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									                                                      What will be different?                                Thematic roundtables
      Conference Announcement
5th TICH Annual Scientific Conference                 This conference will differ from the conventional      Roundtables will focus on key strategic themes
          3rd – 6th May 2008                          paradigm of conferencing by:                           including:
           Kisumu, Kenya
                                                      •    Creating multi-voice sessions in order to         •   Sustaining Community Based Workers
Conference Theme:                                          capture experiences from different                •   The role of Traditional Birth Attendants
                                                           communities e.g marginalized groups etc           •   Addressing the Human Resource for Health Crisis
“The transformation approaches to Health and          •    Addressing deficiencies in research to policy     •   Exclusive breastfeeding in resource poor settings
Development in Africa”                                •    Focusing on the quest for practical, proven       •   Male circumcision and its impact on the Health
                                                                                                                 Care System
                                                           and effective solutions
Sub-themes:                                                                                                  •   Evidence Based Policy and Advocacy
                                                      •    Focusing on failure of access to core groups
                                                                                                             •   OBA as a model of health financing to improve
                                                           to find practical solutions                           reproductive health
1. Sub-theme 1: Health Systems Development            •    Providing policy briefs from conference
   and Management                                                                                            •   Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC) and
                                                           innovations.                                          HIV
2. Sub-theme 2: Human Resources Development
   and Management                                                                                            Skills building workshop
3. Sub-theme 3: Community Based Development           Conference outputs/outcomes
   and Management                                                                                            These sessions provide opportunity for participants
                                                      •    Increased knowledge and empowerment               interested in strengthening their skills and knowledge in
Why the conference?                                        researchers, policy makers and community          selected topical areas.
                                                           players to effectively address critical social    1. Sustainable Community Based Health Initiatives
This conference will address the gap in translating        issues including safeguarding the afflicted
knowledge into practice by providing a forum for:                                                            2. The role of Communication in Health and
                                                           and affected                                          Development
                                                      •    Framework for translating research into           3. Strengthening Nursing Leadership
•   Sharing innovations, success stories to inform         policy and action                                 4. Infant and Child Nutrition
    future approaches on Community Based                                                                     5. Nutrition for PLWHA
                                                      •    Defined effective intervention packages
    approaches to Health and Development                                                                     6. Palliative Care for the terminally Ill
                                                      •    Framework for contextualizing imported
•   Create effective awareness of obstacles to                                                               7. Managing Acute Emergencies
                                                           models                                            8. Community Partnerships in the Health Systems
    application of what is known
                                                      •    Framework for reaching vulnerable, marginalized       Improvement
•   Sharing on how to contextualize imported or            hard-to-reach groups
    imposed models for intervention.                                                                         9. Community Strategy in provision of Essential
                                                      •    Framework for continuity of research themes           Package of Health
•   Define effective packages for action in           •    Communication      strategy   framework     for   10. Continuing Professional Development and
    Community Based Approaches                             community level advocacy                              Mentorship
•   Identifying effective approaches that yield
•   Suggesting relevant policies to provide
    enabling environment for scaling up
    innovation and programs.
                                                2. Exhibition for marketing and
Conference audience                             promotion
                                                At a cost of USD 300 per stand for the
Conference participants will include            entire conference period.
researchers, Policy makers, Academicians,
NGOs, Government Ministries, FBO, UN            The cost covers registration for two people,
agencies and Donors.                            a tent (2 x 2 m), one table, a chair and boards
                                                for exhibition.
3. Scientific Papers

Scientific papers will be judged based on the   Registration Fees:
following criteria,:
                                                1. Individual registration USD 100.00
•   Introduction                                2. Group registration USD 300.00
•   Objectives                                  (4 up to 5 participants)
                                                3. Founder Members of TICH and students
•   Methodology
                                                USD 50.00 per person
•   Results                                                                                       5th TICH Annual Scientific
•   Innovations
•   Conclusion
                                                Online registrationn available at
•   Recommendations
                                                Important Date:
Poster presentations                            •   The deadline for abstract submission is
                                                    March 15th 2008
                                                •   The deadline for registration is April 15th    Conference Announcement
Posters should be 90 (length) x 80 (width)
centimeters typed (including Tables,
Figures) Font size of at least 28 pts (Times
                                                Other Activities:
New Roman)
                                                • Exhibitions by participating communities
                                                                                                       3rd – 6th May 2008
Exhibition space                                • Excursions to Lake Victoria, Kisumu
                                                   Museum, Impala Park, Kakamega forest
Exhibition space is available. There are two       Mbita Islands and Nakuru National
types of exhibitions.                              Parks.
Types of exhibitions:                                           Rose Olayo
                                                          Conference Coordinator
1. Community /Self help groups                   P.O Box 2224 – 40100 KISUMU, Kenya                     Kisumu, Kenya
At USD 150 per stand for the entire                  Tel : +254 57 2023972/ 2024871
conference period.                                         Fax: +254 57 2024577
                                                   E-Mail: conference

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