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									                                              New Jersey District Office
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James A. Kocsi, District Director
U.S. Small Business Administration
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New Jersey District Office
Two Gateway Center -15th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

Tel: (973) 645-2434
Fax: (973) 645-6265                         Loan programs from the U.S. Small
www.sba.gov/nj                              Business Administration have helped
                                            fuel job creation and retention
   First Quarter – 2004                     throughout New Jersey, during the
   Volume #1 Issue #1                       past year. According to SBA New
                                            Jersey District Director James A.
In this issue:                              Kocsi, over 15,000 jobs in the state
                                            have been generated or retained as a
Commerce Bank is Tops        Page - 2       result of SBA loans.
2003 Lender Rankings         Page - 3
SBA Loans by County          Page - 4       “Small business owners lead the way
2003 Minority Small          Page - 5       when it comes to job creation,” said
Business Person of                          Kocsi. “SBA’s loan programs allow
the Year                                                                             JOB CREATION – An employee
                                            existing businesses to expand and
Cheryl Mills Appointed to     Page - 6                                               of G&H Metal Finishers of Paterson
                                            enable others to start-up new
SBA Post                                                                             puts the finishing touches on a piece
                                            enterprises. That is always good
                                                                                     he is copper plating. Elmer Bush
                                            news for the economy.”
For More Information                                                                 and his brother Richard received a
SBA offices are located in all 50 states,                                            $500,000 SBA loan from Columbia
                                            During SBA’s Fiscal Year 2003 (the
the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico,                                               Bank to purchase the business,
                                            period of October 1, 2002 through
the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. For       September 30, 2003) the SBA New          which helped to retain eight jobs.
the office nearest you, look under “U.S.    Jersey District Office approved a
Government” in your telephone               total of 2,423 loans for $491 million.   According to Kocsi, women
directory, or call the SBA Answer Desk.     “We are a major catalyst in              business owners received 463 loans
                                            sustaining small business growth in      for $75.1 million in FY 2003. “SBA
SBA Answer Desk:                            New Jersey,” said Kocsi. “Our loan       loans helped women-owned firms to
      1-800 U ASK SBA                       programs have helped to create or        generate over 2,312 jobs throughout
                                            retain thousands of jobs and improve     the state," said Kocsi.
Fax: 202-205-7064                           the economy in our state.”
E-mail: answerdesk@sba.gov                                                           Veteran-owned businesses received
TDD: 704-344-6640                           SBA loan approvals to New Jersey         137 loans for $21.9 million. SBA
                                            minority small business owners           loans helped veteran-owned
Your rights to regulatory fairness:         totaled 814 loans for $176.6 million,    businesses to create another 674
        1-800-REG-FAIR                      which in turn created 5,430 jobs. Of     jobs in New Jersey.
                                            the 814 loan approvals to minority
SBA Home Page: www.sba.gov                  small businesses, Asian-Americans        Bergen County small businesses led
All of the SBA’s programs and services      received 511 loans for $136.3            the way in 2003 by receiving 265
are provided to the public on a             million; African Americans received      SBA loans for $50.6 million;
nondiscriminatory basis.                    115 loans for $11.9 million; and
                                            Hispanic Americans received 144
                                            loans for $19.8 million.                      Continued on Page Three
                                          SBA NEW JERSEY                                                          Page 2

