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									Hello Lions of 33Y:

         The Summer is almost over and it‟s time to start thinking about Lionism again. I know what some of you
are going to say. “We never stopped thinking about Lions.” For those who ran projects during the Summer
months, I say “Good for you! Keep up the good work!” For those who take the Summer off, let‟s make our Fall
projects the best we have ever had. Although the economy has been dragging, all indications are that people are
still being generous to all the various charities. Most people know the good work we do as Lions and that the
money we earn goes back into the community, whether it be our local community or our world community.
Every time we pay for an eye exam, sponsor a youth sports team, support our fire and police departments, donate
to Massachusetts Lions Eye Research or to LCIF, someone notices those good deeds. However, we want more
than just “someone” to notice, we want everyone to notice. If you have a project coming soon or have donated
money for a local cause, please send all of the pertinent information to Lion Jim Horton, our Public Relations
Chair. Lion Jim will help you publicize the event by sending out press releases to the local newspapers. He is
eager to help, so please take advantage of his services. Lion Jim can be reached at 413-543-4174 or by email at

         The International Convention in Denver, Colorado was a wonderful experience for both Lion Janet and
myself. The incoming District Governors were given five days of training before the convention started. The
LCI leadership training was very good, but the most enjoyable and valuable part of this training was meeting
District Governors from all over the world. Where else would I have the opportunity to meet DG‟s from Nigeria,
Nairobi and Zambia (all ladies), from Sweden, Finland and Norway, or from Germany, England and Australia?
Or to spend five days in a class room with six DG‟s from Thailand, eleven from Michigan, and four each from
Mississippi and Nebraska. Not to mention my four other fellow DG‟s from Massachusetts, who I will count as
very close friends for the rest of my life. Why am I telling you all of this? I want those who have never ventured
out into positions of leadership in the District to understand that, although being a Lions leader takes a lot of time
and effort, the benefits are immeasurable. With the help of our own Multiple District leadership training sessions,
learning to become a leader is much easier than you think. If I can do it, you can, too. Please give it some
thought, because we always need new leaders.

        I suppose I should speak about my goals for the year. They are very simple. Beat the pants off IPDG
Jean in every category. Figuratively, of course. I know she would love to see that happen, just as I would love to
see VDG Greg surpass me next year. PDG Jean came very close to ending her year with an increase in
membership. With her help this year, I know we can finally get over the top. In the last eight years, we have had
only one year (97-98) with an increase in our District membership total. PDG Jean is more than willing to help
your Club put together a membership drive. Give her a call.

         Just so no one falls asleep before finishing this (if you haven‟t already), I will close for now. I look
forward to visiting your Club this coming year and to enjoying the fellowship of Lionism with all of the Lions of
District 33Y. Remember this phrase, “It‟s a wonderful day!!” You will be hearing more about it at the Advisory
Meeting on September 29th. See you there.

