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  Students don’t have to be 21 to
  utilize online learning tools for
        on-time graduation
WERA Spring Conference 2007 – Making the Grade

   Presenters: Kathy Seltzer, Mark Ryder
            Teachers, Everett Public Schools
 On-Time Graduation

Sometimes it takes many people working together
  in a variety of different ways to help a student
     succeed and achieve goals.
2.3 million people took some
kind of online course.
USA Today Jan. 1, 2006

  2.3 Million last year
  High School Grad requirement
  Fastest growing pop? K-2
                As of July 2005, 21 states and 9%
                of all public schools had online
                learning programs.

                Enrollment in K12 online
                learning is expected to double
                in the next year to over 1
                million students.

On April 20, 2006, Michigan Governor
signed into law legislation that will
REQUIRE high school students to pass an
online class as a graduation requirement.
        Genesis of OnlineHS
• Six years ago….
• Over 350 students were leaving the
  Everett Public Schools and taking
  courses from BYU
  – $96 per semester credit = cheap
  – Wide variety of subject offerings
  – Counselors and schools were promoting
    the program and had representatives
    visiting/recruiting on campuses
  Online Learning in Washington

• 1995: Evergreen Internet
• 1996: Federal Way’s
  Internet Academy
• 2002: Everett’s OnlineHS
• 2004: Spokane Virtual
• 2005: Insight Schools
  (*private/school co-op)
• 2006: Washington Virtual
       OnlineHS: Then to Now
Early years:            Middle years:
Fee-based Recovery      •Any student- inside & outside district
12 courses              •30 courses
3 teachers/part time    •9 teachers/part time
Everett students only   •Serving other districts

                               • Any student & district
                               • 30+ courses
                               • Consolidated teaching staff
                               • Full-time OnlineHS students
                               • WASL Prep with COE
OnlineHS Course Offerings
English                          Science
• 9A: Reading & Writing          • Biology A
• 9B: For Students BY Students   • Biology B
• 10A: What is Freedom?          Social Studies
• 10B: What is Leadership?       • World History A
• 11A: Essentials of Argument    • World History B
• 11B: History & Culture         • US History A
• 12A: Diversity in American     • US History B
   Lit.                          • Washington State History
Math                             • Government
• Algebra 1A                     Health & Fitness
• Algebra 1B                     • Health
• Geometry A                     • LifeTime Fitness A (PE 1)
• Geometry B                     • LifeTime Fitness B (PE 2)
• Algebra 2 w/Trig A             NEW: WASL PREP w/COE
• Algebra 2 w/Trig B             • Math
• Pre-Calculus A                 • Reading
• Pre-Calculus B                 • Writing
            OnlineHS Enrollment
• OnlineHS is offered through the Everett Schools.
• Five (5) courses are considered full-time.
• Full-time students are expected to spend a
  minimum of twenty-five hours per week on their
• Students attending OnlineHS as their only school
  may enroll in up to five courses with no tuition fee.
• Students may be enrolled at OnlineHS and a
  resident building school with no tuition fee
  charged, as long as the combined number of
  courses between OnlineHS and a resident
  building school does not exceed six classes.
• Students who are enrolled full-time in a resident
  building school, or other educational program, are
  required to pay tuition unless inter-district
  shared FTE agreement.
       • Each district should have school board policy
         that governs choice and inter-district
       • Districts can share a student through an inter-
         district shared FTE agreement as long as the
         student is not counted for more than 1.0 FTE.
       • Students who are enrolled in a Private school
         will be charged a tuition fee for course(s) taken,
         unless the course(s) selected are not offered at
         your school.
       • If applicable, OnlineHS tuition fee is $200.00 for
         each one semester (.5 credit) course.
       • Tuition fees are nonrefundable.
       • Students are required to inform OnlineHS of all
         courses taken at other educational facilities.
 Why this option for students?
• Students: On-Time Graduation
• District: Annual Yearly Progress (AYP)
• Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL)
  OnlineHS WASL prep courses w/ COE
• Washington state students may enroll full-time for free.
• Courses are available 24/7 from any Internet-
  connected computer.
• Content is rich, rigorous and engaging.
• All courses are taught by WA State certified, Highly
  Qualified and experienced online instructors.
• Contact info:
  FAX: 425-385-5102
How are we doing?
Are you ready for
  Personal Requirements
• Self-Motivated
• Organized
• Task Oriented
• Good Communicator.
Technical Requirements
• Computer w/Color Monitor, 40 MB HD, 64 MB
  – PC with Pentium processor & Windows 98 or newer
  – Macintosh with PowerPC processor and System X
• Internet connection
  – 56K modem (minimum)
  – DSL, cable, etc = better “experience”
• Web Browser
  – Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or later version
  – Netscape (Navigator) 6.1 or later version
  – Others (Firefox, Opera, Lynx, etc)- not supported
       Required Skills
• Comfortable & competent using a
• Able to use productivity tools (word
  processing, spreadsheets, etc)
• Experienced Internet user. Can
  navigate comfortably and search the
  Internet successfully.
• Responsible communicator.
      How? Where? When?
• ANY online computer
  in the world
• NO special software
  required needed to
• Accessible through
  most every web
  browser.                         Above: an Internet Café in Mexico

• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Students must have an Internet
  connected computer at home.
Inside your course
Let’s take a closer
look at the left margin
navigation buttons
Important Course Toolbar
     ANNOUNCEMENTS: check for class,
     scheduling information
     •GO TO CLASS: THIS is your course.
     This is the content and material.
     •ASSIGNMENTS: This is where you DO
     your class work.
     •Course Info.: course overview & outline,
     policies & procedures
     •COMMUNICATION: Links to
     announcements, email, & discussion
     •DISCUSSION BOARD: Social Area for
     online learning. Asynchronous Discussion
     •TOOLS (6) : View Grade book
GO To Class
Go To Class 
     1. Click button: “Go To Class”

       2. Displayed in Units
           •Click the Hyperlink to open each Unit
           •Do each Unit in order
Course Assignments
Course Assignments

           Assignment Sheet
           First Assignment

         Folders contain items
         See list below link
         Click to open
         Course Assignment
                           Inside the assignment area:
                           This by your you “turn-in” an assignment
These items are graded by hand, is where instructor.
You can expect that they will be corrected, scored, graded
                             1. Work OFF-line first:
and recorded in your Grade Book within 3 school days. in WORD or
                                   A. Compose your work
                                     a word processor.
                                  B. Save it on YOUR home computer
                                  C. Copy it.
                           2. Copy your work into the online
                           3. Click “submit” to send to your teacher.
      Our Teachers
• OnlineHS is NOT “Computer aided
• All teachers are:
  – WA Certificated Everett Public Schools Staff
  – Highly Qualified Subject area experts
  – Trained specifically in online learning
• Interact with them.
 Attributes of an Online Teacher
• Subject matter expert
• Interested in student success in an
  alternative method
• Excellent communicator
• Able to build rapport & connect
  with individuals
• Comfortable using technology
• Responds to email w/in 24 hours
• Posts announcements weekly
• Corrects/Scores & enters grades
  for on-time assignments within 3
  school days
• Maintains an active presence in the
  Discussion areas
• An Online class
   means online tools
• That tool is
   “messaging” or

•   NOT phone*
•   NOT drop-in*
Internal Email: “Messaging”

             Everett hosted courses only at this time
  Online Learning
What to Expect: What will students do?
 • Log-in to site daily:
 • Check announcements & messages.
 • Access current unit.
   – Instructional sound lessons:
      • Instruction, practice, evaluate
 • Complete assignments.
 • Communicate with your teacher using
   messages or email
     What to Expect: Work
• Some classes require a lot of reading
  and writing.
  – Before starting, see what needs to be done
    and plan accordingly.
• Online Learning EXPECTS and
  REQUIRES students to work
What to Expect: Grades & Credits
 • Standards, resubmission, retakes
 • When successfully completed, students
   will earn 0.5 credit for each course
 • Transcript will reflect regular Everett
   School District course code
   corresponding to course.
Local Curriculum for Success
•   Built on important skills as measured by WASL
•   Reading strands & targets
•   Mathematics strands & targets
•   Expository & Persuasive writing
•   Classroom based assessments
    – Formative
    – Summative
• Highest quality alignment with state standards
          BE REALISTIC
• Does the family have time
  for the STUDENT to
  dedicate to online

• Can the home computer
  be tied-up by the

• Is the STUDENT
  committed to working
  diligently every day.

• Can the STUDENT meet
  the demands of a 90 hour
  course in 45 days?
Off We Go!
       Demo Disk

Thank you!

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