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									Leveraging Speech
Analytics for Customer
Presented by: Karl Walder, VP – Solutions
              Noble Systems Corporation

What we hope to show you today…

How you can apply Speech Analytics
technology to dramatically increase
your contact center performance and
lower your costs

- Know End Result KPI’s
      Average Handle Time
      First Call Resolution rates
      % Rework
      Repeat Callers
      Call Disposition Codes
- Know how to statistically measure

Analysis of Speech to:
Understand the interaction between the customer and the agent
     ▪   Why not FCR
     ▪   Proper call handing
     ▪   Reason for the call
     ▪   Are agents adhering to standards

What is Speech Analytics?
• Speech Analytics is the process of
leveraging large volumes of recorded
conversations to gain actionable business
intelligence to:
  – Reduce Operational Cost (reduced AHT, call
    deflection, first call resolution, transfers, etc.)
  – Increase Revenue
  – Improve Customer Satisfaction/Retention
  – Improve Agent Performance

Applying Speech Analytics of Your
• Apply Speech Analytics as Part
Contact Center Business Assessments to:
  –   Identify trends and reasons business performance
  –   Increase first call resolution/reducing rework and callbacks
  –   Reduce the volume of compliancy issues (cost avoidance)
  –   Improve Agent training and identification of issues
  –   Improve script adherence
  –   Improve % of first call resolution
  –   Increase customer service, cross selling opportunities, and
      collections liquidity
  – Compliance, validation and verification

Audio Mining the Call Flow
     Call Reason                                Verify call
     And Routing                                  Intent


            Improper Call Routing                             First Call Resolution
                  Wrong                            Call            Process
                Department                       Answered          Handling

                                 Verify                                       Verify
                                 Contact                                      Contact
                                 Information                                  Information

         Probe for Alternate Contact
             & Call Back Times

                                                                              Cross Sell

              Disposition Call                  Terminate

Call Reason and Routing
           Verify Right
          Party Contacts
           Call Reason                     Verify call
           And Routing                       Intent


               Live/Wrong Party Contact                    Right Party Contact

What we KNOW based                                       What we DON’T know about
on call statistics:                                      the conversation
                                                         -What was the reason for
-DNIS and ANI                                            Call?
-Call Hold Time                                          -Could the call have been
-Potential update of information                         In the IVR
 in Database of Record                                   Was the call properly routed?
                                                         -Did the agent adhere to
                                                         Compliance standards?

What we Know                            First Call Resolution?
• Call routing reason
• Disposition of call          Call
                             Answered    Process Handling
• Call Handle Time

What we do not Know                                  Verify Contact
• Was the agent able to                              Information

 answer all the customer
 questions.                                           Resolve
• Why were they not able
 to execute a FCR
• Did they offer other
                                                      Cross Cell
 products and services
• Was the customer
 satisfied with the
 conversation                 Call                                               Document

                                                    Handle         Disposition
                                                    Other Issues   Call

Case Study: Proof of Concept Objectives and Scope
• Objective:
    – Use SA to analyze a subset of Company’s collections campaigns and identify
      areas to improve collections performance.
• Scope:
    – Identify areas where SA can be used to improve overall collections
        • Increase Collected Revenue
        • Adherence to Company best practices and standards
        • Identify successful collector practices
        • Risk Management
    – Amount of audio analyzed
        • Indexed 6,279 First Party calls and 4,504 Contingency calls
                  – Represents 145 hours of First Party audio and 99 hours of Contingency audio
           • Developed 3 categories for each and 30 queries over seven days
           • Analyzed results
           • Equivalent manual effort saved equals 3.52 man-years*
    *30 queries x 244 hours divided by 2080 man-hours per year

Executive Summary of Findings
 Collected Revenue    Manual categorization of calls is time consuming, expensive, and ineffective.
                      An automated review of the collections process associated with collection
 Analysis             call standards, asking for payment, and negotiation of settlement dramatically
                      reduced the time, expense, and error rate associated with manual
                      Potential Revenue increase by assuring proper collections ask script
                      compliance (Ask for Payment, etc) - $771,715 per year.

 RPC - Call Handle    Lack of adherence to Company best practices increases overall call handle
                      time for right party contact. Non-compliant calls adversely affect overall call
 Time Analysis        handle time and increase operational costs.
                      Reducing AHT by 5% - by focusing on script compliance - would save
                      approximately $239,580 per year.

 SKIP - Call Handle   Company currently passes non-contact events to collectors. An average of 20
                      seconds of these calls are silence.
 Time Analysis        By reducing AHT on skip trace calls, Company could realize an approximate
                      annual savings of $236,236 per year.

 Compliance           A large percentage of the calls are non-compliant to Company’s RPC and
                      Mini-Miranda standards.
                      The mini-Miranda is only said on 47% of the contingency collections calls
                      Only 36% of calls comply with RPC standards (two information points
                      address and SSN)

Analysis and Action Plans
  24% of all calls are associated with questions about their bill

  bill = OR("speak with someone about my bill", "charge on my bill", \
       "question about my bill", "billing question", "showed up on my bill")
  Pay bill = OR("pay my bill", "would you like to pay", "pay my d s l bill")

  Potential Action Plan –
  1. Reduce call volume by adding automated IVR bill question processing
  2. Route calls to specialized skills associated with billing
  3. Cross cell on additional services
  4. Focus on customer retention

The Impact and Result
 • When this information is analyzed, it yields a detailed
   accounting of the reasons why money was not collected
    –    Training is not effective
    –    Incorrect processes
    –    Not disclosing fees associated with electronic payments
    –    Not pushing for electronic payments
    –    Inadequate negotiation skills

 • This enables contact center managers and executives
   throughout the enterprise to address the issues that limit
   collected revenue and to identify competitive challenges and
   new revenue opportunities.

Analysis Process
                               Business Goals

  Present Analysis                                               Identify KPI for
  and ROI results                                                 Investigation

                               Proof of Concept
                     • Create new processes that will align
                       goals and results
                     • Analyze current goals Driver to
                     Investigate the Businessand compare
                     • Update and train appropriate parties on
                     • Continuously analyze information using    Obtain Relevant
  Analyze Results    • current results
                       Reevaluate goals
                       new processesthe Nexidia results          Audio and Meta
                     • ESI    Review
                         Area of impact processes can be
  and Derive ROI     • Determine if goals should be redefined
                     • Determine timeline goals when analyzed
                       changed to line up should be processes
                     • Using Trending that as todetermine if
                         Other criteria Report, and results           Data
                       should be impacting change
                     • results are increasing
                         Current goals
                                 Develop KPI

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