DG Jim

33 Y LIONS ROAR ! VOLUME 53#4                                                          IT’S SUMMER !!

                            CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! You‟ve gone and done it!!!!!! What have you
      THE                   done, you ask??? You‟ve all worked very hard this past year, and you‟ve made
                            District 33Y a HUGE success!!!
                            At the beginning of my term I set several goals for the Lions of District 33Y in the
  ASSOCIATION               hopes that we would be successful in surpassing our best efforts in years past to make
                            this the best year ever for ourselves. Here is what you‟ve done:
       300 22nd Street      Public Relations: Since March „02 clubs in 33Y were successful in getting nine
  Oak Brook IL 60523-8842   articles published in the International Lions Magazine (including Honorable Mention
                            for Agawam for their Friendship Banner) as well as approximately 100 articles in our
 DISTRICT 33Y GOVERNOR      local newspapers. PR Chair Jim Horton has not been as successful as he would have
     JEAN W. MARTIN         liked, but he was persistent enough so that several of his articles made it to press & on
       172 Hope Street      TV. This publicity will help us to get the word out about what we do, how we do it,
     Greenfield MA 01301    and possibly encourage others to join us in the fun.
                            MLER Fund: Our goal was $100,000 ($9,000 more than our all time high reached
jwmartinhl@yahoo.c          by PDG Pam Hodgkins in „02-„03). We began with our “Mooch” and by the end of
                            Midwinter we were $1,000 ahead of last year. We thought we might not reach our
        om                  goal, however with the help of ZC John Shay, CT/Webmaster Dennis Waller, and
                            MLER Pres. Don Rivest we contacted many of our clubs in June, and they donated
VICE DISTRICT GOVERNOR      over $30,000, including $4,100 from the Mooch-A-Thon, to reach a final total of
    JAMES F. GRACIA         more than $101,000.
         (Lion Janet)
      99 Glendale Street    Membership: This year‟s goal was to slow the loss of Lions in 33Y and end without
   Easthampton MA 01027     a loss. We did lose 80+ Lions this year, 20+ as a result of death, however with all the
        413-527-5290        new Lions this year, by the end of May we were only down by 38 Lions. In June 20+
                            Lions have been installed in 33Y, including 14 Lioness and spouses into the
jgracia@crocker.co          Huntington Lions. Based on this info it appears we may end on a positive note
        m                   (because deaths & transfers don‟t count). However we won‟t know for sure until final
                            figures reach us in August.
     Cabinet Secretary      Thanks to Jay Oelrich & now DG Jim Gracia, we obtained an LCIF Grant of
                            $11,402 for the modernization of our Orthoptic Clinic. We reached an all time high
     Christine A. Waller    with seventeen Melvin Jones Fellowships (our goal was 15). PDG Art Thomas,
        (Lion Dennis)       PDG Pam Hodgkins, PCT Dave Gervais and the members of the EyeMobile
        17 Main Road        committee have successfully completed the Constitution and By Laws, they received
    Charlemont MA 01302     approval as a corporation, and have applied for 501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt status now.
        413-339-5357        Treas. Ed Holly of the Orthoptic Clinic and Emerg. Sight & Hearing Funds has
cs33y0203@yahoo.c           retired from “active” duties, and has successfully turned over the books of these
                            committees to me, and the transition to new treasurers is underway. Outstanding
       om                   membership reports to LCI is down to five, outstanding debts to LCI is less than
                            $800, and there was an increase in reporting of Monthly Activity reports. What a
     Cabinet Treasurer      great job by this year‟s Secretaries and Treasurers!!!
      And Webmaster         ZC Emmy Peters, Paul Deame, and many other Lions have helped a lot writing pieces
        Dennis Waller       & submitting info for our Website. With CT Dennis‟ diligence, we can be very
       (Lion Christine)     proud of the information available, and what our Website says to those who visit it.
        17 Main Road        Many of our Lions worked on the review of the MD33 State Constitution & By-
    Charlemont MA 01302     Laws, review of the MD33 Policy Manual, and the updated financial procedure
        413-339-5357        guidelines. Hopefully the final results of these will be seen in the near future by the
alligator@elevator-         clubs, and on the MD 33 Website.

      bbs.com               You have welcomed Hope, my HUGS & KISS program, and my other crazy ideas
PAST DISTRICT GOVERNOR      with open arms, and you are responsible for making this a very memorable year for
    JEAN'S MESSAGE          me. There are not enough words to say how I feel. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! THANK
                            YOU for making me look soooooooo good!!!!
                                                                                            YIL, PDG Jean

        75th Annual Massachusetts Lions Multiple District 33 State Convention
                              Friday, Saturday, Sunday, April 25, 26, 27 2003
                            The Sheraton Hyannis Resort Hotel in Hyannis, MA
                Guest Speaker: International President Kay K. Fukushima and his wife, Denise

