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									                                    KENTUCKY TRANSPORTATION CABINET                                                    TC 63-27
                                              DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS                                        Rev. 4/98 Mod. 12/99
                                              DIVISION OF CONSTRUCTION
                                    FINAL ESTIMATE TRANSMITTAL SHEET
TO:                Director, Division of Construction                                                         Date
ATTENTION:         Final Estimate Section                                                                    PCN
SUBJECT:           Project No:                                                               Encumbrance No.
                   County:                                             TC 10 No.                      District No.

Attached please find data pertaining to final estimate for subject project.
Note: Indicate submission of data by checkmark (X)
Indicate all data being sent under separate cover by asterick (*) and explain in remarks

    (1)            As-Built Plans, X-Sections and Drainage Sheets
    (2)            Change Orders, TC 63-1 (No.                 thru            )
    (3)            Final Estimate, TC 14-7
    (4)            QA-QC Adjustment Sheets
    (5)            Contract Overtime and Liquidated Damage Review, TC 63-26
    (6)            Rideability Worksheets
    (7)            Daily Inspector's Report, TC 63-28
    (8)            Field Books and Pay Books (Total No.                )
    (9)            Weight Tickets computer generated and Total tapes if needed
   (10)            Letters addressing Non-Spec and Failing Material which received Deductions
   (11)            Record of Piles Furnished and Driven, TC 63-8
   (12)            Fuel Price Adjustment Worksheet, TC 63-51, and Supporting Data
   (13)            Asphalt Price Adjustment Worksheet, TC 63-52, and Supporting Data
   (14)            PR 47
   (15)            Trip Tickets for Overlay Material
   (16)            KYCEMPII Project Disk, Uniform Project No.                              Date Saved


          Submit Single Copy Only
                                                                                   District Construction Engineer

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