Commerce Bank is Top SBA Lender in 2003
Recently, the U.S. Small                                                                     $23.7 million; Unity Bank
Business Administration New                                                                  approved 95 loans for $34.5
Jersey District Office honored                                                               million; Citizens Bank of Rhode
Commerce Bank, for approving                                                                 Island approved 91 loans for $1.8
the most SBA loans to New                                                                    million; and United Trust Bank of
Jersey small business owners                                                                 Bridgewater approved 88 loans for
during Fiscal Year 2003 (the                                                                 $27.7 million.
period of October 1, 2002
through September 30, 2003).                                                                 Seven lenders received SBA
The Cherry Hill-based bank                                                                   Bronze Awards for approving 50
approved 529 SBA loans for                                                                   to 74 loans during the year. CIT
$116.1 million.                                                                              Small Business Lending
                                                                                             Corporation of Livingston
For its efforts, Commerce Bank     TOPS in 2003---SBA NJ District Director, James A.         approved 64 loans for $33.1
received SBA’s Diamond             Kocsi (far left) and SBA Regional Administrator Michael   million; Cooperative Business
Award at the SBA’s Annual          Pappas (far right) presented Commerce Bank’s Tom          Assistance Corporation of Camden
Lenders’ Awards Ceremony           Ort, vice president (center) with SBA’s Diamond Award.    approved 64 loans for $1.4 million;
held at the Newark Club in         Commerce Bank was presented the award for                 Broadway National Bank of Fort
                                   approving the most SBA loans in New Jersey. During
downtown Newark.                   Fiscal Year 2003, Commerce Bank approved 529 loans        Lee approved 62 loans for $28.0
                                   for $116.1 Million. Surrounding Ort from left to right    million; Sovereign Bank of
SBA New Jersey District            are the remaining members of the Commerce Bank            Fairfield approved 60 loans for
Director, James A. Kocsi said,     team - Derek Hoffman, SBA loan representative, Tom        $11.8 million; Columbia Bank of
“I congratulate Commerce           Thompson, vice president, Ken Selmer, assistant           Fair Lawn approved 57 loans for
                                   cashier, and Ed Dalton, assistant vice president.
Bank on their strong                                                                         $10.7 million; Capital One, FSB of
commitment to providing loans                                                                Virginia approved 55 loans for
to New Jersey’s growing small                                                                $2.4 million; and New Jersey
business community.”                                                                         Business Finance Corporation of
 “Commerce Bank has been a          “These lenders are vital to SBA’s Loan Programs          Fort Lee approved 51 loans for
great partner with our office in    and the growth of the New Jersey small business          $32.7 million.
assisting and promoting SBA’s       economy,” Kocsi added.
programs.”                                                                                   Kocsi also handed out four District
                                    SBA Distinguished Lender Awards went to                  Director Awards to lenders.
 “The support of all of our         Broadway National Bank of Fort Lee for being             Capital One, FSB of Virginia
lenders helps the SBA put loans     the #1 Lender in the Small Bank Category with            received SBA’s Breakthrough
in the hands of New Jersey          62 loans; Unity Bank of Clinton for being the #1         Lender Award. The bank was
small business owners,” said        Lender in the Mid-Size Bank Category with 95             chosen for the award based on its
Kocsi. “During Fiscal Year          loan approvals; and the Cooperative Business             450 percent increase in SBA
2003, New Jersey small              Assistance Corporation of Camden received its            lending over its 2002 loan
business owners received a total    award for being the #1 MicroLoan Lender with             approvals. Unity Bank received
of 2,423 SBA-backed loans for       64 MicroLoan approvals.                                  the #1 Participating Lender in the
$491 million. The end result is                                                              504 Loan Program with seven 504
that SBA loans created or           Fleet Bank of Princeton and Valley National              loan participations for $13.6
retained 15,000 jobs throughout     Bank of Wayne received SBA’s Gold Award for              million. New Jersey Business
the state.”                         approving 100 or more loans. In FY 2003, Fleet           Finance Corporation was the #1
                                    Bank approved 478 loans for $21.8 million and            Lender in International Trade
“Much of the credit for SBA’s       Valley National Bank approved 100 loans for              Loans with four loans for $3.2
success, in small business          $20.6 million                                            million. Fleet Bank was the #1
lending, belongs to Commerce                                                                 Lender in Veteran-Owned
Bank and the 13 other lenders       Four lenders received SBA’s Silver Award for             Business Loans with 44 loans for
that we honor,” said Kocsi.         approving 75 to 99 loans during the year. PNC            $2 million.
$23.7 million; Unity Bank of        Bank of East Brunswick approved 96 loans for
                                             SBA NEW JERSEY                                                          Page 3

            SBA’s NJ Top Lenders in 2003
                         (For the Period of October 1, 2002 through September 30, 2003)
            Lender                          # of Loans       $ Amount        Award                             Location
  1)   Commerce Bank                              529         $ 116.1 Million            Diamond         Cherry Hill
  2)   Fleet Bank                                 449         $    21.8 Million             Gold         Princeton
  3) Valley National Bank                         100         $    20.6 Million             Gold         Wayne
  4)   PNC Bank                                    96         $    23.7 Million            Silver        East Brunswick

