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					Information for Minority Vendor Certifications
Compiled and updated October 2008 by ACTA
Certification          Types of                    Limitation of         Submittal of                   Contact Information,       Contact Information,
Programs               Certification               Net Asset             Application to                 Tel.                       Email

Texas Unified         (1) MBE/WBE/DBE (2) In       For a DBE firm, the   (1) City of Austin Dept. of    (1) 512-974-7645 (2) 817- (1)
Certification Program general, also certified as   net asset of each     Small & Minority Business      640-0606 (3) 210-227-4722 DSMBRCertification@ci.austin.
                      HUB if TUCP certification    individual owner      Resources (2) North                             (2) (3)
                      is approved                  must be less than     Central Texas Regional                         
                                                   $750,000              Certification Agency
                                                                         (NCTRCA) (3) South
                                                                         Central Texas Regional
                                                                         Certification Agency

HUB Program, State     Historically Underutilized Same as above          Statewide HUB Program,      512-463-5872        
of Texas               Business; applied to state                        Texas Comptroller of Public
                       agencies and state                                Accounts

Federal US Small       (1) 8aBD (Section 8a      (1) 8a BD requires Associated Administrator            Assistance only: SBA,;
Business               Business Development      net asset not      for Business Dev., 409              210-403-5924; COSA, 210-;
Administration (SBA)   Program (2) SBD (Small exceeding $250,000 Third St., S.W., 8th Floor,            227-3923; UTSA, 210-458-
Programs               Disadvantaged Business)                      Washington, DC 20416                1748
                       - Program suspended
                       because of little benefit

Texas Dept. of         (1) Pre-certification for   Post DBE              Precertification and           (1) 416-2218   (2) 416-2468 (1)
Transportation (TX     professional services (2)   certification         prequalification services of                     
Dot)                   Pre-qualification for       requirements          TX Dot                                                      (2) frank.huerta@dot.
                       construction services                                                                              

Women' Business        Membership program;         Firms with 51% or     Certification Board of WBCS 817-299-0566 or toll free or
Council, Southwest     business to be certified    more owned by                                     866-451-5997        
(WBCS)                 with corporate members      women
                       such as IBM, Exxon, etc.
List of contractor organizations in Austin, Texas
Source of information for prime contractors, subcontractors, minority vendors, and engineering contractors
Compiled and updated October 2008 by ACTA
                               Type of Organizations      Contact                             Information,      Contact Information,
   ID    Name of Organizations      or Services      Information, Name                         Telephone         Email or Web Site

         Associated Builders and      Members or services for
         Contractors, Central Texas   construction-related firms, Pickerel Kirk or local   703-812-2000; 512-;
   1     Chapter (ABC)                nationwide                  office                   719-5263   

         Associated General          Members or services for
         Contractors, Austin Chapter general contractors or
   2     (AGC)                       related firms                Phil Thoden or staff     512-442-7887
         Austin NARI (National
         Association of Remodeling    Members or services for                                         ;
   3     Industry)                    remodeling business         Austin Nair staff        512-708-0637

         Greater Austin Contractors   Members or services for
         and Engineers Association    contractors, engineers, &                                       ;
   4     (ACEA)                       suppliers                   Lisa Lamb or staff       512-836-3140
                                      Members or services for     Richard Bruns;
         Texas Construction           subcontractors and          Harold Freeman;                     ;
   5     Association, Inc.            suppliers                   Raymond Risk             512-473-3773
                                      Members and services for
                                      minority or Asian
         Asian Construction Trades    contractors and related  Allan Leung; George 512-576-2816; 512- ; www.acta-
   6     Association (ACTA)           businesses               Chang               947-8838           
                                  Services for small &
                                  minority contractors;
         Community Mentor Protégé pairing HUB with well-                                              ;
   7     Initiative               established firms        Otto Pfahl                      512-928-8180
                                  Members and services for
         The Austin Black         minority or African
         Contractors Association, American construction                                               ;
   8     Inc. (ABCA)              industries               Carol Hadnot                    512-467-9808
         US Hispanic Contractor   Members and services for                                                      ushca-
         Association De Austin    minority or Hispanic                                                ;
   9     (USHCA)                  construction contractors Martin Limon                    512-374-1595

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