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					       MINUTES of the Board of Directors of CNY Works, Inc., held on Wednesday, October 25,
       2006, at 8:00 A.M. at 443 North Franklin Street, Lower Level, Syracuse, New York 13204:

       PRESENT                 ABSENT                   STAFF                     GUESTS
       Colella, Anthony        Atkins, Mike             Agostini, Robert          Budge, Tania (Testone Marshall
       Coria, JoAnn            Brynien, Kenneth         Coughlin, Mary Joan       & Discenza)
       Di Blasi, James         Dowdell, Jesse           Fellows, Roger            Evans, Gregg (Testone Marshall
       Hill, Carol             Falcone, Neil            Martinez, Manny           & Discenza)
       Kotz, Kathy             Fellows, James           Pitt, Heather             Draper, Sue (Cardinal Health)
       La Grow, Kevin          Harper, William          Schnobrich, Andrea        Hoke, Brian (Bentley & Hoke)
       MacKool, Linda          Higgins, Marilyn         Sealy, Lenore             Pete, Kathleen (NYS Department
       Mayne, Janice           Lott, Reverend Bill      Sticco, Sue               of Labor
       Meinking, Rebecca       Pulver, Mark             Wilson, Lori              Sorbello, Joseph (NYS
       Napier, Donald          Rapp, Kathy              VanGelder, Jocelyn        Department of Labor)
       Owens, Kelli            Stack, Barbara
       Reed, Marvin            Sydow, Dr. Debbie
       Ryan, William           Towsley, William
       Sandle, Gail            Wolgemuth, Diana
       Vaughn, Barry
       Walter, Elaine
       Watson, Duane
       Wilson, Ellen

  I.      Call to Order

          James DiBlasi, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 8:05 A.M. A quorum was present.

 II.      Introduction

          Jim DiBlasi welcomed Carol Hill, Assistant to the President of the Greater Syracuse
          Chamber of Commerce, as a new member of the Board.

III.      Approval of Minutes: August 23, 2006

          The time of the meeting was incorrectly listed in the first paragraph of the Minutes as 7:30
          A.M.; the meeting time was 8:00 A.M.

          Don Napier entered a motion:

              To approve the Minutes, with the meeting time changed to 8:00 A.M., as described above,
              from the Board meeting of August 23, 2006.

          Gail Sandle seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously.

IV.   Presentation: Program Year 2004 Audit – Gregg Evans, Testone Marshall & Discenza
      Board members received the CNY Works audited financial statements and Program Year
      2004 Audit Report, recently completed by Testone Marshall & Discenza. These documents
      will be maintained with the official record of this meeting.

      Gregg Evans, representing Testone et al, used the financial statements and written report as
      background and provided the Board with a summary of the audit:

                 Testone Marshall & Discenza is currently conducting the field work for CNY
                  Works’ Program Year 2005 audit.

                 The Audit Report that the Board is reviewing today is for the period ending June
                  30, 2005.

                 The Financial Statements, Page 1, provide the independent auditor’s opinion of
                  CNY Works’ financial statements, and report that the statements fairly represent
                  CNY Works’ financial position.

         Kathy Kotz entered a motion:

             To accept the Audit Report and the financial statements, as presented by Testone
             Marshall & Discenza, of CNY Works for December 31, 2005 and 2004.

         Rebecca Meinking seconded the motion. The motion was carried unanimously.

V.    Presentation: CNY Works’ Website – Brian Hoke, Bentley & Hoke

      Brian Hoke, owner of Bentley & Hoke and CNY Works’ web developer, provided the Board
      with a presentation of CNY Works’ newly recreated website. Brian Hoke showed the site to
      the Board and reported:

                 The new website has been live since October 24 at 7:00 P.M.

                 The primary goal of the new site was to improve customer services and to give
                  CNY Works’ staff the ability to easily update the site.

                 The new site has more information and the information is organized better.

                 The site is visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

                 CNY Works serves a wide range of constituents, and the website is designed to
                  appeal to that variety of people.