      The Convention                      International President, Kay K.         $1,000.00. The Eyemobile Board
   Beverly Prentice, Bulletin Editor      Fukushima gave a speech on dues         adopted articles of Incorporation
                                          and membership retention noting         and Bylaws. It has achieved 501
This convention was my first as a         that 60% of Lions are now computer      (C) 3 status.        Her goal is
Lion, and I was put to work right         literate causing a demand for newer     $100,000.00 for MLERF.           The
away. Governor Jean Martin asked          and better software. On the topic of    Moochathon has netted $3,000.00,
me to take part as a Sergeant at          membership, ID Fukushima advised        and the funds are still coming in.
Arms. Not having the slightest idea       that we need to reach younger           Dennis Waller is doing a terrific job
what a Sergeant at Arms does, I           members, women and different            with the website. And, of course
said, “Yes.” It turned out to be a        ethnicities. He said that there are     she endowed us with two
very easy tour of duty and got me         9000 Lions in Massachusetts, and        unforgettable slogans to live by:
into the thick of things. Thank you,      the three main reasons that members     HUGS—Helping You Give Service
(IP) Governor Jean.                       leave clubs are leadership, moving      ( Later changed to Helping You
                                          and time. He said farewell with         Give Sight), and KISS—Keep It
                                          many compliments and thanks to          Short Sweetheart!
      Convention Stats                    the “Super nice people of
The State Convention for 2003-            Massachusetts          who     even
2004 will be held at the Hyannis          pronounced my name right.” Mrs.             The Speech Contest
Sheraton in Hyannis. The State            Denise Fukushima bade us good-
Convention for 2004-2005 will be          bye saying that “If Boston is the
held at the Sheraton in Nashua, New       Rainbow, then You are the
Hampshire. The final count for            treasure.”
attendees this year was: 853—632
pre-registered and 221 on-site. It
was the largest total in five years.
There were 366 people at the Friday
                                                                                  Bea Turner of Pittsfield Chaired the
night Banquet, 502 at the Saturday
                                                                                  Speech contest that included
Banquet and 400 people for lunch
                                                                                  contestants Christina Reardon from
on Sunday. Flags are now in the
                                                                                  Uxbridge, Elizabeth Travaris and
property of Henry and Rita Pierce.
                                                                                  Leah Aiello of Somerville. Nicholas
There are 130 flags, and the list can
                                                                                  Kaiser from Hatfield and Garret
be found on their website. They are
                                                                                  Kern of Hull. The winner was
$130.00 each. It was discovered
that a Lion in the audience had                                                   Nicholas        Kaiser         from
                                          Governor Jean Martin gave her
sponsored        134       members.                                               Hatfield!.      Nicholas goes to
                                          report Saturday morning.        Her
Astounding.      For our listening        points were: the directory was
pleasure at the Saturday night            distributed in August. Forty-one out
Banquet, piano music by Katie             of 43 clubs, 3 Lioness clubs and 1
Patelli granddaughter of Council          Leo club had been visited. For a
Chairman Doug and Vale Sime,              full 150 days she attended Lions
carried us through dinner and             functions, not taking into account
conversation.                             reading and writing reports, calls
                                          and emails.       The Colrain and
        The Speeches                      Williamstown        charters   were
                                          accepted—a loss of 16 members.
                                          One Lioness club joined the local
                                                                                  Holyoke Catholic High School and
                                          Lions Club in June (Huntington).
                                                                                  was sponsored by the Holyoke
                                          In District 33Y, there are 1,238
                                                                                  Lions Club of District        33Y!
                                          members       including    40   new
                                                                                  Nicholas wants to go to Brown
                                          members on World Wide Induction
                                                                                  University or Brandeis for Pre-Law
                                          Day. The LCIF grant request for
                                                                                  or Pre-Med. He is a member of the
                                          the Orthoptic Clinic was completed
                                                                                  National Honor Society, Varsity,
                                          and submitted.        The Orthoptic
                                                                                  Indoor track, Varsity Spring track,
                                          treasurer is retiring. Eyemobile
                                                                                  Forensic Speech Team, Hospitality
                                          Club donations totaled over

