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                                                       COBiT V4.1 Mapping Overview
ISO/IEC 20000 Processes                                           COBIT Process Name

3. Management System                                                      PO         Plan and Organize
3.1 Management Responsibility                                            PO 6        Communicate Management Aims and Directions
3.2 Documentation Requirements                                           PO 8        Manage Quality
3.3 Competence, Awareness and Training                              PO 7 / PO 4.12   Manage IT Human Resources / IT Staffing

4. Planning and Implement Service Management                             PO          Plan and Organize
4.1 Plan Service Management (PLAN)                                      PO 4         Define IT Processes, Organisation and Relationship
4.2 Implement Service Management and provide Services (DO)              PO 4         Define IT Processes, Organisation and Relationship
4.3 Monitoring, measuring and reviewing (CHECK)                      ME 1 / ME 2     Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance and internal Control
4.4 Continual Improvement (ACT)                                      PO 8 / ME 4     Manage Quality / Provide IT Governance

5. Planning and implementing new or changed Services                      AI         Acquire and Implement

6. Service Delivery Processes                                             DS         Deliver and Support
6.1 Service Level Management                                             DS 1        Define and Manage Service Levels
6.2 Service Reporting                                                   DS 1.5       Monitoring and Reporting of Service Level Achievements
6.3 Service continuity and availability management                       DS 4        Ensure Continous Service
6.4 Capacity Management                                                  DS 3        Manage Performance and Capacity
6.5 Information Security Management                                      DS 5        Ensure System Security

7. Relationship Processes                                               PO           Plan and Organize
7.1 Business relationship process                                  PO 1.1 / PO 1.2   IT Value Management / Business-IT Alignment
7.2 Supplier management                                                 DS 2         Manage Third Party Services

8. Resolution Processes                                                  DS          Deliver and Support
8.1 Incident Management                                                 DS 8         Manage Service Desk and Incidents
8.2 Problem Management                                                  DS 10        Manage Problems

9. Control Processes                                                      DS         Deliver and Support
9.1 Configuration Management                                             DS 9        Manage the Configuration
9.2 Change Management                                                    AI 6        Manage Changes

10. Release Process                                                       AI         Acquire and Implement
10.1 Release Management                                                  AI 7        Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes

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