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									                      10 Fitness Tips For Beginners
                         By Raphael Calzadilla B.A., ACE, RTS1
                              EDiets Chief Fitness Pro

Need some help with your nutrition plan? EDiets.com offers 21 fabulous weight loss
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Here are his top 10 tips for the beginner:

   1. DON’T WORRY ABOUT FEAR – Understand that it’s OK to fell somewhat
      unsure of yourself prior to starting an exercise and nutrition program. The
      psychological aspect is the first thing to accept. There will be a lot to learn
      concerning weight training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition. However,
      recognize that as you begin the process, you will continually learn, get more
      comfortable and, most importantly, make progress.

   2. DECIDE – In most articles, this point is referred to as goal setting. However, I
      prefer “DECIDE,” because I see too many people fail with goal setting. I realize
      it’s a play on words, but it seems to work. You’ll need to write down and
      DECIDE what it is you want to accomplish. For example, you may decide you
      want to lose 30 pounds of body fat and gain two to three pounds of muscle.
      Maybe you’ll decide you want to be able to walk five miles without losing your
      breath, or possibly fit into that size 8 dress or 31’’ inch waist pants. Write it down
      and make it quantifiable. Just saying, “ I want to get in shape and lose weight” is
      not quantifiable. There’s no target.

   3. GET A CHECKUP -- Having a physical is a wise decision, because it will help
      assure you’ll attain the most benefits with the least amount of risks. If you
      smoke, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes or are
      overweight, it’s doubly important. Remember, this is about starting right.

   4. STRUCTURE – You will need guidance. That’s where eFitness comes into play.
      Our site is marvelous for beginners. When registering, you are asked to input
      your goals, current activity level, health history and several other measurements.
      We then provide a program that matches your goal and your goal and your current
      fitness level.

       You receive a nutrition program and complete exercise descriptions. I know what
       you’re thinking, “Yes, but how do I know if I’m really doing things correctly?”
       Don’t worry. If you ever have a question related to your program, we have a team
       of personal trainers and dietitians ready to assist you. You will not be left alone.
5. GET REAL – Take a close look at your schedule and be realistic concerning how
   many days and how much time you can realistically devote to exercise. This is
   going to be long-term, so it has to be based on reality.

   Too many people start working out every day and think that’s the best approach.
   Wrong! Maybe you only have two to three days to devote to exercise and only 45
   minutes for each session. It’s the combination of efficient nutrition and exercise
   that will yield the greatest benefit, not simply excessive exercise. That’s a sure
   way to experience burn out.

6. EDUCATE YOURSELF – You’ll need to develop an understanding of concepts
   such as repetitions, sets, cardio, etc. Again, we can help. When you get to the
   fitness program, you’ll be lead to a glossary of fitness terminology that will help
   get you started in the right direction. This will give you a good overall
   understanding of many fitness terms you may have heard in the past.

7. EAT – Begin to get an understanding of how food affects the body. I’m not
   asking you to become a nutrition guru. Simply try to understand, for example,
   what happens to your body when you have a big bowl of pasta compared to a
   smaller amount of pasta combined with chicken and a small Caesar salad.

   Become familiar with affect elevated blood sugar has on storing fat. You can
   receive additional education on this subject matter when you join. Just email one
   of our dietitians or access one of the great support boards available to members.
   The best part? When you join eFitness, we’ll customize your nutrition based on
   your food preferences. It’s based on reality.

8. MOVE – No, not geographically. Start to work out… start to move. Your weight
   training won’t take a lot of time as a beginner, nor will your cardiovascular
   exercise. You’ll focus on form, technique, precision and breathing correctly
   during your workout.

9. BEWARE OF MAGIC POTIONS – Don’t’ get hooked into supplements that can
   magically reduce body fat or infomercials that sell ineffective products to get your
   stomach flat. Remember, these companies are just trying to make a buck, and
   most of them don’t provide all the information you require to make a wise
   decision. They prey on emotion and impulse buying. Stay far away.

10. COST EVALUATION – It’s important to get the most effective nutrition and
   wok out plan for your needs. In business, it’s called cost versus benefit, but I like
   to call it “what the heck do I get for my money?” It’s also important to get
   ongoing education that doesn’t require this to be a fulltime endeavor. You need
quick and timely information that won’t “break the bank.” Joining eFitness is a
fraction of the cost of hiring a nutritionist or trainer at a health club.

I hope these 10 tips have helped. If you knew first-hand the fantastic resources
we have here, you wouldn’t think twice about joining. Commit to starting your
nutrition and fitness program and reap the benefits of less body fat, becoming lean
and having tons of energy.

Getting fit will have a huge impact on all areas of your life! Are you ready to get
in great shape in 2005? EFitness can help you get there. If interested contact Mr.

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