Corp., Habitat for Humanity, Peer       Only 425 are given worldwide each                 The Band
Counselor and Peer Tutor.               year.
         The Awards                     The PDG Award:
My favorite award was a                 PDG 33Y George Tower who will
Testimonial of Appreciation hand        be State Convention Chairman next
delivered by Dennis Waller in the       year.
guise of “Fonzie” from “Happy           The Best Leo Club of the State:
Days.”      Mrs. Kostro had once
mentioned how much she liked the
                                                                               Artistic Director Lion Paul Alberta
character, so…….someone took the
                                                                               selected Dr. Don Vostarrac of
time to build a large cabinet to hide
                                                                               Westfield State, Jazz Theory
the present, “Fonzie”, inside to pop
                                                                               Educator, and recipient of two
out when Claire opened the box.
                                                                               grants     from      the     National
The whole audience was delighted
                                                                               Endowment of the Arts to open the
by Mrs. Kostro‟s surprise and
                                                                               Friday     night    banquet.     Don
amused by how well Dennis played
                                        The Hoosic Valley Leo Club of          conducted classics like „That‟s All‟
the part. Here follows a listing of
                                        33Y!!!!!                               and „Take Me Out to the Ballgame‟,
the awards given Friday and
                                        The Best Lioness Club:                 and a modern piece which featured
Saturday evenings:
                                         Millbury Lioness Club                 our 33Y Mohawk Regional High
The Leo of the Year:
                                         Best Small Lions Club:                School musician par excellence,
                                        Reading Lions Club                     Kelly, on the violin. Kelly brought a
                                        Best Medium Lions Club:                four piece band to IPDG Jean‟s
                                        Dudley Lions Club                      Midwinter in January. The Concert
                                        Best Large Lions Club:                 Band this year was led by Dr. Tom
                                        Fitchburg Lions Club                   Everett, Director of the Harvard
                                        Best Extra Large Lions Club:           University Wind Ensemble and
                                        The Acton Lions Club.                  Founder of the Harvard Jazz Band.
                                                                               Tom was educated at the Ithaca
                                                                               Conservatory and has played with
William Nylick, III, of Adams.
                                                 The Election                  the Bolshoi Ballet Orchestra, the
                                                                               Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Ray
33Y! William is a charter member
                                                                               Charles, and Dizzy Gillespie. The
of his club which started with 52
                                                                               big band played the „Massachusetts
members and now has 104. They‟re
                                                                               Lions March‟ by Paul Alberta,
only problem is finding enough
                                                                               „Shenandoah‟, „Syncopated Clock‟
projects to work.        They were
                                                                               by Leroy Anderson and conducted
sponsored by the Adams Lions
                                                                               by Hannah, a Dance Suite of
Club. William hopes to attend
                                                                               Offenbach, the „Worried Drummer‟
Rensealear Polytechnic Institute for
                                                                               which featured Kelly again this time
                                        On Sunday morning the momentous        as a percussionist, and music from
Lioness of the Year:
                                        decision to elect Lion Jim Gracia as   the Man of La Mancha including an
Diane Coggins of the Millbury
                                        incoming District Governor and         impromptu vocal solo by a member
Lioness Club of District A.
                                        Lion Greg Prentice as incoming         of the band. As always the Jazz
Lion of the Year:
                                        Vice District Governor (as well as     Band plays during dinner for
Robert Asher of the Fitchburg—
                                        CST) took place with two               dancing on Friday night and leads
Lunenburg Club of District A.
                                        unanimous votes. PDG Tom Kowal         off Saturday afternoon. The
International Leadership Medals:
                                        nominated both gentlemen. He also      ensemble of twenty or so melds
                                        gifted incoming First Lady Janet       back into the Concert Band both
                                        Gracia with a winged pig, stuffed of   appearances to complete the
                                        course. She had once made the          concert. PDG Wayne Smith, now
                                        remark that Jim would be Governor      President, MLERF, acted as emcee.
                                        when “Pigs fly.” Pigs flew that
                                        morning.                                        A Final Note
PDG Pamela Hodgkins, 33 Y                                                      On Friday evening, Betty Corti gave
“Little” Joe Lambert        33 A                                               us the thought for the day:
PDG Betty Purvis           33 K.                                               “Kindness is something the deaf can
Only 730 of these awards are given                                             hear and the sightless can see.” I
annually worldwide.                                                            do believe that sums it up.
Presidential Medal:
Doug Sime. 33S

