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Marketing Plan of a Dental Clinic - Download as PowerPoint

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Marketing Plan of a Dental Clinic document sample

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									    305th Medical Group

Health System of One (HS01) Initiatives

            305th Medical Group
              McGuire AFB NJ

        Medics! Can Do…Will Do!
 Test Question

Medics! Can Do…Will Do!   2
     Purpose and Overview
     “Jointness Is Not About Purpleness, Its About
        Interoperability and Interdependence”

   Situation Assessment
   Joint Base and BRAC
   Campaign Plan and Results
   Way Ahead
   Lessons: Issues and Information

             Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                 3
                      Situation Assessment
              “When You’re In and Infinite Loop, Do Something”


                                                                       Catchment Areas

         Guidance 2 Years Ago                        Desired Endstates

    Joint Basing: Combine common            Eliminate frustration on source of care
services for effectiveness and efficiency            Improve Satisfaction
•AF/SG: Apply Principles of AF/SG BRAC              Maximize Space (15%)
     Work Group Recommendations
                                            Optimize Capacity w DoD and Network
 •18AF/CC: ―No New Missions Without
  •AMC/SG: ―Do What’s Right For the            Reduce Costs & Lost Duty Time
          Patient and Mission‖                        Enhance Currency
                          Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                                        4
               Future Joint Base Is Growing
               “Overlaps With Joint Readiness Center (JRC) and Joint Mobilization
                   Training Center (JMTC) … 25-28K Warriors .. Within 3 Miles”

25-28K Soldiers Prepare For Mobilization and
 De-mobilize per yr …. And Growing With AF
   and Navy Deployment Processing and
             Training Missions

                             305th MDG
                                                         Retired/                    Active
Walson/JRC                                                Other                       Duty
                                                           17%                        (AD)

     VA Clinic
                                                                                 Ft Dix: 18%
                              Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                                          5
            Joint Basing Initiative

 Consolidate Common Installation Support Functions
   Mission Supt Gp is Lead, but Program Impacts All
 Each Service Maintains Mission & Chain of Command
 Bottom Line: Find Common Ground, Eliminate Excess
  Overhead, Improve Service and Outcomes

                  Medics! Can Do…Will Do!              6
      Major BRAC Plus-Up FY08-13 (Oct 07)
   “BRAC Decisions and COBRA Report Did Not Address Residual Impact on
          the McGuire Healthcare System .. We can not Ignore it”

 39 Army/Navy/Marine Acft/Helos to McGuire—63% Incr
 Personnel—1000 (and families) & 1600 Drill Reservists
 $250M+ in Funded MILCON

                     Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                             7
      Health System of 1 (HSO1) Campaign Plan
               “There’s Never a Perfect Time in a Perfect Storm”

      C2: Collaboration & Coordination                               Share Resources
                                                      - Army
-Bi-Monthly HSO1 Meetings                                -Optometry (x1)
-Sponsored local Workshops x 6                           -Dental (x1 dentist + 3 techs)
-Joint facility MOU v1 - complete                        -Provider support during low mob periods
-Documented history and lessons (CD available)       - Navy
                                                         -Provider w/ 2 Corpsman & Dentist 2-3x Mnth
 (Creating a Culture of Working Better Together)
                                                     (420 Man-Hrs Saved/Referrals Avoided/Currency+)

       Recapture Care from Network                                   Co-Locate Services
Operational                                           -Army - Operational
    -Physical Therapy                                     -Troop Med Clinic
    -Urgent Care Clinic                                   -Physical Therapy
    -Mobile MRI – possibly expanding to support VA        -Behavioral Health
    -Tele-Radiology (Travis + VA (Pending tests)          -Vet Office
    -Tele-Health – Psychiatry (Network and WRMC)       -Navy--Confirmation of Requirement In Progress
- Approved or Under Assessment                            - Flt Med-2 Flt Surgeons/4 Corpsman –FY10
    -Dermatology Clinic (Pending Contract Award)          - Family Practice Docs x2 w/Support Staff–FY10
    -Urology and Orthopedics – Circuit Riders          - Veterans Affairs (VA)
    -Tele-Health – Dermatology                            -3 VA Dentists with support staff – Nov

  (Cost: $1.1M/Savings:$1.5M/ yr, 2.5K-man hrs            (Cost: $200K/Cost Avoidance$2.4M)
                   saved / yr)

                               Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                                                 8
                                       Way Ahead
              “Sensing the Future, Building a Better Tomorrow Today”
                                                                              Retirees: enrolling at
       Commander’s Priorities                                                 1-2/wk                                          Growth
C2:                                                            20000

                                       Enrollment Population
   MOU v2: Navy requirements,
    refine accounting methods
   Joint Pandemic Plan and Exercise
   Plan for Med Manpower or $$: Net
    increase= 36                                               10000
   Telehealth: Rad, Psych (includes
    resilience plans), Derm … other?                           5000
Co-Locate or Re-Locate:
   Army Occ Health, plan for Navy?                                  0
   Ft Dix VA Clinic into 305th (JIF
    proposal)                                                            06          07            08             09           10         11        12        13
                                                                     Y              Y          Y                 Y            Y          Y         Y         Y
   Army Dental Patients to Ft Dix                               F              F          F                 F            F          F         F         F
    Mills Dental Clinic (maximize)                                                                                      FY
Recapture, Expand, Better Manage:                                                                       Current Capacity Projected
   Dental (General and Specialty)
    Physical Therapy - Expand
    Disease Management – VA?
                                                                                          A Federal Health
   MRI - VA?                                                                             System of One?
                                Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                                                                                                          9
        Lessons: Issues and Information
           “We’re Working and Learning Together Better … and
                           Pressing Forward”

              Issues                       Information (CD available)
 Population Growth                 Proposals and Cost Analyses packages
                                    Joint USE Facility Use MOU
    When? How many?
                                       Basic + Addendums
 Operational Support Issues
                                    Talker Papers
    Aviation Medicine/IFE               Overview of Health System of One
    PH/BIO                              Summary of Challenges and Issues
    Mental Health/Fam Advocacy          GAO Visit Summary
                                         DoD/VA Sharing Opportunities
    EMS response system
                                         Aviation Medicine Support Issues
 Compliance: AAAHC?                     Bio Environmental Engineering
 Interoperability – One Source?         Mental Health Initiatives
     Funding sources                    Dental Recapture and Optmization

     Systems                       Reports
                                         HSO1 Meeting Minutes
     Logistics
                                         AMC/SG Site Visit Reports
     Training                      Marketing and Enrollment plan
 VA: Multiple VISNs                FY08-13 POM Inputs

Yes, We Are Building a A Federal Health System of One …. And One
                          Without Walls!
                        Medics! Can Do…Will Do!                              10

Medics! Can Do…Will Do!   11

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