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					The Reynolds Alumni Center is in
the Heart of the Campus. Named
for Donald W. Reynolds, a School of                                                                        Announcement and
Journalism alumnus and founder of
DonRey Media, the building brought                                                                         Call for Abstracts
alumni activities to the center of
campus from its old location near
University Hall. Today, the Reynolds
Center is a prominent structure on
the South Quadrangle.                                                                                        16TH ANNUAL

                                             ATTN: MELISSA PETERSON

                                                                      COLUMBIA, MO 65212
                                                                      MA415 MEDICAL SCIENCE BLDG
                                                                      MEDICAL PHARMACOLOGY & PHYSIOLOGY
                                                                      UNIVERSTY OF MISSOURI
      Location: At Maryland and
   Conley Avenues, southeast corner

                                                                                                             February 16, 2009
                                                                                                          Reynolds Alumni Center

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                                                                                                            University of Missouri
                                                                                                                       The James O. Davis
  Cardiovascular Day
                                                                                                                      Distinguished Lecture in
  The 16th Annual Cardiovascular Day will be                          Registration Form
  held on February 16, 2009, in the Reynolds                                                                          Cardiovascular Science
  Alumni Center on the campus of the University
                                                                  I will attend Cardiovascular Day           The highlight of Cardiovascular Day is the
  of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. It is an
  opportunity    to   share    information  with                  I would like to present a poster           James O. Davis Distinguished Lecture in
  colleagues, students, the university community,                 I will participate in the poster contest   Cardiovascular Science. Dr. Davis is
  and area physicians about the important                                                                     considered the pioneer in cardiovascular
  cardiovascular research conducted both on                                                                   science at MU and is internationally
  campus and in the region.                                                                                   recognized for his research contributions
                                                                                                              in the areas of congestive heart failure and
  Call for Abstracts                                                                                          hypertension. Dr. Martin Schwartz, from
  Abstracts and posters representative of                                                                     the Department of Microbiology at the
  recent research are invited. All abstracts                                                                  University of Virginia, is this year's
  must be returned to Melissa Peterson no later                                                               distinguished lecturer.     Dr. Schwartz’s
  than January 26, 2009 to be included in the
                                                                                                              lecture will focus on his seminal work
  abstract competition. Abstract Format: Title of
                                                                                                              related to “Integrin Signaling in Vascular
  Presentation; Authors (presenting author first, in
  bold); Institutional Affiliation; Text ~250 words in a
  Word or PDF file; 3-5 key words.
                                                           Phone                                               MODERATORS AND SPONSORS
  Student and Postdoctoral
                                                                                                               Ronald J. Korthuis, Professor and Chair
  Abstract Competition                                                                                           Department of Medical Pharmacology
  Undergraduates,     graduate    students    and
                                                           E-mail                                                          and Physiology
  postdoctoral fellows are invited to participate
  in the abstract competition. Abstracts will be
  judged on the merit of the study and ability
                                                                                                                   Gerald A. Meininger, Director
  to communicate. Therefore, the abstract is                                                                  Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center and
                                                           Title of presentation
  expected to be prepared by the candidate, in                                                                   Professor, Medical Pharmacology and
  consultation with the faculty mentor. Cash                                                                                  Physiology
  prizes will be awarded to the top three
  posters.                                                                                                     M. Harold Laughlin, Professor and Chair
                                                                                                                  Department of Biomedical Sciences
8:00 am  Registration                                                                                         Please address inquiries to:
9:00 am  Lectures (four speakers)                                                                             Melissa Peterson
11:00 am Break                                             REGISTRATION FORMS MUST BE RETURNED NO LATER
                                                                                                              Cardiovascular Day Coordinator
11:15 am JO Davis Lecture - Martin Schwartz, PhD,          THAN JANUARY 22, 2009
                                                                                                              Medical Pharmacology & Physiology
         Dept of Microbiology, Univ of Virginia                                                               Columbia, MO 65212
12:15 pm Lunch                                                                                                573-882-8059
1:30 pm Poster sessions                                                                             
3:30 pm Reception and Abstract Awards
                                                                                                              Sponsored in part by the University of Missouri
                                                                                                              Lectures Committee