  5) Unity Bank                                    95         $    34.5 Million            Silver        Clinton
  6)   Citizens Bank of Rhode Island               91         $     1.8 Million            Silver        Cranston, RI
  7)   UnitedTrust Bank                            88         $    27.7 Million            Silver        Bridgewater

  8) CIT Small Business Lending                    64         $    33.1 Million           Bronze         Livingston

  9)  Cooperative Business                         64         $     1.4 Million           Bronze         Camden
      Assistance Corporation
  10) Broadway National Bank                       62         $    28.0 Million           Bronze         Fort Lee
  11) Sovereign Bank                               60         $    11.0 Million           Bronze         Fairfield

  12) Columbia Bank                                57         $    10.7 Million           Bronze         Fair Lawn
  13 Capital One, FSB                              55         $     2.4 Million           Bronze         Glen Allen, VA
  14) NJ Business Finance Corp.                    51         $    32.7 Million           Bronze         Fort Lee

                                          feature. This program allows lenders     companies through its network of Service Corps of
JOB CREATION                              to expedite the SBA loan process by      Retired Executives (SCORE) Chapters and New
                                          utilizing their own forms and            Jersey Small Business Development Centers
       Continued from Page One                                                     (SBDCs). An additional 21,595 clients attended
Camden County businesses followed         procedures for loans under $250,000.
                                          This year 51 percent of our loans were   1,070 training programs sponsored by SCORE and
with 222 loans for $32.9 million; and                                              the SBDC.
Middlesex County businesses received      approved under this program and I
213 loans for $49.8 million. Rounding     expect it to grow significantly in the
                                          coming year.”                              Another 5,715 people obtained assistance at SBA’s
out the top five counties were Monmouth
County businesses with 203 loans for                                                 Business Information Centers (BIC) in Newark and
                                          “We also saw strong growth in our 504 Camden, and an additional 1,743 women received
$49.8 million and Essex County
                                          loan program, a program that provides assistance through the Women’s Business Center
businesses with 156 loans for $34.1
                                          growing businesses with long-term,         (WBC), a program sponsored by the SBA and the
                                          fixed-rate financing for major fixed       New Jersey Association of Women Business
Kocsi also noted that the average SBA     assets, such as land and buildings.”       Owners.
loan in New Jersey was $202,765.          said Kocsi. “This year we approved
“Sixty-six percent of the SBA loans       58 - 504 loans for $36.9 million, which The SBA New Jersey District Office also provided
approved in New Jersey during Fiscal      is up 93 percent from last year.”          New Jersey small disadvantaged companies with
Year 2003 were under $150,000,” said
                                          In addition to its lending activities, the 73 federal government contracts worth $90 million.
Kocsi. “We are pleased that more and                                                 The contracts were issued under the agency’s 8(a)
                                          SBA New Jersey District Office
more New Jersey lenders are utilizing                                                Business Development Program. According to
                                          provided business counseling to
the agency’s SBA Express loan program,                                               Kocsi, another 676 jobs were generated from the
                                          17,973 businesses and start-up
which offers a revolving line of credit                                              contracts issued under this program.
                                                 SBA NEW JERSEY                                                       Page 4

                      Where those SBA Loans Go
                                         A Look at SBA Loans by County
  County                          # of Loans               $ Amount                   # of Minority Loans          $ Amount
ATLANTIC                              58               $   12.4 million                       21                 $ 6.0 million
BERGEN                               265               $   50.6 million                      125                 $ 24.8 million
BURLINGTON                           149               $   27.4 million                       39                 $ 9.5 million
CAMDEN                               222               $   32.9 million                       72                 $ 15.4 million
CAPE MAY                              43               $   11.5 million                        6                 $ 1.6 million
CUMBERLAND                            27               $    3.2 million                        7                 $ 1.9 million
ESSEX                                156               $   34.1 million                       74                 $ 16.3 million
GLOUCESTER                            65               $   11.9 million                       13                 $ 2.5 million
HUDSON                               108               $   27.5 million                       66                 $ 16.4 million
HUNTERDON                             64               $    9.1 million                       11                 $ 1.3 million
MERCER                                91               $   18.1 million                       34                 $ 5.9 million
MIDDLESEX                            213               $   42.9 million                       99                 $ 14.4 million
MONMOUTH                             203               $   49.8 million                       47                 $ 12.4 million
MORRIS                               153               $   31.4 million                       29                 $ 5.9 million
OCEAN                                142               $   31.5 million                       23                 $ 7.8 million
PASSAIC                              123               $   27.6 million                       51                 $ 12.2 million
SALEM                                  7               $    2.1 million                        4                 $ 1.7 million
SOMERSET                             113               $   21.0 million                       43                 $ 10.1 million
SUSSEX                                44               $    9.2 million                        3                 $    .3 million
UNION                                146               $   31.3 million                       43                 $ 9.2 million
WARREN                                31               $    5.5 million                        4                 $ 1.0 million
TOTALS                              2423               $   491 million                       814                 $ 176.6 million

