion techniques available, and
                                                advantage                                                                         • One-to-one web marketing
defend your market position whilst                                                    crucially, how to measure the result.
maximising profitability.                   • Marketing research                                                                    – Site personalisation; building web
                                              – A review of the techniques            What will I get out of it?                       site community; online customer
What will I get out of it?                      available and when to use them        • An online marketing strategy                   service and sales
• The steps to undertake a                  • Setting goals and objectives            • Integrated internet activity with         • Viral marketing
  marketing audit                             – Use analysis and planning               your overall marketing plan                 – Viral internet marketing; viral
• A marketing plan for your                     to set clear and achievable goals     • Increased traffic to your site through         marketing techniques; successful
  organisation                                  for the business                        search engine optimisation                     viral marketing strategies
• Segmentation techniques to identify       • Marketing communications strategy       • The skills to plan and execute a viral    • Measuring e-marketing
  your key target audience                    – How the communication                   marketing campaign                          – Measuring hits, measuring
• Clear, measurable objectives for              process works                         • Measurement tools to evaluate the              user sensation; measuring user
  your marketing                            • Measurement and evaluation                success of your web activity                   click-paths; measuring revenues;
• Analysis tools to measure and refine                                                                                                 measuring tools
  your results                              Follow-up courses                         Course overview
                                                                                      • Internet marketing fundamentals           Follow-up courses
                                            Effective internet marketing p93.
Course overview                             Everything you wanted to know               – Cost/benefits; push-pull strategy;      Strategic marketing planning p93.
• Marketing orientation                     about copywriting p94. Strategic              branding; building trust                Everything you wanted to know about
  – What determines a marketing-led         commercial awareness p41.                 • Internet marketing plans                  copywriting p94. Managing successful
    company?                                                                                                                      projects p54.
                                                                                        – Strategic planning; situation
• The elements of the marketing mix                                                       analysis; customer analysis;
  – The classic four P’s of marketing                                                     market and product forces: pricing
    explained and used practically                                                        strategy; product distribution;
• Adapt a plan to brand/market needs                                                      promotion mix

                                                                                                                                  SEE ALSO THE ING
  – How to use the planning process

                                                                                                                                  GOOGLE MARKET
    for different brands at different
    stages of maturity
                                                                                                                                  ACADEMY P97

Duration & cost       2 Days, £823 + VAT                                              Duration & cost       2 Days, £895 + VAT
London                Feb: 15-16 Apr: 19-20 Jun: 22-23                                London                Feb: 8-9 Apr: 29-30
Code                  PMP                                                             Code                  MOW

          Forms part of the Certificate in management and leadership,
          accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (p49)
          Forms part of the Certificate of higher education
          in management (
          Forms part of the Diploma in advanced sales & marketing,
          accredited by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (p84)

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94   Marketing

     CREATING EFFECTIVE EVENTS                                                          EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO
     How to plan for trouble-free,                                                      KNOW ABOUT COPYWRITING
     exceptional events                                                                 Create vibrant and engaging communications

     Who is it for?                                                                     Who is it for?
     Anyone who needs to become a first                                                 An essential course for those required
     class event organiser, or those who                                                to write sales and marketing copy.
     require hints and tips on how to do it
     better. This course is also invaluable                                             What is it about?
     to PAs and marketers involved in                                                   To create a clear message you
     organising events.                                                                 need to keep it simple, compelling
                                                                                        and grammatically correct. Your          “I’m really impressed
     What is it about?
     From grand openings to informal
                                                                                        communications need to be succinct,
                                                                                        coherent and tempt your customers
                                                                                                                                  by the professional
     social events, your events need a plan                                             to find out more. This course will        and operational
     for success. This course will teach                                                teach you how a good understanding        standard of Reed
     you where to start, what to take into                                              of your customers’ motivations will
     account, what could go wrong and                                                   help you produce advertisements
                                                                                                                                  Learning in delivering
     what to do if it does.                      Course overview                        and marketing materials with real         a great value for
     What will I get out of it?                  • Planning tools and techniques        influence.                                money service.”
     • Maximum attendance through
                                                 • Ingredients of a successful event    What will I get out of it?                Arshad Malik,
                                                 • The importance of the briefing
       effective promotion
                                                                                        • An understanding of the                 Metropolitan Police
     • Improvement on previous events                                                     creative aspect of marketing
       through evaluation and analysis           • Pre-event promotional plan             communications
     • Minimised problems and risks by           • Contingency planning                 • Guidelines for clear and succinct       • Advertising copy, including assessing
       having a contingency plan in place        • Financial management                   writing                                   examples of good and bad
                                                 • Organising fringe/social events      • The technique to formulate a              copywriting
                                                 • Production techniques                  professional brief                      • Copy of brochures and leaflets,
                                                 • Health and safety at events          • Improved, compelling advertising          including structure and writing
                                                 • Avoiding the pitfalls                  copy                                      technical product sheets
                                                 • Evaluating and analysing the event   • Confidence and fluidity in your         • B2B copywriting and how it differs
                                                                                          writing style                             from consumer copy
            We run                               Follow-up courses                                                                • How to improve grammar
                                                                                        Course overview
            1000s of                             Strategic marketing planning p93.                                                • Structure copy effectively, from the
            events a                             Everything you wanted to know          • The role of advertising                   headline to end-line
             year. Learn
                                                 about copywriting p94. Advanced        • How copywriting acts as your best       • The future of copywriting, including
             from th e
                                                 project management p56.                  salesperson                               an overview of web-copy
                                                                                        • What people expect of your
                                                                                          copy and what you should expect         Follow-up courses
                                                                                          from them                               Strategic marketing planning p93.
                                                                                        • Planning copy, from briefing to