                 Photographs used on the site are authentic; having been taken by Roger Fellows,
                  DoES supervisor; and help to lend credibility and authenticity to the site.

                 There is more information displayed at the site and the information is more
                  organized than it had been in the past. It is also easier for site visitors to obtain
                  information from the new site.

                 Web content is managed through an application, Multi-Leaf. A limited number
                  of staff will have access to the content management software so that the site will
                  be properly managed. Currently, Heather Pitt and Roger Fellows are the only
                  staff authorized to make changes to the site.

       Lenore Sealy encouraged Board members to provide feedback on the website. Heather Pitt
       added that there is a link on the site,, where anyone can leave a
       suggestion about the website.

VI.    Executive Committee Report - Jim DiBlasi

       The Executive Committee met on October 18, 2006. Board members received a copy of the
       Executive Committee Notes (goldenrod sheets) – includes WIA Performance Summary
       Report, PY 2005 (Annual), CNY Works’ Revised Meeting Schedule, Program Year 2006,
       CNY Works Board of Directors (contact list), Journey 2 Jobs Community Conversation Two
       (blue sheet) and J2J Areas of Concern: Information Chart. These documents will be
       maintained with the official record of this meeting.

       Jim DiBlasi reported to the Board on behalf of the Executive Committee. Using the
       Executive Committee Notes and supporting materials, referenced above, as background, Jim
       DiBlasi reported:

       1. Audit Committee

          The Audit Committee will provide this report later in the meeting.

       2. Workforce Summit

          The Workforce Summit will take place on Thursday, March 29, 2006. Ed Barlow will be
          the keynote speaker. Gail Sandle will report on this item later in the meeting. Any Board
          member who wishes to receive further information on the Summit should contact Lenore

VII.   Finance Committee Report – Don Napier

       The Finance Committee met on October 11, 2006. The Board received copies of CNY Works
       Budget vs. Actual through 8/31/06 (with footnotes) and Consolidated Balance Sheet October
       5, 2006, CNY Works, Inc. These documents will be maintained with the official record of
       this meeting.

       Don Napier reported to the Board on behalf of the Finance Committee. Using the
       documents, referenced above, as background, Don Napier reported:
                  In light of the Board’s recent establishment of the Audit Committee, the Finance
                   Committee began to consider its role/charter as compared with the role of the
                   Audit Committee.

                  The CNY Works Budget vs. Actual shows the budget, as previously approved by
                   the Board. The budget was approved at a time when CNY Works anticipated a
                   26% cut in WIA funding for PY 06. In reality, CNY Works’ PY 06 WIA funds
                   were cut approximately 11%. Thus, CNY Works has spent a smaller proportion
                   of its available funds than had been planned through the adopted budget. The
                   NYS Department of Labor has increased its pressure for CNY Works to increase
                   its rate of spending to achieve the requirement that at least 70% of the current
                   year’s WIA grants be expended by the end of the program year.

                  The Finance Committee is interested in having new members. If there are any
                   Board members interested in learning about the financial details associated with
                   the grants, they should consider becoming a Finance Committee member.

                  Bob Agostini, CNY Works’ Chief Financial Officer, has offered to provide
                   interested Board members with an in-depth session, explaining CNY Works’
                   financial processes and procedures.

                  Testone Marshall and Discenza stated that CNY Works is one of the most
                   complicated not-for-profit organizations that there is.

VIII.   Audit Committee Report – Don Napier

        Don Napier reported to the Board on behalf of the Audit Committee. He reported:

                  The Audit Committee had its first meeting on October 18, 2006.

                  The Committee agreed that it would be more appropriate to have another member
                   of the Audit Committee serve as Chairperson, rather than Don Napier who is the
                   Board Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairperson.

                  The Committee discussed its charter with Testone Marshall & Discenza.

                  The Committee developed a draft charter to clarify the Audit Committee’s role
                   and responsibilities. Some of the Committees responsibilities will include: audit
                   process, selection of auditors and scope of each audit. The Committee will
                   publish its charter as soon as possible.