                                        Bob Meunier        and Diane from        Emergency Sight and Hearing in her
          Where are you if there are    District A, and President of Mass        name from the Lanesboro Lions
crowds of people laughing, smiling,     Lions Eye Research PDG Don               Club. Phew!
hugging, kissing, talking, taking       Rivest. The sitting Governors &
pictures, greeting, laughing, joking,   their spouses, and most of the sitting              Stan and Val Zewski
smooching,      visiting,   drinking,   VDG‟s and their spouses were also        presented DG Jean with two
eating, passing skillfully in narrow    in attendance.      MC PDG Tom           scrapbooks, one for her year as
aisles patiently, spilling over and     introduced the next group of             VDG and one as DG. The President
around each other, sliding by tables    dignitaries as coming under the          of Mass. Lions Eye Research, PDG
and groups of guests into other         headings of CS, CT, CSTs, BVDs,          Don Rivest, presented her with a
rooms, other arms, other hugs,          SUBs, or SOBs depending on your          lovely pen and pencil set. Mark
shrugs, handshakes, and all for a       pleasure. They were of course, the       Menard, son of DG Menard of K
good cause? A Lions Function, no        sitting Cabinet Secretary Treasurers.    presented her with lizards? Yes,
doubt. And that‟s the way it was at     Governor Jean‟s escort for the           lizards. It‟s a private joke. She
the Testimonial for Governor Jean       evening was Chuck Sokoloski, who         received gummy lizards, a lizard
Martin.                                 was also the lead vocalist for the       key chain and a bobble head lizard.
                                        group “Sliver” that played for           Lizard, lizard, lizard.
                                        everyone at the end of the evening.
          At the French King
Restaurant, on May 13th, 2003, 131                                                          CS Floran Rozzelle and
Lions, Lioness, guests and staff                                                 CT Don Ethier from District S
stuffed themselves with food, drink                                              presented Chris and Dennis Waller
and merry in honor of Governor                                                   with two lovely red jackets that
Jean. In Stan Zewski‟s blessing, he                                              might have fit into a legal sized
mentioned “Her enthusiasm has                                                    envelope as a nod to how late
inspired all of us to work harder.”                                              supplies can be. The Wallers, in turn
She has also inspired us to play                                                 gave Hope two gift certificates to
harder and more passionately while                                               the Holyoke Mall and to Jean a
we‟re working, as well. A very apt                                               Friendly‟s gift coupon for a Kid‟s
Fact of the Day was given by PDG                             Gift                Sundae to make up for all the
Bill Rathbun, “It is easy to sit in     presentations. First up was Council      desserts that they had to take away
your seat and figure out what needs     Chairman Doug Sime with a gift for       from her during the year.
to be done; it‟s harder to get up and   Hope and a Friendship Banner. He                    DG Betty Corti presented
do it.” I‟m sure he was referring to    presented DG Jean with a                 to DG Jean, on behalf of the sitting
the example Governor Jean always        distinguished clock signed by the        DG‟s, a camera, a bottle of “clear”
showed us.                              Council and a Friendship Banner.         water, two real plates, chocolate
                                                                                 pudding, brownies, a picture of a
          PDG      Tom       Kowal                                               shirtless hunk to hang in her office,
presided as Master of Ceremonies                                                 a picture taken of Jean and Betty,
complete with agenda that was                                                    and a picture of all the Governors.
sometimes actually followed. He
began with having DG Jean                                                                           District    gifts.
introduce her family. She really                                                 One of the most memorable gifts of
does have an identical twin, Joyce.                                              the evening was a gift from the
She also introduced close friends                                                CSTs. At one of the many dinners
and the man who was responsible                                                  that DG Jean had to attend, she was
for her becoming a Lion, Russell                                                 served Possum. Yes, you read right.
Hudson. Russ was a member of the                                                 So…..Dennis and Chris decided to
Northfield   Lions.    His    Club                                     CS        present her with some more. It was
sponsored the Northfield Lioness        Chris Waller and CT Dennis Waller        too good to pass up, so here is how
Club of which DG Jean was a             read a Proclamation from the House       it was presented by CS Chris
Charter Member 25 years ago.            of Representatives; a Citation from      Waller: “Possum, a product of
                                        the State Senate; a Letter from State    Henderson      Company,     Possum
          Some of the dignitaries       Senator Stanley Rosenberg; a letter      Bluff,    Crossroads,    Tennessee.
attending were: Past International      from the House of Representatives        Serving suggestions: spread on
Director from District N, Chuck         signed by Congressman John Olver;        crackers, best with RC Cola and a
Kostro and his wife, Lion Claire,       a Certificate of Appreciation from       Moon Pie. This was canned on I-40
Council Chairman PDG Doug Sime          the Greenfield Board of Selectmen,       between Nashville and Memphis at
and wife Vale from District S,          a      Certificate     from       the    one of our many roadside facilities.
Council Treasurer PDG Art Thomas        Commonwealth of Massachusetts            Contents: Possum parts, possibly
and wife Lion/Lioness Judi from         Town of Deerfield Board of               some persimmons, no more than
District Y, Council Secretary PDG       Selectmen and a donation to the          20% of unknown plant or animal