     Duration & cost      1 Day, £459 + VAT                                             Duration & cost     2 Days, £806 + VAT
     London               Jan: 25 Feb: 26 Apr: 7 May: 13 Jun: 18, 21                    London              Jan: 26-27 Mar: 30-31 Jun: 3-4
     Code                 CEE                                                           Code                COP

                                                                                                 Early bird discount – book any short course seven weeks
                                                                                                 in advance and get 30% off! See p120 for details

                                                                                                                      Marketing          95

                                                             SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION
                                                                                 Help your customers find you online

                                                      Who is it for?                            Course overview
                                                      Anyone who manages a website              • How search engines work
                                                      who wishes to increase its exposure,      • What is Search Engine Optimisation
                                                      including marketers, web developers,        and how will it affect my
                                                      agency staff and SME owners.                organisation?
                                                                                                • The different areas of SEO;
                                                      What is it about?
                                                                                                  – Technical Optimisaiton
                                                      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
                                                                                                    (technical foundation)
                                                      is the practice of adapting and
                                                                                                    Learn how to ensure your website
                                                      moderating a website specifically
                                                                                                    is search engine friendly, using
                                                      so that it is indexed and ranks highly
                                                                                                    tools to check the technical areas
                                                      within a search engine’s organic
                                                                                                    of your site
                                                      (free) listings. This one day course
                                                                                                  – On Page Optimisation (content)
                                                      will provide you with the proper
                                                                                                    Learn what users search for, and
                                                      techniques to demystify SEO, cut
                                                                                                    how to integrate keywords into
                                                      through the technical and ethical
                                                                                                    your site. Keyword mapping,
                                                      complexity, and help you optimise
                                                                                                    internal linking and more
                                                      your website for maximum exposure.
                                                                                                  – Off Page Optimisation (links)
                                                      What will I get out of it?                    Learn about the prominence
                                                      • An overall understanding of SEO and         incoming links to your website has
                                                        how it applies to you                       on your search engine rankings.
                                                      • Effective processes and techniques          How to generate more links;
                                                        that will help your website to climb        carrying out link development and
                                                        search rankings and be seen by              using social media and Online PR
                                                        more users                                  for improving your link equity
                                                      • Reduced need for costly outsourcing     • Unethical SEO – making sure
                                                        of your web optimisation                  you follow the “rules”
                                                      • Confidence in dealing with SEO          • Universal/Blended Search
                                                        practitioners and sales people            (optimising other digital
                                                                                                  content; video, images, news, blogs)
                                                                                                • Working with SEOs and programmers

                                                                                                Follow-up courses
Your course tutor: Lisa Myers (nee Ditlefsen)                                                   Google AdWords p98. Google
                                                                                                Analytics p99. Effective Internet
Director, Verve Search Ltd                                                                      Marketing p93. Web Design Using
                                                                                                Adobe Dreamweaver 8 p106.
Lisa is a regular speaker at Search Engine                                                      Strategic Marketing Planning p93.
Marketing Conferences, and was named in
Management Today’s ‘35 women under 35 – 2009’.

                                                      Duration & cost      1 Day, £499 + VAT
                                                      London               Jan: 21 Mar: 22 May: 20
                                                      Code                 SEO

   Follow Lisa on twitter at

                                                               BOOK ONLINE NOW AT WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK/MARKETING
96   Marketing

                                                                                            Get a 10% discount
     THE INSTITUTE OF DIRECT                                                                off the non-member
     MARKETING                                                                              price. To book call
                                                                                            020 8614 0277 & quote
     Short courses for direct, data and digital                                             ‘REED10’ to receive
     marketing professionals from Europe’s leading                                          your discount
     skills and qualifications provider

