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									Special Service Challenges
Special Service Challenges

   Operate with a service
    recovery strategy in mind
       handle the problem
       handle the guest’s perception
        of the problem
Exceed Guest Expectations

   Many restaurants companies
   claim that their managers “touch”
   100% of the tables

   Whenwas the last time a
   manager visited your table?
Exceed Guest Expectations

   At   RKR, we have two objectives:

     100%    table contact

     Be   real, not a robot
Manager Contact with the Table –
The Table Visit
 Read the Table / Establish Rapport
 Introduce Yourself
 Make a SPECIFIC Inquiry
 Make a Positive Comment
 Express Appreciation
Manager Contact with the Table –
Table Visit “Nevers”
 Intimidate
 Appear Phony
 Appear Uninterested
 Appear Overbearing
 Ignore
       This model used with permission, from Chuck
        Keagle, The C & C Organization
Guest Complaint

 From a Server’s point of reference
 Anticipate guest’s complaint
       Tell manager if you perceive a problem
        with a guest
       Be sure it is worth charging the customer
            you might lose them as a regular guest
RKR Guest Complaint Model
   Repeat the Complaint / Actively listen to problem
   Apologize
   Encourage Full Disclosure
   Empathize
   Positive Action / Ask what they want you to do
   Express Appreciation
       This model used with permission, from Chuck Keagle,
        The C & C Organization
RKR Guest Complaint Model
The “Nevers”
 Give Excuses
 Argue
 Ignore
 Blow Out of Proportion
Guest Complaint

   If guest is uncomfortable
    with temperature or lighting
       Check to be sure they are at
        agreed settings
       Move guest as needed
Guest Tastes Wine and Refuses It
   Offer a similar substitute from different
       If the wine is bad then you may have a case of
        bad wine. (You get supplier credit)
       If the wine is good you can pour it off for Wine
        by the Glass or Staff Tasting
   Server verses Manager fixing the situation
What if an Accident Happens?
 Minor spill - use napkin and
  clean it.
 Always attend to the guest
 Dry Cleaning bill
       On Manager’s Card - date,
        article of clothing
       Record in log book
What if an Accident Happens?
   Accident Report
       Name of guest
       Date and Time
       Description of area - photos if possible
       Name of staff involved
What if an Accident Happens?
   Food Poisoning Report
       Name of guest
       Date and Time
       Description of what they ate
What if an Accident Happens?
   When Recording a Food Poisoning
       Be sympathetic
       Tell them you are sorry they are ill
       Get the form to manager ASAP
       Get as much info as possible
What if an Accident Happens?
 When Recording a Food Poisoning
 Don’t
       Apologize
       Say that food made them ill
       Suggest symptoms
       Offer medical advice
Procedure for Reporting a Food Poisoning
   contact manager/owner
   speak to chef and maitre d’
   speak to any staff who spoke to guest
   collect, label and refrigerate food
   reproduce guest check
   check menu mix and table numbers of food item
   Call Board of Health, Insurance
   Call guest
Rowdy Guests
 Manager speaks to host of party
 Decide which guests you want to be
  regular customers
Drunk Guests
 Post Liability of over consumption
 You are responsible to be sure guests
  leave in safe condition
Drunk Guests
 Don’t touch or embarrass a drunk guest
 Get the guest on your side if you can
 Feed them
 Separate the drunk from their friends or
  use friends when needed
 Complimentary food if necessary
 Record in log book
Cell Phones and Pagers
 Turn down the volume
 Request they use them in lobby if needed
Electronic Toys and
Other Kid Issues
 Turn down the volume
 Crayons and other noiseless distractions
 Flatware on the table, tied down as
Famous Guests
 Privacy or Limelight
 Be as consistent in service as possible
 Inside - Seeing Eye Dogs
 Other dogs in outside café settings
 Biscuits and water?
Don’t call me, Mrs. Jones
   Offer the guest privacy where you should.
       Don’t assume I am Mrs. _______
       Don’t share the name or information of a call, just
        indicate that the guest has a call
   Have procedures for all the following issues:
       complaints, accidents, food poisoning, drunks
   Role Play to be sure staff is ready
   Record anything unusual each and every day!

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