matter. Canned under the authority      background that Jean had admired.        that Kim Blanchard of the
of the Highway Department, Road         They remembered Hope with a              Charlemont Club had been using the
Crew #21.” It was a tough act to        snow globe.                              camera all evening taking pictures
follow, but she was presented with                                               of the celebration. As she handed
the following memorabilia from                    It was another teary           the camera to DG Jean, Dennis
each Midwinter--N followed up           moment when Russell Hudson of            deadpanned, “The batteries are
with hearts, A with string (you had     the former Northfield Lions Club         dead.”
to be there), K with flowers and S      gifted DG Jean with his Extension
with Baked Beans. After all of this     Award Pin that he received for                     PID      Chuck    Kostro
tomfoolery she was given the real       starting two Clubs, the Leyden           presented a Friendship Banner from
District Gift which was a Digital       Lions Club and the Northfield            International President Kay K.
Camera. We think it was her sister      Lioness Club.                            Fukushima and his own personal
Joyce, but someone from the                       PDG Bill Rathbun and           Banner. Claire Kostro presented
audience shouted out, “Don‟t give it    wife, Lion Phyllis, gave her a           Dennis “Fonzie” Waller with
to her, she‟ll break it.”               wooden bird house to hang; her           combs, mirror, Brilcreem, a picture
                                        family gave her a gift certificate for   of Fonzie and a motorcycle. No, not
         DG Fred Harkins was            whatever she decides she wants to        a real one, a model.
kind enough to send a Friendship        do, take guitar lessons or whatever.
Banner all the way from Bonita                                                              As Governor Jean rose for
Springs Lions Club in Florida.                    Some welcome laughter          a final word and thank you, she was
                                        followed Dave Gervais of West            greeted with a standing ovation. She
                                        Springfield as he presented her with     introduced and thanked Dorman
                                        a jar of change that he‟d saved to       Picklesheimer from K for being her
                                        donate to the MLERF. He said, “I         HERO, and for           inspiring her;
                                        didn‟t count it last year; I‟m not       acknowledged “Patty Ann”, “Mom”
                                        counting it this year.”                  Kowal and presented her with a
                                                                                 book entitled The Other Woman
                                                  VDG Greg Prentice,             and announced that the other
           The two WOW!s of the                                                  woman ( Jean ) was back. She
evening came when the Deerfield         wearing the yellow Lions jacket
                                        held aloft three bags of shredded        presented her own gifts to her
Club named Governor Jean Martin a                                                family—a weekend at a hotel that
Lifetime Member. Tears were             paper denoting the remnants of
                                        drafts of the Long Range Planning        she had won to her eldest daughter,
flowing as they pinned the pin to                                                Laura, a music box with an angel
her collar. As if that wasn‟t enough,   Manual, Eyemobile Constitution
                                        and Bylaws, and the invitation for       that reminded her of Hope as a little
IPDG Pamela Hodgkins and the                                                     girl, saying, “A little Hope lights the
Deerfield Lions Club showered her       the 44th MidWinter and District 33Y
                                        newsletters. Governor Jean has a         way.” She gave her sister, Joyce, a
with feathers, hung a pink feather                                               flower centerpiece because, “She
boa around her neck and handed her      penchant for concise editing.
                                                                                 likes flowers that die,” and another
a Melvin Jones Fellowship Award                                                  centerpieces to her sister Marsha,
all her own.         President of the              Governor Jean applauded       and her Aunt Doris.
Deerfield Lions Club, Bonita            Pat Kowal, Chris Waller and Dennis
Conlon belatedly presented DG Jean      Waller for all of the wonderful work
with the President of Deerfield         they had done putting the                          Everyone held hands and
Lions Club plaque. VDG Jim Gracia       Testimonial together. Just when you      sang God Bless America and though
told some pretty funny jokes that       think the evening‟s over, it gets a      the room cleared out, there were
can‟t really be repeated here,          second wind. Chris and Dennis            enough people to fill the dance floor
especially if children are reading      Waller announced that the Digital        and celebrate a great night.
over your shoulder. John and Marie      Camera that she had been given
Ingals gave a PDG license plate and     earlier in the evening was not in the
a picture of a silver Lion on a black   box she‟d received. He explained