     COMPLETE DIGITAL                         CUSTOMER INSIGHT                         DATA PROTECTION                             DEVELOPING YOUR
     MARKETING                                – THE COMPLETE A-Z                       WORKSHOP FOR                                DIGITAL MARKETING
     Who is it for?                           ONE-DAY WORKSHOP                         DIRECT AND DIGITAL                          STRATEGY
                                              Who is it for?                           MARKETERS                                   Who is it for?
     Anyone new to digital marketing
     who needs to understand how digital      Marketing analysts and database          Who is it for?                              Managers who are responsible
     marketing is planned, executed,          managers responsible for                 Anyone responsible for the collection       for shaping marketing and digital
     integrated and controlled.               customer insight strategies and          and management of customer data             marketing strategy in an client
                                              anyone wishing to gain a greater         for marketing purposes both on              organisation or agency.
     What is it about?                        understanding of the principles          and offline, including in house data
     This digital marketing training course   behind effective customer insight.       protection/compliance officers.
                                                                                                                                   What is it about?
     teaches you how to plan, manage and                                                                                           It’s about developing and refining
     execute successful digital marketing     What is it about?                        What is it about?                           your digital marketing strategies
     campaigns. Over three days you will      It’s about understanding what your       It’s an essential guide to the Data         to compete and win online!
     learn how to work with digital data      customers want. Why do they buy and      Protection Act 1998 and the Electronic      This course will help you answer
     and take advantage of e-marketing        how do they choose? When you know        communications Regulations 2003 for         the tough strategic questions to
     tools such as search engines, banner     how to get the answers to these and      direct and digital marketers.               improve the use of internet
     ads, emails and SMS.                     other vital questions, you have the                                                  marketing by your organisation.
                                              insight and ability to achieve greater   Venue       London
     Venue    London                                                                                                               Venue      London
                                              results for your marketing pound.        Dates       Mar: 4
     Dates    Feb: 17-19, Apr: 14-16                                                                                               Dates      Mar: 10
                                              Venue        London                      Duration    1 Day
              May 19-21                                                                                                            Duration   1 Day
                                              Dates        Mar: 5, Apr: 30             Cost        £495 + GST
     Duration 3 Days                                                                                                               Cost       £495 + GST
                                              Duration 1 Day                                       (£445 for members)
     Cost     £1,295 + GST                                                                                                                    (£445 for members)
                                              Cost         £495 + GST                  Code        IDM3
              (£1,140 for members)                                                                                                 Code       IDM5
                                                           (£445 for members)
     Code     IDM1
                                              Code         IDM2

     EFFECTIVE EMAIL                          MAxIMISING CAMPAIGN                      HOW TO WRITE                                MOBILE MARKETING
     MARKETING:                               PERFORMANCE                              MORE POWERFUL                               Who is it for?
     BEYOND THE BASICS                        Who is it for?                           DIRECT MAIL LETTERS
                                                                                                                                   Those who want to find out when
     Who is it for?                           Campaign managers and executives,        Who is it for?                              and how to use mobile marketing
     Anyone responsible for the planning      accounts handlers and data planners.     Anybody who is involved in planning,        effectively to ensure it meets their
     or implementation of email                                                        writing, approving or editing direct mail   business requirements.
     campaigns who wants to improve
                                              What is it about?                        letters, or emails.
                                              This one-day training course is about                                                What is it about?
     results through the use of best
     practice tools and techniques.           maximising campaign performance. It      What is it about?                           Who do you know that doesn’t own
                                              will show you how to use data-driven     This highly practical copywriting           a mobile phone? Today, wherever
     What is it about?                        marketing techniques to improve          training course reveals the secrets         people go, their mobile phone goes
     It’s about getting the most out of       your campaign results and return         of how to write direct mail letters that    with them. Mobile marketing is a
     your email marketing campaigns.          on investment. The course will teach     really sell. Discover why sales letters     unique, “always-on” medium that’s
     This intensive two-day training          you how to use data to drive the         can get results where other mediums         delivering new customers and business
     course covers acquiring new              business forward and learn about your    fail, valuable tips that boost response     at an escalating rate.
     customers, profiling data, beating       customers, the importance of testing     and how to adapt your copy to suit          Venue      London
     filters, creative guidelines and         and how to evaluate your results.        the digital medium.
                                                                                                                                   Dates      Feb: 25
     campaign management.
                                              Venue      London                        Venue       London                          Duration   1 Day
     Venue      London                        Dates      Feb: 26, Jun: 22              Dates       Feb: 16, May: 18                Cost       £495 + GST
     Dates      Feb: 24-25, Mar: 12-13        Duration   1 Day                         Duration    1 Day                                      (£445 for members)
     Duration   2 Days                        Cost       £495 + GST                    Cost        £495 + GST                      Code       IDM0
     Cost       £1,145 + GST                             (£445 for members)                        (£445 for members)
                (£990 for members)            Code       IDM7                          Code        IDM8
     Code       IDM6


    We are committed to ensuring our training adheres
    to the highest possible standards

                                                                                Active Learning model

                                                                                                 DO    REVIEW          LEARN              APPLY

    The academic board
    Above, left to right: Dr Caroline Whalley, Sir Michael Bichard,
    Chris Howorth, Dr Hilary Macaulay.

    Quality                              Expertise                              Knowledge
    The Reed Learning                    Reed Learning Faculty                  Active Learning Theory
    Academic Board                       All professional trainers who work     People learn by adding variations    We believe that by making our
    Our independent academic board       with us are invited to join the Reed   to what they already know and do.    learning theory explicit we can
    is charged to challenge any and      Learning Faculty. Built upon the       In this way their understanding      help our delegates discover more
    all of our processes related to      foundations of our Active Learning     and actions become more complex      about themselves and discover
    learning delivery.                   Model, the faculty encourages all      and sophisticated.                   greater achievements in their
    Its members currently include:       of its members to continuously         Our learning model, although         professional lives.
    • Dr Caroline Whalley                improve their professional skills      seemingly simple, is profound in     For more information
      Reed Learning’s Academic           through engagement with our            impact. The model sits alongside     on Active Learning visit
      Director, is also Chair of the     competency framework. This             other well-known theoretical
      British Council for School         framework also underpins our own       frameworks and is behind the
      Environments and former            “Train the trainer” programmes         design and delivery of all of our
      Director of Education for          which lead to our Certificate of       programmes (see diagram above).