                  Bob Agostini will respond to the PY 2004 Audit. The Audit Report’s
                   management letter outlines some of the issues that CNY Works has already
                   resolved. There are a few outstanding items that CNY Works needs to address.

                The Committee will meet to review the details of the PY 2005 Audit Report. The
                 Committee will present the Audit Report to the Board it the next meeting.

IX.   Youth Council – Andrea Schnobrich

      The Youth Council met on Friday, September 17, 2006. Board members received a copy of
      the minutes from the Youth Council. Andrea Schnobrich, CNY Works’ Youth Services
      Manager, reported to the Board on behalf of the Youth Council.

      Using the Youth Council Minutes as background, Ms. Schnobrich reported:

      1. Partnership for Youth

            CNY Works will participate with the Onondaga County Department of Aging and
             Youth and Syracuse University’s Leadership Institute in a grant, a Partnership for

            Five-year initiative to serve high risk, WIA-eligible youth, aged 17 to 21 years old.

            Program will provide individualized services to assist those youth who are most in
             need, and often not adequately served through traditional workforce programs.

            Youth targeted by the project will include: runaway and homeless youth, those
             involved in the juvenile justice system, youthful offenders, foster care youth
             (including unaccompanied refugee minors) and those in need of general youth

            Services may include activities that support emotional, vocational, educational and
             other needs that can help individuals reach their individual goals.

      2. CNY Works’ Youth Program Design

            The Workforce Investment Act introduced significant changes for youth
             programming at the local level.

            Focus on youth development activities that will reinforce positive social skills in

            Legislation mandates strong ties with the business community, not only as employers,
             but also in an expanded role as advisors, funders, trainers and economic developers.

            WIA youth program increases emphasis on academic learning as it connects to the
             work place.

            WIA requires a stronger focus on out-of-school youth.

           Services must have longer-term services to assure youth attachment to and
            advancement within the labor market.

           All Workforce Investment Act (WIA) youth programs must include ten program

           Each youth must be assessed to determine which (one or more) program elements
            will help the individual youth attain his/her workforce goals.

     3. Request for Qualifications

           CNY Works recently developed a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for youth
            program services to help fortify the ten elements available for local WIA youth

           Any entity that could provide WIA-eligible youth services through one or more of the
            ten program elements could potentially become a vendor through the RFQ.

           Vendors will provide services to youth through a fee-for service approach.

           Some of the entities who have responded to the RFQ include Aurora, OCM BOCES,
            Onpoint for College, Syracuse University’s Leadership Institute, Huntington Family
            Center and the Syracuse City School District.

           The Youth Council is currently reviewing the proposals and following up with
            vendors when there are additional questions.

           CNY Works is also working with other vendors to develop RFQ responses to ensure
            that CNY Works has developed a strong variety of services and activities that fulfill
            the required ten WIA program elements.

     4. Operational Planning

           CNY Works’ Youth Team developing operational plan to ensure that youth service
            design accomplishes the WIA youth program goals.

           Youth team operational planning meeting held on Tuesday, October 24, 2006. Kathy
            Hanna facilitated the meeting.

X.   Executive Director’s Report – Lenore Sealy

     Lenore Sealy reported the following:

     1. State Issues

        a. CNY Works’ PY 05 Performance

      See WIA Performance Summary Report, PY 2005 (Annual), attached to Executive
       Committee Notes.

      CNY Works failed four (out of 17) of its performance standards for PY 2005 -
       Dislocated Worker Earnings Change and three Youth – Older Youth Entered
       Employment, Older Youth Earnings Change and Older Youth Credential
       Attainment Dislocated Worker

      Carrier’s 2004 dislocation had a huge impact on the Dislocated Worker Earnings
       Change measure. The individuals included in the exit cohort for this measure
       obtained employment at a significantly lower wage than what they had been
       earning while they were employed at Carrier. Although these individuals were
       primarily trained through Trade Act funds, CNY Works was required to enroll
       each one in WIA, and therefore the individuals were counted in the WIA
       performance measure.