           The Cummington Lions                                                           awed by the Eyemobile itself and
serving also Savoy, Goshen, and                                                           were very glad to wait the 20
Plainfield for Lions District 33Y                                                         minutes or so to go through and be
and Lions Clubs International                                                             tested. We received many Thank
sponsored free vision and hearing                                                         you‟s and kudos for bringing the
screenings August 23rd at the                                                             Eyemobile to the Fair. I went
Cummington Fair by the Lions                                                              through to experience the tests for
District 33N Eyemobile. Seventy                                                           myself and found out that I have a
persons were screened for blood              David Shields of the Charlemont              spot on the back of my left eye.
pressure, blood oxygen, visual               Lions. Each person screened                  I‟ve been going to the same
acuity, glaucoma, retinal                    received a copy of their results. The        optometrist for four or five years
photography, and audio sensitivity           retina pictures will be reviewed by          and nothing like this was
in about six hours.                          the staff at Massachusetts Eye and           mentioned. Perhaps I should
           The Eyemobile was                 Ear Infirmary for referral to                change doctors. At least now I
driven here by 33N Eyemobile                 professionals for any recommended            know to watch it. Governor Jim
President Peter McDonald of the              care. The retinal photography                Gracia and his wife, Janet also came
Middleton Lions, who taught these            technique was pioneered by the staff         and helped out. The Governor spent
Lions how to use the screening               of the Joslin Diabetes Clinic using          time at each testing station learning
equipment: Lion President Alice              funds provided by the                        how to use the equipment and
Liebenow, Lion Secretary Beverly             Massachusetts Lions Eye Research             administer tests. First Lady Janet
Prentice, 33Y Vice District                  Fund, Inc. District 33Y (Western             helped out with the registering and
Governor Greg Prentice of the                Massachusetts) is now soliciting tax         giving blood pressure tests. Past
Cummington Lions, Immediate Past             deductible donations for the purpose         District Governor Jean Martin also
District 33Y Governor Jean Martin            of purchasing our own Eyemobile.             came and worked very hard the
of the Deerfield Lions, District 33Y         It was a remarkable day and very             entire day. It proved to this Lion
Governor Jim Gracia of the                   satisfying that we were able to see          how worthwhile it will be when we
Easthampton Lions, ESH Director              so many people. Though a few                 get our own Eyemobile.
and President of the Hinsdale Lions          people disagreed with our results,
Jim Worden, and Past President               more people were astonished and

                                       IPDG Jean receiving Orthoptic check from DG Jim

                                               Governor Pam Hodgkins,                    and audio sensitivity in about six
    The Deerfield Lions sponsored
                                               Immediate Past District                   hours. Each person screened
    the free vision and hearing
                                               Governor Jean Martin and her              received a copy of their results.
    screenings provided by the 33N
                                               daughter Hope from the                    The retina pictures will be
    Eyemobile August 24 at their
                                               Deerfield Lions, Past President           reviewed by the staff at
    10th Annual Antique Auto Show.
                                               David Shields of the Charlemont           Massachusetts Eye and Ear
    Massachusetts Lions Council
                                               Lions, and 33Y Vice District              Infirmary for referral to
    Chairman and Past District
                                               Governor Greg Prentice of the             professionals for any
    Governor Art Thomas of the
                                               Cummington Lions. Fifty-one               recommended care. The retinal
    Hampden Lions welcomed 33N
                                               persons took advantage of the             photography technique was
    Eyemobile President Peter
                                               opportunity to be screened for            pioneered by the staff of the
    McDonald of the Middleton
                                               blood pressure, blood oxygen,             Joslin Diabetes Clinic using
    Lions He taught these Lions
                                               visual acuity, glaucoma, retinal          funds provided by the
    how to use the equipment: Past
                                               photography,                              Massachusetts Lions Eye
                                                                                         Research Fund, Inc.

                                               Lions, Lions and Lions, Oh My!

                                             Pigs are flying all over the place!

IDCandidate IPCouncil Chairman Doug Sime                                                 IPDG Jean and friend!
                                           DG Jim getting fitted by DG Jackie Millette

