Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Assignment

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					Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition Assignment

    1.     You will be assigned a vitamin or mineral to research.
           Collect the answers to the questions below. Be sure to record your sources.
    2.     Put the information in a power point presentation.
    3.     Present the information to your class mates (Level 3 or 4) , or present the information to
           your teacher. (Level 1 or 2) of the presentation mark. Your presentation will allow your
           classmates to complete a chart on the basics.

Minerals             Vitamins
Calcium              Folic Acid                         Vitamin E
Zinc                 Thiamin B1                         Vitamin K
Iron                 Riboflavin B2                      Folic Acid
Phosphorus           Pyridoxine B6                      Thiamin B1
Fluoride             Cobalamin B12                      Niacin
Potassium            Vitamin A
Sodium               Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Magnesium            Vitamin D

Resources: I recommend you don’t google, go to CHCI Library Data Bases  Virtual Library
Secondary Reference        Teen Health & Wellness or
                     Health and Wellness
                     Gale Virtual Reference Library
                     Canadian Reference
Name: _________________________                   My substance: _____________________

( )
Sites Used:

Is it a Vitamin or a Mineral?             If a Vitamin, is it water soluble or fat soluble?

What functions does it serve in the human body?

What food sources provide this substance?

“Great sources:                                            okay sources:

Do people need to take a supplement in order to get enough of this substance? Any particular groups of

Can a person take too much of this substance? If so, what could happen?

What happens if a person is deficient (lacks) this substance?

Other interesting information you find: