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									          - colloquium - pre-announcement -

CHERNOBYL - 20 years and beyond
             What has been learned from the accident ?
                   What is still needed for recovery ?

                Brussels, Friday 24th March 2006

In commemoration of the Chernobyl accident 20 years ago, the French Society for
Radiation Protection (SFRP) and the Belgian Society for Radiation Protection
(BVSABR) organise jointly a one day colloquium in Brussels.
Speakers with various backgrounds have been invited and will present a synthesis
of technical, organisational and humanitarian aspects. Looking back to what
happened over these 20 years, but also looking forward to what is still needed for
recovery. Chernobyl should not be forgotten.

                 The colloquium is hosted by the European Commission.
                 The presentations will be in English.

 Final announcement and subscription form will be issued in January 2006.
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                                  - 24th March 2006 -
                   - colloquium programme -

CHERNOBYL - 20 years and beyond
P. Govaerts, General Manager SCK CEN Research Centre, B
          Chernobyl, the accident scenario and its global impact
H. Henderickx, Journalist at the VRT Radio Newsdesk, B
          The slow atombomb
M. De Cort, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, DG JRC, European Commission
          International environmental radioactivity information exchange: the
          Chernobyl experience
Dr. A.H. Dal, former Crisis Management Director for the Min. of Housing, Sp. Planning and Environment, NL
          Crisis communication, crisis management : lessons learned
JP. Joulia, Head of the Nuclear Safety Unit, Europaid Co-operation Office, European Commission
          The EU assistance to mitigate the Chernobyl accident consequences
Dr. D. Louvat, Head of the Waste Safety Section, International Atomic Energy Agency
Prof. M. Balonov, Head of the Radioactive Discharges Unit, International Atomic Energy Agency
          The Chernobyl Forum : findings and recommendations
Prof. J. Kenigsberg, Chairman National Commission on Radiation Protection under Council of Ministry,
          Thyroid cancer after Chernobyl accident
Dr. E.Hindié, Maître des Conférences des Universités, Paris, F
          Health effects in the European Union
J.M. Havenaar, psychiatrist at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre, Department of Psychiatry, NL
          Psychological factors affecting health after the Chernobyl disaster
Chr. Vanhoof, PR representative of the ‘Chernobylkinderen’ association, B
          Humanitarian support to south-east Belarus
Prof. A.Aurengo, Chief of the nuclear medicine department at the hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris)
President of the Société Française de Radioprotection, F
          The World Health Organization report on the health effects of the
          Chernobyl accident

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