    SBA Sets 50-Year Record in Loans to Small Businesses
A record number of small businesses turned to the U.S. Small          The overall increase in loan approvals under the SBA’s three
Business Administration for credit assistance over the past year.     major loan programs, the 7(a) General Business Loan Guaranty
This produced a 29 percent increase in the total number of loans      program, the Certified Development Company (or 504) loan
backed by the agency in FY 2003, including sharp jumps in the         program and the Microloan program, came to 29.8 percent,
number of loans to women, minorities and veterans.                    reflecting an increase from 59,563 loans in FY 2002 to 76,465
                                                                      loans in FY 2003.
During FY 2003, the SBA backed 76,465 loans to small
businesses in the agency’s three major loan programs for $14.4
                                                                      Strong increases were registered in the two larger programs:
                                                                      7(a) loans were up by 30.3 percent and 504 loans rose by 25.2
                                                                      percent. The number of Microloans fell slightly, by 5 percent.
“These loans demonstrate our commitment to meeting the unique
financing needs of small businesses everywhere, and the
                                                                      In total, loans to small businesses owned by minorities
impressive increase we have posted for the past year validates our
                                                                      increased by 38 percent, from 15,836 in FY 2002 to 21,830 in
approach to making smaller loans more readily available to the
                                                                      FY 2003. Within that total, loans to African Americans
real job creation engine of our economy,” said SBA
                                                                      increased by 61 percent, loans to Hispanic Americans increased
Administrator Hector V. Barreto.
                                                                      by 39 percent, loans to Asian Americans increased by 31
                                                                      percent and loans to Native Americans increased by 18
“By focusing on a smaller average loan size we are leveraging
                                                                      percent. Loan approvals for women small business owners
our resources to assisting more small businesses and creating
                                                                      increased by 33 percent, to 16,503 loans, and loans to veteran-
more jobs. Based on statements from our borrowers, our
                                                                      owned small businesses rose by 22 percent, to 7,413 loans.
financial backing helped the small businesses of America create
or retain more than 526,000 jobs.”
                                                SBA NEW JERSEY                                                         Page 5

                          Meet Sid Raman -
           SBA’s NJ Minority Small Business Person of the Year
Sid Raman, president and                                                                contributions to our economy. Growing a
owner of Integrated                                                                     business to over $30 million in annual sales
Construction Enterprises, Inc.                                                           and providing 100 jobs has a far-reaching
of Belleville was recently                                                              impact on our community.”
named the U.S. Small Business
Administration’s 2003 New                                                               "Sid Raman is to be commended for
Jersey Minority Small Business                                                          persevering and building a successful
Person of the Year.                                                                     construction business,” said Kocsi. "As we
                                                                                        celebrate National Minority Enterprise
Raman started his construction                                                          Development Week (September 28th-October
business 12 years ago. Today,                                                           4th, 2003), it is important for all of us to
the company provides its clients                                                        recognize the progress that minority small
with a wide-range of                                                                    business owners continue to make each year.
construction services that                                                              SBA programs and services continue to be in
include design/build,                                                                   the forefront of helping minority small
construction management,                                                                business."
historic restoration, and general   Celebrating Minorities in Business ---U.S.
construction.                       Small Business Administration New Jersey            "It is an honor to be named SBA's 2003 New
                                    District Director James A. Kocsi (far left)         Jersey Minority Small Business Person of the
The announcement was made at        presents Sid Raman, president of Integrated         Year," said Raman. “I am proud to represent
                                    Construction Enterprises, Inc. of Belleville with
the Thomas Edison Glenmont          SBA's 2003 New Jersey Minority Small Business       all minority-owned firms who contribute so
House in West Orange, where         Person of the Year Award outside the Thomas         much to our economy and who embody the true
Integrated Construction             Edison Glenmont House in West Orange.               diversity of all small business owners
Enterprises Inc. has performed      Raman's company is currently doing some             nationwide."
                                    historic preservation work on the home. The
historical restoration work. In     presentation was part of Minority Enterprise
making the announcement,            Development Week - Sept. 28th - October 4th,        "Integrated Construction Enterprises, Inc. is a
SBA New Jersey District             2003. Joining in on the celebration are Caroline    prime example of how SBA programs can help
Director James A. Kocsi, said       Morton, SBA Business Opportunity specialist         a small business succeed," said Kocsi. "Clearly,
                                    (2nd from the right) and Richard Zilg, SBA
that Raman was selected for his     Assistant District Director for 8(a) Business       Sid Raman took advantage of what the SBA
award based on a criteria that      Development (far right).                            had to offer – we encourage other minority
includes Overall Financial                                                              firms to do the same."
Strength of the Firm; Growth
in Sales and Profits; Growth in     and the agency’s 8(a) Program, we were              Kocsi also noted that the company’s
Number of Employees; and            able to realize our potential.”                     involvement with community organizations
Participation in Community                                                              was commendable. In the past, Integrated
and Charitable Events.              The SBA’s 8(a) Program is designed to               Construction Enterprises, Inc. has supported the
                                    help socially and economically                      Belleville D.A.R.E. Program, The Belleville
Today, Integrated Construction      disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to          Police Department W.H.A.L.E. (We Have a
Enterprises, Inc. employs over      contract opportunities through the federal          Little Emergency) Program and Boys’ Town.
100 people and has annual sales     government. Participants may receive
of $30 million. The company         sole-source contracts up to $3 million for          In addition to receiving the SBA New Jersey
has completed close to 250          goods and services and $5 million for               Minority Small Business Person of the Year
projects totaling over $120         manufacturing. Contracts higher than                Award, Raman also was named the SBA
million. In 2000, the company       those amounts must be bid on                        Regional Minority Small Business Person of
received the New Jersey             competitively amongst 8(a) firms.                   the Year for Region 2, which encompasses
Historic Preservation Award for     Under the 8(a) Program Integrated                   New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the
its work on the St. James           Construction Enterprises, Inc. has received         Virgin Islands. The distinction allowed, Raman
A.M.E. Church in Newark.            $50.5 million in contracts from the federal         to compete for SBA’s National Minority Small
                                    government.                                         Business Person of the Year Award.
“We definitely were not an
overnight success,” said            In presenting the award to Raman, Kocsi,
Raman. “The company                                                                     SBA Administrator Hector V. Barreto
                                    said, “Everyday minority-owned small                presented Raman with his regional award at the
struggled in the beginning, but     businesses like Integrated Construction
with the help of an SBA loan                                                            21st Annual National Minority Enterprise
                                    Enterprises, Inc. are making major                  Development (MED) Week Awards
                                                                                        Celebration held in Washington, DC.
                                                        SBA NEW JERSEY                                                          Page 6

                Cheryl A. Mills Appointed SBA
Associate Deputy Administrator for Entrepreneurial Development
Hector V. Barreto, Administrator of the                                                          mature, mid-size companies utilizing family
U.S. Small Business Administration,                                                              and clients’ funds. Mills served as trustee
recently announced the appointment of                                                            and executive vice president of the Mills
Cheryl Mills, an experienced venture                                                             Foundation and was an investment banker at
capitalist from Princeton, New Jersey, as                                                        Wertheim Schroder & Co. Inc. She worked
associate deputy administrator for the                                                           as assistant press secretary to former
Office of Entrepreneurial Development.                                                           Congressman Al Quie of Minnesota.

Mills will manage the SBA’s business                                                             Mills serves as a trustee of the $66 billion
development programs providing                       On the Job---Newly appointed SBA            New Jersey Pension Fund. Mills’ leadership
education, training, counseling and                  Deputy Administrator for                    honors include an award from former Gov.
technical assistance to more than one                Entrepreneurial Development,                Christine Todd Whitman for founding a
million clients each year, nationwide.               Cheryl A. Mills hard at work in her         highly successful nonprofit organization,
These programs include the Offices of                Washington office.                          Friends of Homeless Animals. She is a
Women’s Business Ownership, Small                                                                former trustee of the national women’s
Business Development Centers, Business                                                           organization Leadership America, and is a
and Community Initiatives, Native                      to have her on board.”                    past fellow of Leadership New Jersey.
American Affairs, E-Small Business, the
Service Corps of Retired Executives and                Before joining the SBA, Mills             Mills holds a master’s degree in business
the Business Information Centers.                      was the president of Bradford             administration and finance from Fordham
                                                       Investment Group, Inc. Based              University and a bachelor’s degree in
“Cheryl’s extensive financial knowledge                in Princeton, N.J., Bradford              journalism from the University of Kentucky.
and governmental background will make                  invests venture capital in seed           She lives with her husband Bradford Mills in
her a wonderful fit for the SBA,” said                 and first- and second-stage               Princeton, N.J. She has a great passion for
Administrator Barreto. “We are excited                 companies and purchases                   animals and is the owner of nine dogs.

                      Upcoming Events                                                      SBA Success Stories Needed
   1/14/04 – How to Develop a Business Plan
   327 E. Ridgewood Avenue – Paramus, NJ
                                                                                    If you are an SBA lender or resource partner who knows
   7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.                                                           of a small business that has benefited from an SBA
   Call: 201-599-6090 - www.scorebergen.org                                         program, then we would like to hear from you.
   1/20/04 – Starting & Managing Your Own Business
   Two Gateway Center – 15th Floor – Newark, NJ
                                                                                    We are interested in businesses that have been operating
    9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.                                                           for three to five years, have 15 or more employees, and
   Call: 973-645-2434                                                               have benefited from an SBA loan, counseling from the
                                                                                    Service Corps of Retired Executives, New Jersey Small
   1/29/04 – Building & Financing Your Business with the SBA
   Gloucester County Library
                                                                                    Business Development Centers, Women Business
   389 Wolfert Station - Mullica Hill, NJ                                           Center, etc.
   1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
   Call: 856-223-6025                                                               The business owner must be willing to be interviewed
   2/25/04 - Building & Financing Your Business with the SBA
                                                                                    and have his/her story published in a local newspaper.
   The College of New Jersey – Ewing, NJ
   9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.                                                           As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we would like to
   Call: 609-989-5232                                                               promote some of the successful businesses that have
    2/26/04 - Building & Financing Your Business with the SBA                       been assisted through the programs and services of the
    Ciarco Learning Center - Bergen Community College                               U.S. Small Business Administration.
    355 Main Street - Hackensack, NJ
    3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.                                                           Please forward your recommendations to SBA’s Public
    Call: 201 489-8670
                                                                                    Information Officer, Harry Menta, at (973) 645-6064 or
                                                                                    via e-mail at harry.menta@sba.gov.
                                                        SBA NEW JERSEY                                                   Page 7

Entrepreneurs Expect Modest Startup Costs for Most New Ventures;
    New Study Shows They Seek to Cover Costs without Bank Loans
Entrepreneurs project modest startup costs for most new          income of $90,000 in the fifth year of their venture, while team
ventures, according to a study released today by the Office      ventures expect an income of $125,000 in the fifth year. The higher
of Advocacy. Solo entrepreneurs expect median startup            team venture projected income makes it more likely that such
costs of $6,000, while the median cost expected by team          ventures will result in new job generation.
ventures is $20,000. More than 80 percent of the
entrepreneurs studied expected to cover their startup costs      Expected Costs of Startup Ventures, conducted by Blade Consulting
without bank loans, although on average they had saved           with funding from the Office of Advocacy, used data from more than
only $2,000 towards that goal.                                   800 nascent entrepreneurs – individuals who are in the process of
                                                                 starting a business – gathered over a two-year period. The data are
“Not all new ventures require large infusions of capital,”       contained in the ongoing Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics
said Dr. Chad Moutray, Advocacy’s Chief Economist .              (PSED), supported by the E.M. Kauffman Foundation.
“Everyday ordinary Americans strike out on their own to
grab their piece of the American Dream. It doesn’t take a        The Office of Advocacy, the “small business watchdog” of the
lot of savings to participate in the ownership society, just a   government, examines the role and status of small business in the
good idea and lots of hard work and perseverance,” he            economy and independently represents the views of small business to
said. His remarks came at the report’s release during the        federal agencies, Congress, and the President. It is the source for
annual meeting of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs                   small business statistics presented in user-friendly formats and it
Organization in Chicago.                                         funds research into small business issues.
The study also showed that optimism about their business
potential underlies the entrepreneurs’ activities. On            For more information and the complete text of the report, visit the
average, solo entrepreneurs believe they will have business      Office of Advocacy website at www.sba.gov/advo.

  Did You Know That Small Businesses....                                        Favorite Web Sites
       •   provide approximately 75 percent of                   Looking for assistance in starting or expanding your small
           the net new jobs added to the economy.                business? Then maybe you will find the following Web sites helpful.

                                                                 SBA Programs and Services – www.sba.gov/nj
       •   represent 99.7 percent of all
           employers.                                            SBA Online New Jersey Resource Guide - www.reni.net/guides/
       •   employ 50.1 percent of the private                    SBA Online Publications - www.sba.gov/library/pubs.html
           work force.
                                                                 SBA Online Courses - www.sba.gov/training/courses.html
       •   provide 40.9 percent of private sales in
           the country.                                          Business Regulations – www.businesslaw.gov

       •   accounted for 39.1 percent of jobs in                 Service Corps of Retired Executives - www.nj-score.org
           high technology sectors in 2001.
                                                                 NJ Small Business Development Centers – www.njsbdc.com
       •   accounted for 52 percent of private                   NJ Association of Women Business Owners – www.njawbo.org
           sector output in 1999.
       •   represent 97 percent of all U.S.                      NJ State Chamber of Commerce – www.njchamber.com
           exporters.                                            National Federation of Independent Business - www.nfib.com

                                                                 Government Contracting Opportunities - www.fedbizopps.gov/

                                                                 Commerce & Industry Association of NJ - www.cianj.org/home/

                                                                 New Jersey Business & Industry Association - www.njbia.org/
                                                  SBA NEW JERSEY                                                   Page 8

                       SBA Overview to Be Made Available in
                        Seven Languages on Agency Web Site
An “Introduction to the U.S. Small Business       basic program areas – access to capital,   SBA receives between 700 and 1,000
Administration” is now available on the           entrepreneurial development, federal       international visitors each year. The
agency’s Web site in seven languages,             procurement, and advocacy.                 SBA’s International Visitors Program
downloadable in a PDF format in English,                                                     provides visitors with briefing kits of
Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese and     “Under the leadership of Cheryl Mills,     the SBA’s programs and services.
Japanese. The overview will soon be               our new associate deputy administrator
translated into Serbo-Croatian and Vietnamese     for the Office of Entrepreneurial          The publication of the introduction in
as well.                                          Development, the SBA has taken greater     various languages will allow
                                                  steps to reach out to the international    international Web site visitors to
An Introduction to the U.S. Small Business        community,” said SBA Administrator         locate information on the SBA more
Administration is available on the SBA Web        Hector V. Barreto. “The SBA can now        independently and more quickly than
site at                                           more effectively educate entrepreneurs     before.
www.sba.gov/aboutsba/international/overview       in all corners of the globe.”
.html and                                                                                    Additional information about SBA’s
www.sba.gov/aboutsba/overview.html. The           The SBA has long been a resource for       programs and services is available at
overview provides a definition of the term        many foreign nations as governments        the SBA’s Web site: www.sba.gov or
“small business,” an overview of the SBA’s        seek SBA information to help them          by calling the SBA’s New Jersey
history, and various small business statistics.   emulate the “American model” of            District Office at (973) 645-2434.
The document also outlines the SBA’s four         economic development. In fact, the

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  Two Gateway Center – 15th Floor
  Newark, NJ 07102

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