      London Borough of Ealing           Professional Training Competency.

                                               certificate of
    • Sir Michael Bichard                      professional trainer
      Director of The Institute for            competence                           Loyalty discount
                                                                                                                        Free refresher courses
      Government, and former             To download our                        2nd course
                                                                                                  10%                To help keep knowledge fresh and
      Permanent Secretary at                                                                                         to embed learning, all delegates
      the Department of Education
                                         competency framework visit             3rd course        20%
                                                                                 can repeat any course for FREE.
      & Employment                                                              4th course        30%                What’s more, should a member
    • Chris Howorth                      Service                                5th course        40%                of your team leave within six
      Deputy Dean of Faculty,            ISO 9001 accreditation                 6th course        50%                months of attending a course, we
      Directory of External &            Seamless course booking and                                                 will offer the same course for free
      Executive Programmes at
                                                                                All subsequent 50%                   to their replacement.
                                         administration is as central to             Knowledge

      Royal Holloway University          what we do as the quality of
      of London                          our courses. We’re ISO 9001                  Course guarantee
                                                                                                                           Early bird discount
    • Dr Hilary Macaulay                 accredited and always looking          Our high quality standards are
                                                                                                                     Book any short course seven
      Principal of the West London       to develop the service we              reflected in the endorsement         weeks or more before the start
      Academy and a member of the        provide, from groundbreaking                Service

                                                                                of many of our courses by            date and receive 30% off the
      national Academy Principals        new material to innovative new         professional industry associations   full course price. Look for the icon
      Steering Group advising            ways of bringing it to you.            (see opposite). And to give          above throughout the directory
      government on policy issues        Call 0800 132 448 to talk to           you absolute reassurance, we         and for full details see page 120.
                                         an advisor                             offer a no quibble full refund or
                                                                                free replacement on any course
                                                                                if you are not totally satisfied.

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                                                                                     PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATIONS
                                                               Our programmes provide a demonstrable, industry-recognised
                                                                  testimony to your learning, and all these institutions agree

Post-graduate certificate in international                                       Integrated qualifications for                                            certificate of
                                                                                                                                                          professional trainer
business in partnership with Royal Holloway,                                     L&D professionals (p72).                                                 competence
University of London (p47).

                                                                                 Look for this logo in the directory to see which
Certificate in first line management, accredited                                 courses qualify for CIMA Mastercourses CPD.
by the Chartered Management Institute (p48).

Introductory diploma in management, accredited
by the Chartered Management Institute (p49).                                     Courses marked with this logo are run by Insights, an
                                                                                 accredited PRINCE2® training organisation (p58-59).
Certificate in management & leadership, accredited                               The PRINCE2® cityscape logo is a Trademark of the Office of Government
                                                                                 Commerce and is registered in the US Patent and Trade Office.
by the Chartered Management Institute (p49).

Award in management, coaching and mentoring accredited
by the Chartered Management Institute (p52).                                     Managing Successful Programmes™:
                                                                                 These courses are run by Insights, an accredited
                                                                                 MSP training organisation (p61).
Qualifications in advanced sales & marketing,
accredited by the Institute of Sales &
Marketing Management (p84).                                                      Look for this logo for Green Learning, delivered
                                                                                 in partnership with Article 13.

Certificate in professional PA & secretarial skills,
endorsed by the Institute of Professional                                        Accredited by the European Coaching Institute
Administrators (p108).                                                           (p40).

Level 2 award in Health & Safety in the Workplace from the                       Accredited by the Institution of Occupational
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (p80).                               Safety and Health (p80).

                                                                                 ITIL is a registered Trademark of the Office of
All Reed Learning courses are registered                                         Government Commerce. This course is run by
for CPD by the CPD Certification Service:                                        Insights, an accredited training organisation (p60).
one day of training is worth six hours.

                                                                                 Reed Learning is a registered centre for ACCA continuing
The Reed Learning Google Marketing Academy                                       professional development. All courses in this directory
all courses officially accredited by Google (p97).                               count towards CPD points.

Accelerated route to                                                             Effective Office Management offering membership of
Chartered Banker status (p69)                                                    the Institute of Administrative Management (p114)

                                                             british institute

Certificates in Learning & Development offering
                                                             FOR LEARNING &
                                                             DEVELOPMENT         Vocational qualifications awarded
British Institute of Learning & Development                                      by Edexcel (p118)
membership (p72)

                                                                            FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK/QUALIFICATIONS

    A lot more than just open courses

    What we do
    Reed Learning is one of the leading learning providers in                    Professional
    the UK, with over 15 years’ experience in the delivery of                    qualifications
    quality training. In addition to open courses we offer a                     • We work in close partnership
    full range of learning and development services suitable                       with leading universities
                                                                                   and accrediting bodies to
    for organisations of any size. For full details see pages                      offer recognised qualifications,
    7-12 or visit                                           see page 5
                                                                                 • Reed Business School delivers
                                                                                   courses leading to ICAEW,
                                                                                   CIPD, CIMA and CII
                                                                                   qualifications, see page 12