33Y Lions Orthoptic Clinic             33Y EyeMobile Project                  86 INTERNATIONAL
                                                                              CONVENTION Report &
Great       news!      The             At the First Cabinet                      FIRST CABINET
application for a matching             Meeting      at      the                     MEETING
grant of $11,402 was                   Easthampton Community
approved and the District              Center August 9      the               DG Jim Gracia said that
received and deposited                 Board of Directors was                 International        President
the check from LCIF. The               sworn in by DG Jim                     Tae Sup “ T. S. “ Lee’s
funds were transferred to              Gracia. We now have a                  theme was “Innovation-
the Clinic account from the            Corporation.                           Gateway to Our Future”.
District account in late                                                      We were lucky to have T.
August     so     that  the            President and PDG Pam                  S. at our 74             State
renovations and the new                Hodgkins was pleased to                Convention last year.
equipment could begin to               announce that not only                 DG Jim also reported that
be purchased by the Grant              had the proper papers                  the dues increases and all
Administratrix.,IPDG Jean.             been filed with the State,             other Amendments were
                                       but that 501 (c) 3 status              voted favorably. These
At the Board Meeting in                had been approved as                   actions mean that Clubs
July, IPDG and Acting                  well. Now the Board will               need to review their dues
Treasurer Jean raised                  begin the process of filing            structures to make certain
many issues about how                  grant requests of District             that their Administrative
we     should     run     the          33Y entities who may well              Accounts balance. This
operation in the future.               endow the project tax free.            July the dues increase
One item resolved was a                The goal is to raise at least          means that each Lions
salary increase for the                $75,000 this year so that              dues now total $36.75
Orthoptist, Shelley Klein              by year’s end we may                   (including the $2 dues for
Weiss. Other items such                apply for a matching grant             MD33 and the $6.50 for
as the duties of a part-time           from LCIF, buy the vehicle             33Y); next year the cost
assistant and farming out              and equipment and begin                will be $41.70, and finally
the payroll to professionals           to do the work of Lionism              in 2005, $47.50.
were discussed.                        in 33Y more effectively.               DG Jim also said that the
                                       ------------------------------------   election of VT PDG Jules
                                       Directory correction #2:               Cote as Director means
33Y EMERGENCY SIGHT                    EyeMobile Clerk is PDG                 that MD33 will begin to
  AND HEARING FUND                     Bill Rathbun, not PCST                 elect    an     International
                                       Steve Karch as printed.                Director at the District level
On August 3        at the              Directory additions:                   as soon as November with
Hinsdale       Community               PDG Pam is PDGPTH@                     the final election in April
Center, IPDG Jean swore                hotmail.com                            2004 at Hyannis. These
in the new Officers and                ------------------------------------   events should insure a lot
Directors.                             PEACE POSTER Report                    more hospitality suites at
PDG Charlie DeAngelus                                                         the Midwinters and at the
reviewed the many cases                Chairwoman Lion/Lioness                State Convention. There
pending, most of which                 Barbara Thomas reported                are many fine candidates,
were approved for funding.             at the First Cabinet                   and some campaigns have
A few cases needed more                Meeting that this year’s               already begun.
information, and so are                theme        is     “Create       a
tabled. ESH is now                     Brighter Tomorrow” and all             Other information of note
approaching 1100 cases.                ten of the kits given to her           from the First Cabinet
                                       by IPDG Jean were in use,              Meeting:
Potluck lunch was enjoyed              so if any more are wanted              ---pigs can fly;
by all.                                please let her know.                   ---Directories were handed
------------------------------------   ------------------------------------   out , beating IPDG Jean
Directory correction #1:               Directory Addition:                    by a few days and PDG
Chris and Dennis Waller’s              ZC Richard Laing is                    Tom by a whole bunch.
phone is 533-0196                      RLaing@BCN.net                         ---Directories were mailed
                                                                              to all Clubs, August 22 .

Lions Prentice
87 South Street,
Cummington MA 01026-9501



      Peter Demoracski       East Longmeadow Lions         Mikkol Kroll           Northampton Lions
      Rene Tetrault          Cummington Lions              Edward DeGere          Adams Lions
      PDG Clifford Zundell   Longmeadow Lions              Simon Santos, Sr.      Ludlow Lions
      Rosalie Franklin       Northfield Lioness            Daniel P. Barry        Hatfield Lions
      Sebastian Ruggieri     Greenfield Lions              John Grosz             Adams Lions
      Auburn Weaver           Pelham Lions                 Carl Liebenow          Cummington Lions
      Betty DeAngelus        Hinsdale Lions                Eileen F. Eagan        Agawam Lioness
      Robert McNamara        East Longmeadow Lions         Alden L. Johnson       Pelham Lions
      Anthony Crisafulli      Belchertown Lions            Corliss Wright          East Longmeadow Lions
      Wayne Dorsett          South Hadley Lions            Porter Burns            South Hadley Lions
      Hanlon Hanson          Granville-Tolland Lions       William Alamed         Southwick Lions
      PDG Don Cornwall       Hinsdale Lions                John R. Walker         Pelham Lions

                                             US Army Sgt. Gregory Belanger
                                   Son of Lions Kathy & Ed Belanger Deerfield Lions

      As read at the New England Lions Council Necrology Service at Cathedral in the Pines, Ringe, New Hampshire
      on Sunday, September 7, 2003 by District Governor James Gracia


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