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					Import      Investment                   Investment Type               Description
     TRUE   Business Mashups             Product                       Business Mashups empower you to deploy yo
     TRUE   Business Mashups 2008 R1     Release
     TRUE   Business Mashups 2008 R2     Release
     TRUE   Business Mashups 2008 R3     Release
     TRUE   Business Mashups 2009 R1     Release
     TRUE   Dimensions CM                Product                       Integrates business requirements with change
     TRUE   Dimensions CM 2008 R1        Release
     TRUE   Dimensions CM 2009 R1        Release
     TRUE   Dimensions RM                Product                       Increase application quality and minimize proje
     TRUE   Dimensions RM 2009 R1        Release

            The Import column accepts values of TRUE and FALSE. For a row to be considered for import, the value mu
            Investment and Investment Type columns are mandatory.
            Parent Investment column indicates the nesting relationship for the investment. If blank, the team is creat
            Parent Investment may exist in spreadsheet or already be defined in system.

            *You may also import custom attributes. Specify their XML name in the column header. The XML name m
            Parent Investment            PrimaryCustomer             ProductGoal       OriginType
            Serena Products              Finance                     Transform         Internally Developed
            Business Mashups
            Business Mashups
            Business Mashups
            Business Mashups
            Serena Products              Application Development Grow                  Purchase
            Dimensions CM
            Dimensions CM
            Serena Products              Engineering                 Run               Customized Purchase
            Dimensions RM

nsidered for import, the value must be set to TRUE.

stment. If blank, the team is created at the highest level to which user has access.

column header. The XML name must exactly match how it is in ADM.
ProductOwner                           ReleaseStaterogramManager Status
                            ReleaseLifecycle      P        Project   StartMS.Plan ConceptApproval.Actual

John Keller                 Support Closed                G
                                                Kim Beckhamreen        12/5/2005 11/10/2006
Rohit Jainendra             Support Closed                G
                                                Kim Beckhamreen         1/7/2008 5/29/2008
Kartik Raghavan             Support Closed                G
                                                Kim Beckhamreen        1/30/2008 7/10/2008
Andy Sen                               A
                            Constructionctive             G
                                                Kim Beckhamreen        8/15/2008

Tim Joyce / Steve Ransom    Support Closed      Arun AnandGreen
Tim Joyce / Steve Ransom               A
                            Constructionctive   Arun AnandGreen        6/13/2008

Christian Christophoridis              A
                            Constructionctive             Green
                                                Venkatesh Prabhu        7/1/2008
ConceptApproval.Plan                 PendingReleaseNotificatio.Plan
                                                   PendingReleaseNotificatio.CurrentTarget LiveProduction.Plan
                        PendingReleaseNotificatio.Actual                      LiveProduction.Actual

  5/30/2006 11/10/2006      11/9/2006    3/31/2006    5/19/2006                 8/21/2007    8/10/2007
   2/6/2008 4/14/2008                                             n/a            6/2/2008     4/4/2008
  5/15/2008 6/18/2008                                             n/a
 11/14/2008 11/14/2008                                                                      11/20/2008

 12/31/2008 12/31/2008                                                                       1/26/2009

  9/30/2008    9/30/2008
             CommentLiveProduction LaunchActivities.Plan
LiveProduction.CurrentTarget                                    CommentLaunchActivities BetaStart.Plan

  8/20/2007                   7/25/2007      9/1/2007    7/25/2007                    8/20/2007        7/2/2007
   6/2/2008                                                            none planned, considered a maintenance release
                                                                       SaaS Marketing team is driving3/31/2008
                                                                                        4/3/2008      this.
              N/A - Internal Rollout Team will determine what it will take to move ALMMashups to the cloud in the future.

  1/26/2009 Target Date to be agreed with Rollout team 2/2/2009

              NA                                                     NA
          BetaStart.CurrentTarget               GAelectronic.Plan
                                   GAelectronic.Actual                    CommentGAElectronic       GAmedia.Plan
                                                             GAelectronic.CurrentTarget GAmedia.Actual

              8/20/2007                                                                      date from 11/16/2007
                                       12/20/2007 11/9/2007 12/20/2007 CC#5 moving eGA1/8/2008 11/30. Moving date from
aintenance release      n/a              6/30/2008                                           6/13
                                                        5/5/2008 6/30/2008 former target was7/7/2008 5/12/2008
                                         Ops for Preview
               4/3/2008 Delivery to SaaS 8/15/2008 6/30/2008 8/15/2008 This date is for RTP (turnover to SaaS Ops only)
                        TBD                            1/14/2009 1/14/2009                              1/23/2009

                      N/A                         2/28/2009    2/28/2009                             3/13/2009

                      NA                          12/1/2008    2/27/2009
           GAmedia.CurrentTarget              StartMS.CurrentTarget

                1/9/2008 CC#5 moving mGA date from 12/07    12/5/2005
                7/7/2008 former target was1/7/2008           1/7/2008
to SaaS Ops only)                        only; no media)
                         n/A (on-demand1/30/2008            1/30/2008
              1/23/2009                 8/15/2008           8/15/2008

             3/13/2009                6/13/2008             6/13/2008

                         NA            7/1/2008              7/1/2008

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