                                                                                 Open courses
                                                                                 • We run the widest range of
                                            In-company                             courses, more often and
                                            training                               in more locations than any
                                            (page 7)                               of our competitors
             Open                                                Learning &      • 99% of delegates say they
             courses                                             development       would recommend them to
             (pages 15-119)                                      consultancy       a colleague
                                                                 (page 9)        • There are over 200 subjects to

                                                                                   choose from, page 15 onwards

                                          we do
                                                                                 Recruit your
                                                                                 training personnel
          Training                                              qualifications
                                                                                 Reed Training Professionals is the
          management                                            (page 11)
                                                                                 largest UK consultancy dedicated
          & outsourcing                                                          to finding you skilled, qualified
          (page 8)                              Recruit                          training personnel. Through a
                                                training                         rigorous selection process, we
                                                professionals                    can source training specialists for
                                                (page 6)                         you, both permanently or on an
                                                                                 interim basis.
                                                                                 To speak to a consultant
                                                                                 call 01628 513 090.


                                                                                                       IN-COMPANY TRAINING
                                                                                                                    Your place or ours?

We offer three ways to run training in-house:                                                                Why choose
                                                                                                             in-company training?
                                                                                                             Flexible: training how you
    1. STANDARD                        2. CUSTOMISED                             3. BESPOKE                  want it, when you want it,
                                                                                                             where you want it!
• Choose any Reed Learning        • Tailor an existing course to           • Start from scratch to
                                                                                                             Cost effective: from as little
  scheduled course and run          your requirements                        create your ideal training      as £90 per delegate (with a
  it on your premises             • Incorporate real life data               programme                       recommended course size of 12)
• Choose from over                  and case studies to make               • Choose from a range of          Tailored to your needs: we can
  500 courses                       the course more relevant                 delivery methods including      tailor our courses to suit your
                                                                                                             organisation’s objectives when
• Cost effective if training        and transferable                         one-to-one coaching and         you choose our customised or
  more than three delegates       • Available from as little as              outdoor team building           bespoke options

• Available from as a little as     £1,400 a day                           • Use training needs analysis     Measurable results: we can
                                                                             and pre course evaluations      help you gauge return on
  £1,100 a day                                                                                               investment and demonstrate
                                                                             to get precisely the            the value of learning and
                                                                             training you need               development
                                                                                                             Save time: we can alter the
                                                                                                             length of any programme to suit
                                                                                                             your audience and to make the
                                                                                                             most of your delegates’ time

We’re proud of the                WMS Ltd
results our in-company             R
                                  “ eedLearninghashelpedustolinkdevelopmenttothe
programmes have                    organisation’sstrategy.We’redelightedwiththeservicewe’ve
achieved for our                   receivedandthewayourrelationshipcontinuestodevelop.”             Call us now on
                                   Mark Bates, WMS Ltd
clients – here is what                                                                                        020 7520 6600
they have to say:
                                  For some examples of past in-company programmes visit                       or visit reedlearning

                                                      TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THESE SERVICES, VISIT WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK/INCOMPANY

    How to get best value from your
    organisation’s training spend

    Get more for
    your money
    Could there be a better           1. Training Programme                2. Flexible Trainer                 3. Outsourced Learning
                                         Management                           Resourcing                          Managed Service
    way to manage learning
                                        Maximise efficiency, reduce          Outsourced trainer pool             A fully outsourced solution
    and development?                    spend and benefit from design        management can help you to          combining high quality delivery
    Whether you run all your            and delivery by over 350             design, develop and deliver         with full administration. Benefit
    training in-house, employ a         quality assured trainers. By         materials at a fraction of the      from discounted rates on all our
    pool of permanent trainers,         using our intelligent scheduling     cost. Using our pool of over        courses and those of over 50
    or just buy external                and demand management                350 associate trainers we can       contracted third party specialist
    programmes, Reed Learning           system (with automated               help create new intellectual        suppliers covering every
    can help you get the best           wait-list management) you            property for you. We also offer     learning requirement.
    value from your training spend.     can optimise the number of           an outsourced administration        Our account management
                                        delegates on each course. We         service providing intelligent       and customer services team
                                        also offer a client-branded          scheduling, expense                 work in close relationship
                                        portal, monthly consolidated         management, contracting             with all key stakeholders and
                                        invoicing and MI to further          and referencing of trainers,        suppliers to ensure a smooth
                                        improve efficiency.                  invoicing and MI.                   enquiry, booking and third party
                                        Benefits                             Benefits                            administration process with
                                                                           • Savings in excess of 30%            strict adherence to agreed SLAs.
                                      • Competitive cost per delegate
                                        day from £100                      • National delivery network           Benefits
                                      • Consistent delivery style and      • Reduction on design ratios        • Minimum 20% efficiencies
                                        templates                            from 5:1 to an average 2:1          on training spend
                                      • Quality assured national           • Discount on volume and            • Up to 30% savings on
                                        delivery                             bulk bookings                       associated costs and expenses
                                      • Discounted rates with savings      • Dedicated administrator           • Savings on administration
                                        up to 30% on RRP                                                         headcount
                                                                             Clients include:
                                      • Tailored on-line booking portal                                        • Consistent quality-assured
                                                                             Barclays Bank, Department
                                      • Savings on travel and expenses                                           end-user experience
                                                                             of Health, Nationwide
                                                                                                               • Thought-leadership and market
                                        Clients include:
                                        The AA, QBE and BSkyB
                                                                                                               • Client free to focus on
                                                                                                                 strategic direction rather than
                                                                                                                 tactical delivery
                                                                                                                 Clients include:
                                                                                                                  Lloyds Banking Group,
                                                                                                                  Capital One, Zurich


