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					                                                                              Why Natura 6?
                                                                              •   Best for communicating in quieter environments with
                                                                                  minimal-to-moderate background noise                       Natural	Sound	in	your	Life.
                                                                                  •	 Attending	the	theatre	or	movies                         Natura 6 is available in a full range of products designed
                                                                                  •	 Visiting	family	or	friends                              to fit your lifestyle and budget, offering unique features
                                                                                  •	 Conversing	one-on-one                                   tailored to your specific needs. Natura 6 also provides the
                                                                                  •	 Watching	television                                     fitting flexibility required by your hearing care professional
                                                                                                                                             to help you achieve your specific hearing goals.
                                                                              •   Offers fixed adaptive directionality and noise reduction
                                                                                  technology to assist in background noise
                                                                                                                                             So,	which	Natura	6	is	right	for	you?
                                                                              •   Delivers a more natural listening and                      Talk to your hearing care professional today about the
                                                                                  communication experience                                   Natura 6 series from Sonic Innovations.
Sonic Innovations is a global provider of superior hearing
solutions. We are passionate about quality, technology
and improving lives through enhanced hearing. We are
dedicated to the growth and success of our hearing-
healthcare partners.

Sonic Innovations, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah
USA, has international offices and manufacturing centres
across the globe. In conjunction with our distributor
partners, we have provide hearing care services and
solutions in more than 25 countries.

Sonic Innovations’ partners have prescribed more than
1,000,000 Sonic hearing instruments.                                     

PN 5000887.A
                                              Natura	is	available	in	a	variety	of	
                                              hearing	aid	models	and	colours.

                                            In-the-Canal	    Half-Shell	      In-theEar	       Open-Case        Behind-the-Ear	
                                            (ITC)            (HS)             (ITE)            (OC)             (BTE)

Enjoy	Family	and	Friends                      More	Natural	Sound                                           Write	down	your	goals.
By providing directional technology and       Natura products are designed to preserve the natural         List your five top hearing goals—
multi-level noise reduction, Natura 6         sound quality provided by the human ear through a            situations where better hearing is important to you.
delivers improved understanding in            unique, patented approach to digital sound processing.
various listening environments.
                                              Easy	Listening
Multiple	Programs                             Speech enhancement technology emphasises speech-like
Natura 6 allows you to choose programs        sounds, improving ease of listening and understanding        2.
that are best suited to the listening         of speech.
environment. By pushing a button, the                                                                      3.
hearing aid will make adjustments             Simple	Phone	Use
to allow you to hear better and with          Just hold the phone next to your ear and Natura 6
comfort – whether you are in quiet, noisy     automatically switches to the best setting for telephone     4.
places or are using a telephone.              use. Natura takes the effort out of manually switching to
                                              a telephone program.                                         5.
No	More	Whistle
Natura’s fixed feedback cancellation
system removes the whistle or squeal
that can occur while wearing any hearing                                                                   Discuss	your	goals	at	your	next	visit.
aid, ensuring that you and those around                                                                    Once your new hearing aids are fitted, use your goals as
you are not distracted by feedback.                                                                        a way to measure your hearing progress.

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