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					Fundamentals of Business Management                                          WVEIS Code 1733
This course will provide the knowledge and skills to operate and manage a cosmetology salon.

Standard 1: Demonstrate knowledge and skills needed for opening a salon. (1733.S.1)

Salon Objectives
Students will:
1733.1.1 Match terms associated with site planning to the correct definitions.
1733.1.2 Repeat the characteristics of various types of salons.
1733.1.3 Match types of ownerships to the correct descriptions.
1733.1.4 Distinguish between lease and rent.
1733.1.5 Name clauses that may be included in a complex lease.
1733.1.6 Describe a tentative contract.
1733.1.7 Identify factors to consider before owning, leasing, or renting a business.
1733.1.8 State permits, licenses, and public utilities necessary for opening a salon.
1733.1.9 Select from a list sources available for financing a business.
1733.1.10 Plan a salon site.

Standard 2: Demonstrate knowledge of salon management. (1733.S.2)

Salon Management Objectives
Students will:
1733.2.1 Match terms associated with salon planning and management to the correct definitions.
1733.2.2 Cite factors to consider when selecting the salon name.
1733.2.3 Select from a list basic implements and equipment needed for the salon.
1733.2.4 Select from a list color schemes appropriate for a salon.
1733.2.5 Choose basic rules for preparing window displays.
1733.2.6 Explain decorating the reception area.
1733.2.7 Formulate the styling area arrangements.
1733.2.8 List items to consider when setting up a dispensary (supply room).
1733.2.9 Tally items to include in a salon operating budget.
1733.2.10 Match types of insurance available to the correct definitions.
1733.2.11 Describe taxes and laws pertaining to a salon.
1733.2.12 Match various salary alternatives to the proper definitions.
1733.2.13 Name supplies which should be purchased.
1733.2.14 Describe methods of advertising.
1733.2.15 Design a salon.


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