      The other performance measures that CNY Works failed were in the WIA youth
       programs. Earlier in the year when it became apparent that youth performance
       was floundering, CNY Works decided that it needed to redefine how youth
       services are delivered. Performance largely drove the decision to redefine and
       reorganize how CNY Works delivers these services. Hiring Andrea Schnobrich
       as Youth Services Manager was the first step in that change. She was promoted
       to provide a new direction for CNY Works youth services. WIA youth services
       are much more than a summer program; they are a year-round workforce
       development program for youth.

      There is back-up detail on all the performance issues if any Board members are
       interested in learning more about these issues.

      The Programs and Services Committee will be working with staff to consider
       means of improving program performance.

      With common measures CNY Works performance will be measured in different
       ways. With this first year of functional alignment and common measures, the
       State will not impose its sanction policies for failing a performance standard for
       two consecutive years.

b. CNY Works’ Spending

      CNY Works spending is less than the 70% threshold sought by the NYS
       Department of Labor. CNY Works has not spent its WIA funds as aggressively
       as the State would like. The State requires that each local area spend a minimum
       of 70% of its grant in the current year; CNY Works is not on track to do that.
       CNY Works carried over a large surplus from PY 05 into PY 06, and must fully
       expend its PY 05 funds before it begins to use PY 06 funding.

      At the direction of the Board, CNY Works has initiated policies and procedures to
       ensure that WIA funds are being spent appropriately with proper internal controls.
                  Additionally, CNY Works will use WIA funds to support the greater workforce
                  development needs of the community.

         c. Workforce Summit – Gail Sandle provided the Board with the following update of
            the workforce summit.

                 The first Community Conversation, The Workforce Challenge, took place on
                  October 4, 2006. It was a very exciting session with standing room only. The
                  speakers were John Twomey, Executive Director of NYATEP, and Lou Jean
                  Fleron, Economic Initiatives Director at the Institute for Industry Studies, Cornell

                 The second community conversation, Career, Technical and Incumbent Worker
                  Training, will be held on Friday, October 27, 2006 at OCM BOCES’ Career
                  Training Center. (The blue sheet on the left-hand side of the Board member
                  folder is an invitation to this community conversation.) The community
                  conversation will discuss career and technical education for high school students,
                  adult training for skills development and new employment; and incumbent worker
                  training to improve skills among employed workers.

                 The first community conversation set the stage for the upcoming Summit on
                  March 29, 2007. Ed Barlow, Futurist, will be keynote speaker of the Summit.
                  Mr. Barlow is a very compelling and exciting speaker.

                 Most other local workforce areas have held Workforce Summits. The Planning
                  Team of this Summit is trying to develop a regional focus by inviting workforce
                  development, economic development, education and business representatives of
                  Cayuga, Madison, Oswego and Cortland Counties.

                 Two charts are included in the packet of Board meeting materials – J2J Areas of
                  Concern: Information Chart and the Journey 2 Jobs (industrial clusters matrix).

                  Rebecca Meinking stated that the construction trades should be listed as an
                  industrial cluster. This suggestion will be brought back to the Summit Planning

                 There are three Post Standard articles, written by Charley Hannagan, about the
                  Summit and community conversations included in the Board meeting materials.

XI.   Other

      The CNY Works Board Meeting Schedule (Revised October 25, 2006) and the CNY Works
      Board of Directors October 25, 2006 are included with the Board member’s materials.

XII.    Adjournment

        Rebecca Meinking entered a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kathy Kotz seconded the
        motion. The motion was carried unanimously.

        The meeting ended at 9:17 A.M.

XIII.   Next Board Meeting:       Wednesday, January 17, 2007
                                  8:00 A.M.
                                  Location: CNY Works
                                  443 North Franklin Street, Lower Level
                                  Syracuse, New York 13204
                                  Topic: Audit Report – PY 2005

        Respectfully submitted,

        Lenore S. Sealy
        Executive Director


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