                                                                          DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY
                                                                                                   Helping you make a change

We do more
than training
Consulting from Reed
Learning is a practical
and cost-effective
way to help your
organisation develop.
                          Observation sessions                  360° assessment & feedback            Evaluation services
Our services include:
                          Allow our experts to immerse          The straight-forward way to set       Demonstrate a real return on
                          themselves in the realities of your   up and manage 360° review             investment by building evaluation
                          organisation and give subsequent      programmes, costing as little as      into your training programme
                          training real impact                  £54 per report                        from the start

                          Learning needs analysis               L&D communication                     Organisational consultancy
                          Do you know exactly where the         An L&D initiative is often            Get expert support and advice
                          skills gaps are in your team or       measured by how well it is            on any project or change
                          department? What about in your        implemented and communicated.         programme. With access to
                          whole organisation? Find out          Ensure success and maximise           hundreds of industry experts,
                          with a tailored analysis of your      attendance with our internal          we can help with anything from
                          training needs                        training marketing service            risk assessment to redundancies

                          Coaching services                     Email efficiency (Mailiens)
                                                                                                       TO TALK TO OUR
                          Review your progress, resolve         Improve your organisation’s
                          issues and set goals with an          email efficiency to save hours          ABOUT ANY OF
                          industry expert. Our coaching
                          services range from 10 minute
                                                                of wasted time and millions
                                                                in lost productivity. Visit
                                                                                                      THESE SERVICES
                          on-site drop-in sessions to             CALL US ON
                          12-month executive programmes         to find out more                         020 7520 6600


     FUNDING FOR LEARNERS                                       Want more
     Are you eligible for funding?                              Contact us at
                                                                 call 020 7520 6609

     for learners
     Reed Learning can help you obtain up to                              How does it work &                      Example 1:
     £1,000 funding from the government towards                           how much will you get?                  Training cost: £1,500 – the grant
     leadership and management training through                           If you meet the eligibility criteria,   will pay £500, your organisation
                                                                          you can receive a grant for all or      will pay £500, and your money
     the Leadership and Management Advisory                               part of the cost of your training.      will be matched with another
     Service if you meet the following criteria:                          This grant is claimed through a         £500 from the grant.
     1. Your organisation employs 5-249 staff, including full-time,       refund, so you must pay for the         Total from grant: £1,000
        part-time and volunteer (2hrs/week) workers, but NOT              training and claim the money            via refund
        temporary workers/contractors                                     back once you have started the
                                                                                                                  Total from business: £500
     2. You are a key director/senior manager
                                                                          The first £500 of the cost is           Example 2:
     3. Your organisation has not accessed any L&M grant since
                                                                          always refunded in full. This part
        1st January 2007                                                                                          Training cost: £700 – the grant
                                                                          of the grant must be used by the
                                                                                                                  will pay £500, your organisation
     If you meet ALL of the criteria above, we may be able to help        key director in the business (if this
                                                                                                                  will pay £100, and your money
     you with funding.                                                    is a senior manager, the manager
                                                                                                                  will be matched with another
                                                                          must operate at strategic level).
                                                                                                                  £100 from the grant.
                                                                          After the first £500, the grant will
                                                                          match £ for £ business outlay,          Total from grant: £600
                                                                          and this part of the money can          via refund
                                                                          be used by the key director or the      Total from organisation: £100
                                                                          management team.
                                                                                                                  Example 3:
                                                                          What can you book?
                                                                                                                  Training cost: £499, the grant
                                                                          As long as you meet the eligibility
                                                                                                                  will pay £499, your organisation
                                                                          criteria, you can book training from
                                                                                                                  will pay £0.
                                                                          any part of our portfolio -see right
                                                                          for some examples                       Total from grant: £499
                                                                                                                  via refund
                                                                          How to book                             Total from organisation: £0
                                                                          Please ensure that you have
                                                                                                                  VAT on the cost of the course must be paid
                                                                          met all the eligibility criteria.       by the organisation, but VAT registered
                                                                          Choose the training you                 organisations can claim this back via tax returns.
                                                                          would like to attend from any           The course/coaching must be booked, started

     FOR MORE INFORMATION                                                 of the courses in this directory,
                                                                          or view all our courses online
                                                                                                                  (not necessarily finished), paid for in full, and
                                                                                                                  refund claimed within three calendar months

     CONTACT US AT                                                        at
                                                                                                                  of commencement.

     REED.SKILLS@REED.CO.UK                                               Contact us on 020 7520 6609
     OR CALL 020 7520 6609                                                or at


                             reed                                                                   GET YOUR SKILLS RECOGNISED
                             learning has
                             committed                                                                      Benchmark your learning with accredited
                             to th e                                                                                   and vocational programmes
                             skills pledge

  Level      Education                                                                                                            Our courses are built
             Equivalent                                                                                                           on your feedback,
                                                                                                                                  the expertise of our
  Level 7    Masters Degrees,
                                                              Post-graduate Certificate
                                                              in International Business
                                                                                               CIPD Chartered Membership
                                                                                               See p77
                                                                                                                                  trainers and over
             Certificates &                                   in partnership with Royal        Chartered Banker                   15 years’ experience
             Diplomas                                         Holloway, University of
                                                              London. See p47
                                                                                               Accreditation. See p69             of designing and
                                                                                                                                  delivering programmes
  Level 5    Diplomas of HE,        Award in                  Certificate in Management                                           that make a difference
             FE and foundation      Management                & Leadership accredited by
             degrees and HNDs       Coaching and              the CMI. See p49
                                                                                                                                  to businesses and
                                    Mentoring                                                                                     individuals.
                                    accredited by
                                                                                                                                  We now also offer qualifications
                                    the CMI. See p52
                                                                                                                                  that are built on a set of
                                                                                                                                  performance criteria defined by
  Level 4    Certificate of                                   Certificate of Higher            Introductory Diploma in            Sector Skills Councils, industry
             Higher Education                                 Education in Management          Management accredited
                                                              in partnership with Royal        by the CMI. See p49                bodies and the Qualifications and
                                                              Holloway, University of                                             Curriculum Development Agency.
                                                              London. See p47                                                     Many of these programmes sit on
                                                                                                                                  national frameworks which map
  Level 3    GCE A Level            Award in First            Certificate in First Line        Diploma in Advanced Sales          vocational learning to levels,
                                    Line Management           Management accredited            & Marketing awarded by             all benchmarked to equivalent
                                    accredited by the CMI     by the CMI. See p52              the ISMM. See p84                  academic qualifications.
                                    (One-day Qualification)   CIPD Certificate in              NVQ in Management
                                    See p51                   Coaching & Mentoring
                                                                                                                                  By benchmarking your skills,
                                                                                               NVQ in Customer Service            knowledge and understanding on
                                                              See p77
                                                                                               NVQ in Business & Administration   this framework you can monitor
                                                              NEBOSH. See p82
                                                                                               NVQ in IT (for users)              your progress, set future learning
                                                                                                                                  goals and encourage a culture of
  Level 2    5 GCSE passes          Award in Health           Certificate in Team Leading      NVQ in Team Leading                ongoing skills improvement.
             grade A-C              & Safety in the           accredited by the CMI            NVQ in Customer Service            Reed Learning can help you
                                    Workplace from the        (comprised of three One-day
                                                                                               NVQ in Business & Administration   and your organisation progress
                                    CIEH. See p80             Qualifications). See p50
                                                                                               NVQ in IT (for users)              up the levels with a range
                                    Award in Team
                                                                                                                                  of accredited short courses,
                                    Leading accredited
                                                                                                                    L NQVS        qualifications and NVQ
                                                                                                            see AL 119
                                    by the CMI (One-day
                                                                                                                    e             programmes.
                                                                                                            o n pag
                                    Qualification). See p50
                                                                                                                                  Check your current level on
                                                                                                                                  the table to the left.
* Qualifications shown are mapped to either the National Qualifications Framework or Qualifications & Credit Framework

                                                              TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THESE SERVICES, VISIT WWW.REEDLEARNING.CO.UK/QUALIFICATIONS

     Professional finance and HR qualifications

     35 years
     of expertise
     Established in 1972, Reed Business School has built a reputation         The qualifications we offer
     as a leading provider of professional qualifications in the UK.
                                                                              Reed Business School offers courses leading to professional exams
     The combination of high quality tutors and the unique learning
                                                                              set by the ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA and CII. We are also an Approved
     environment enables delegates to consistently achieve strong
                                                                              Centre for the CIPD Professional Assessment of Competence
     results. Residential courses, tucked away in the heart of the
                                                                              leading to chartered membership – visit
     Cotswolds, provide an ideal setting in which to study and excel
     in passing your exams.
                                                                              The complete ICAEW syllabus is delivered on a full-link basis
     For further information on these courses, together with dates,           – an integrated programme combining teaching and revision
     pass rates and how to enrol, please call 01608 674 224,                  phases that maximises tutor-student contact through small
     email or visit               class sizes and longer residential teaching hours.

                                                                              We are a platinum approved ACCA learning partner
                                                                              providing expert exam-focused courses with intensive
                                                                              teaching sessions, revision days and mock exams all
                                                                              designed to help you pass with flying colours first time.

                                                                              Tuition, revision and question based courses for all CIMA
                                                                              papers from certificate level to Top CIMA. We have a
                                                                              wealth of experience helping students gain their CIMA
                                                                              qualification and are a CIMA learning quality partner.

                                                                              In association with The Chartered Insurance Institute,
                                                                              Reed Business School offers the only residential/non-
                                                                              residential intensive revision courses for the Certificate
                                                                              in Financial Planning together with on-line computer
                                                                              based exams at the end of the course.

