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Google Inc. v. Compression Labs Inc et al - 21 by justia


									Google Inc. v. Compression Labs Inc et al                                                                                    Doc. 21
                       Case 5:04-cv-03934-JF          Document 21            Filed 06/01/2007        Page 1 of 1

                                               UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
                                                 JUDGE JEREMY FOGEL, PRESIDING
                                                      COURTROOM NO. 3 - 5 TH FLOOR

                                                             CIVIL MINUTES

             Court Pr oceed ings: Case Management Conference, June 1, 2007
             Case Number: M:CV-05-1654-JF/RS

             Cour troom D eputy C lerk: Diana M unz
             Court Reporter: Jana Ridenour

             TITLE :                     IN RE COMPRESSION LABS, INC., PATENT LITIGATION

                                               PLAINTIFF                                  DEFENDANT
                                               Google Inc.                               Compression Labs

                       Attorn eys P resen t:                                         Attorneys Present:

                   Case management conference held. There are no appearances.
                   The Court dismisses this case and all related cases.
                   The Court shall issue 90-day dismissal orders.


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