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					Search engine marketing
Digikring Groot Amsterdam

Pakhuis de Zwijger, 3 September 2009
Emily Hardy, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
2   Contents

    •   KLM E-Commerce organisation, strategy and approach
    •   External analysis – market developments
    •   SEM scope
    •   SEA
    •   SEO
    •   Link building
    •   Analytics for search
    •   SEA and SEO tools and resources
3   E-Commerce at KLM


                                                       Pricing & Revenue
     Sales Areas   Marketing & Brand      E-Commerce      Management

                          E-Commerce is managed centrally
                          and locally in a matrix organisation
4   KLM E-Commerce

    • site:

       - Multiple country (75) sites and languages

    • E-Commerce priorities:

       - E-Sales

       - E-Services

       - Ancillary revenue
5   Internet penetration & SE data in NL

    •   Internet penetration in NL is high:
         -   92% of Dutch adults use the Net regularly.
         -   85% of Dutch Net users have broadband at home
    •   Searching is one of the most popular activities of European Internet users.
         -   67% of Dutch online consumers regularly research products online.
         -   Used in every phase in purchasing process – online/offline purchases
    •   Search engine marketing is a pull medium.
    •   95% of Internet users use a search engine to find information
    •   89% of Internet users search for information about goods and services.
        During the orientation phase, 55% of Internet users come across suppliers
        which they did not previously know.
    •   For 77% of Internet users, online orientation determines the purchase of
    •   Size of the SEM market (SEA & SEO) in NL in 2009 estimated at €400
        million Euros
    •   About 70% of users click on organic and 30% on paid results
6   The online travel market

    •   Leisure travel is one of most popular purchases on the Net in NL (30% of
        Dutch online shoppers).
    •   Forrester expects that NL leisure flight sales online will be worth 1.87 billion
        Euros in 2014.
    •   By 2012, 51% of airline tickets in the US will be generated online.
    •   56% of online travel is booked with the travel supplier website in NL, versus
        37% booking via an online travel agent
    •   Nearly 2 in 3 European travelers are online
    •   Online travelers travel regularly (average 4 leisure trips per year)
    •   Around 40% of European online travelers are Bookers and 27% are Lookers.
    •   Airline tickets are the second most researched travel products online (hotels
        are number 1): 51% of Europeans are Bookers and 25% are Lookers
    •   Approx. 50% of air travel queries in search are brand related (can be brand +
        generic term)
    •   KLM is competing with other airlines (network and low cost carriers) as much
        as it is competing with travel sellers.
7   SEM scope at KLM


8   SEA strategy

    • Long term approach to SEA - enable campaigns to
      improve over time
    • Focus on optimising the structural campaigns (the 24 x
      7 x 365 day presence in search engines)
    • Support a limited number of tactical sales campaigns
      per year with most effort concentrated on the structural
    • Targets are to maximise booking volumes within Return
      on Marketing Investment (ROMI) constraints.
9   SEA organisation

    • Centrally managed structural SEA campaigns in:
        - 37 countries
        - 22 languages
        - 4 search engines
    • Central steering from E-Commerce
        -   Strategy
        -   Target setting
        -   Budget management
        -   Steering and monitoring
    • Campaign management outsourced to one agency
    • Tactical alignment with the field organisations
        - Opportunities, market developments, keyword and ad text input
    • Clear processes, goals and transparency
    • Consultancy, guidelines and advice for non centrally
      supported markets
10 Search engine marketing agency

   • Search engine marketing is fully outsourced to one
   • SEM is an expertise
   • The complexity of the KLM account (for SEA) and the (for SEO) site demands flexibile, expert and
     and dedicated resources
   • Continuous investment in systems and knowledge is
   • Overall KLM account management
      - Dedicated SEA team
      - Dedicated SEO team
11 Campaign set up

   • Branding campaigns

   • Non branding campaigns
12 SEO market developments/trends

   • Google “caffeine”
   • Yahoo/Bing - need also to optimise specifically for
   • Twitter (instant search)
   • Will Google remain in top spot or will new search
     engines start to play a more important role? Different
     algorithms? Different focus for marketers?
   • Cuil
   • Wolfram Alpha (computational knowledge engine)
   • You Tube and Facebook as search engines?
13 SEA tips and tricks

   • Set clear objectives and business goals for SEA
   • Pay attention to initial campaign set up
   • Build dashboards based on goals
   • Measure performance
   • Regular monitoring to steer towards targets
   • Pay attention to branding
   • Use Google tools and advice but always apply common
     sense and understanding of your business
   • Test and learn (keywords and copywriting)
   • Continuously optimise
   • Focus pre-click but also post-click to improve results
14 Recommendations if just starting out

   • Get website basics right first
   • Start with a SEO optimised site
   • Do SEA once you’ve got the basics in place … if it makes
     sense for your business
   • SEM looks easy but beware of the complexity and time
     required to manage it properly
15 SEO success factors

   3 key SEO ranking factors
   1. Content - Creating content rich keyword pages
        -   High quality rich and original content
        -   Premium in SERPs for frequently updated and relevant content
        -   Think about multi format content (e.g. text, images and video) for
            universal search
        -   Remember different devices: PC & mobile
   2. Link building - internal and external links
        -   The value of external links can be about 60-70% of all SEO results.
   3. Having a fully optimised site structure

   Keys to SEO success
   •   Project management
   •   Prioritisation
   •   Dedication and focus …long term
16 SEO at KLM

   • Optimising in general
   • Destination Guide
17 SEO challenges at KLM

   • Legacy and operational systems
      - Electronic booking tool and CMS
   • Organisational complexity and size (central and local
   • Scope of operations for (75 country sites),
     multiple languages (also duplicate content), all on one
   • KLM is not a pure online player
   • = Reduced flexibility and time to market
18 SEO advantages for smaller players

   • Reduced organisational challenges
   • Speed and time to market (test and implement quickly if
     test is successful)
   • Less risk/less at stake
      - Ability to deploy creative solutions and techniques - stay
        white hat, though!
   • Focus on a niche, become an authority in your nice and
     then build on that
19 Getting started with SEO

   • Define business goals
   • Build dashboards based on goals
   • Measure performance
   • Regular monitoring to steer towards targets
   • Do keyword research for your site. What are customers
     searching for?
   • Categorise keywords
      - Create themes/categories
      - Think about seasonal trends or events
   • Keyword tools/inspiration
      -   Google keyword tool
      -   Wordtracker
      -   Own site
      -   Competitor sites
      -   Keywords used in PPC campaigns
      -   Referral phrases in log files/analytics
20 SEO metrics

   • Natural search referrals from search engines
   • Conversion rates per keyword for different referral
     sources and SEA vs SEO
   • Conversion rates
   • Bounce rates – measured for different pages and at
     different times, e.g. when sending out emails
   • SEO performance compared with other online
     marketing activity
21 Link building - relevance is the key!

   •   Create content (e.g. tips and tools) that is easy and attractive to link
       to - get creative!
   •   Focus on trusted and relevant links
   •   High authority (paid and free) directory sites
   •   Link baiting
        -   Identify authorities in field and approach them
        -   Real relationships are easier to translate into links online
   •   Online press distribution and article marketing
   •   Social networking sites (e.g. del.ici.ous, Digg & eKudos)
   •   Affiliate links no SEO value (but good for traffic/awareness)
   •   Bought links are no good for SEO
   •   Offer an incentive?
   •   Reciprocal linking? Target relevant sites
   •   Blog (outbound links from blog, chance for reciprocal links)
   •   Comment on other blogs
22 Link building case study KLM

   • Starting points
      - Focus on destinations not with a page 1 ranking
      - 2 languages and 8 destinations
   • Methodology
   • Results at the end of the pilot (>60 links)
   • Lessons
   • Next steps
      - Quantify number/quality of links, review rankings and
        measure traffic from links
23   Analytics management per channel had reached its limits

       Search      Display       Affiliates                                            E-Mail

Open the silos                                Deduplicate

 Network 1

                             Consider             Meta
 Network 2                                                                Affilitate

 Network 3                   Respond     Search
         24        DART Floodlight facilitates cross-channel measurement and

                    Search      Display      Affiliates                E-Mail

Serve Ads

Dart For

Deliver Traffic
Measure response

                                Artemis (Media Contacts)
25 Analytics for search

   • SEA is tracked by
      - DART for Advertisers
      - Webtrends
      - Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
   • SEO is tracked by Webtrends
   • Challenges
      -   Tagging and implementation
      -   Getting the data right
      -   Making sense of the data and using it
      -   Becoming data driven
   • And opportunities …
26 Some SEA resources/tools

   • IAB (Search Marketing Thursdays)
27 Some SEO resources

   • Google Caffeine (
   • Google Webmaster Tools
   • Google Insights for Search
   • Google Analytics (“meten is weten”)
   • Google Website Optimiser (conversion optimisation)
   • Focus not only on pre-click but also post click
   • Google SEO Starter Guide (Dutch version available here
   • Book: “SEO: Resultaatgerichte zoekmachineoptimalisatie”
   • (online marketing copywriting tips)

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