     90%                  (95%)                                               Why choose Reed Business School?
     85%                                                                      Pass rates in all of the finance qualifications are second to none and we
     80%                                                                      regularly teach students who win national awards for exam success. Our
                                                                              commitment to ensuring students pass first time is paramount in all we
     75%                                             (72%)                    do, and we support this with a free revision course guarantee for any
     70%                                                                      unsuccessful candidates.

                                                                                       Reed overall average


                                                                                       National overall average

                                                                                       Data shown is average result over past six sittings

                                                                           PROMOTING PEOPLE SINCE 1960
                                                                                    Visit for our
                                                                                  50th birthday offers, or follow us on Twitter

This year Reed celebrates
50 years in business.             1960                                                                    In the early 1960s Reed
                                                                                                          pioneered specialist
From the first office,                                                                                    recruitment services, a move
set up by Alec Reed in                                                                                    which fundamentally changed
Hounslow, Reed has                                                                                        the UK recruitment market.
                                                                                                          Today, with over 30 specialist
grown into one of the                                                                                     divisions, Reed has found jobs
UK’s largest private                                                                                      ranging from management
companies and remains             The first Reed branch opened                                            accountants to javelin coaches
                                  on Kingsley Rd, Hounslow, West                                          and classroom assistants to
family-run.                       London on 7th May 1960.                                                 deep sea welders.

1972                                                                  1980
In 1972, Alec founded the
Reed Business School in a
Cotswolds manor house to                                              To date Alec Reed has founded
provide residential courses for                                       three charities – Womankind                helping your donations go further
accountancy students. In 1978                                         Worldwide, Ethiopiaid
the Business School manor                                             and uk – a
was used as the location for an                                       project to help philanthropists
episode of Dr Who.                                                    give intelligently.

                                  1990                                                                    1995
                                  In the 90’s Reed became the first                                       Launched in 1995, Reed
                                  high street recruitment agency                                          Learning has become one of the
                                  in the UK to have a presence                                            UK’s leading business training
                                  on the web. Freecruitment has                                           providers – the first to launch
                                  helped to become                                             Green Learning courses, the
                                  Europe’s biggest jobs board,                                            exclusive training partner to
                                  used by 85% of the UK’s top                                             Google and winner of several
                                  100 recruitment agencies.                                               national training awards.

1998                                                                  2010
Established in 1998, Reed in
Partnership now delivers three
of the Department of Work and                                         Reed’s Baker Street head office
Pensions top five performing                                          was formerly the home of the
welfare to work programmes.                                           Beatles’ Apple Boutique.

                                                                                                    EMAIL MORE.INFO@REEDLEARNING.CO.UK

     Green training that really means business

     Six green pledges by James Reed,                                                     What is the green shift?
     Chairman, Reed Learning
     In 2007 I attended the May Day Climate Change summit, hosted at BT’s office
     in the City of London. The speakers included HRH The Prince of Wales, the Prime
     Minister Gordon Brown, the Environmentalist Jonathan Porritt, the US Senator
     George Mitchell together with representatives from the business community.                                                                                  Actions for the
                                                                                           Commercially                                                           greater good
     The focus of the conference was that it is only by acting now and by acting           motivated actions
     together that the serious threat climate change poses to the world will be
     successfully addressed. Together the 830 companies that signed up to the May
     Day initiative last year had reduced their carbon emissions by 600,000 tonnes.
     Since the conference, we have continued to commit to the six pledges that
     Business in the Community have agreed. These being:
     1. Calculate your company’s carbon footprint
     2. Report your carbon footprint publicly or                                          What is green learning?
        to Business in the Community                                                      It is a myth that a successful organisation cannot also be environmentally
     3. Set an absolute target and take action                                            friendly. In fact there is a growing realisation that business improvements
        to reduce your company’s emissions                                                and a reduction in environmental impact can progress side by side. This
     4. Encourage employees to reduce their carbon                                        is Green Shift – the altering of individual and organisational mindsets to realise
        footprint at home and at work                                                     that environmental and profit/efficiency motivations can drive each other.
     5. Work in partnership with suppliers to reduce                                      Green learning provides practical tips and guidance, explaining the
        emissions in the supply chain                                                     simple and cost effective steps all organisations can take to become greener,
                                                                                          improve efficiency, save money and become better prospects to employees
     6. Mobilise customers to take action
                                                                                          and customers.
     I’m delighted with the progress we have made in the Reed group since we first
     committed to these pledges in 2007. We have reduced our CO2 emissions by
     2,500 tonnes by installing Thin Terminals across the company, removing bottled       For details see:
     water coolers from all Reed offices, introducing a mobile and printer cartridge      The green PA & office manager                                                  p113
     recycling scheme and launching a range of Green Learning courses.
     We are a company that cares passionately about the environment and it remains        If you’d like to know a bit more about Green
     a high priority for all of us. However there is a great deal more that we can do.
     I made a pledge at the end of the meeting to move our business from being
                                                                                          Learning, why we think it is so important and
     ‘carbon neutral’ to being truly ‘carbon responsible’. This means that we will seek   what we are doing to live these values visit
     to further reduce our emissions, with a target of a 10% reduction over the next If you think there
     four years. We will achieve this by more recycling, more efficient energy use and,
     of course, fewer meetings!
                                                                                          is a green course we should be running,
                                                                                          email us at


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