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									Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp.
 Subject:         Conforming Jumbo Being Retired

 Date:            November 6, 2008
Conforming Jumbo Being Retired

  Freddie Mac has announced their plans to retire the Conforming Jumbo product and release the new Super Conforming product in accordance with the Housing
  and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. TB&W is in the process of programming the guidelines for the new Super Conforming Mortgages and will be releasing
  those soon. In the interim, TB&W will discontinue the ability to Register any Conforming Jumbo loan on November 10, 2008.
            Any loan registered as a Conforming Jumbo loan must Close and/or be Purchased by TB&W no later than 11/30/2008 - TB&W has delivery deadlines
            with Freddie Mac and will not be able to provide any extensions beyond that date.
  Once we complete our programming and release the Super Conforming product, you will be able to register loans under the new guidelines. TB&W will release
  an announcement at that time.

  Please direct questions to TB&W Management, Account Executive, or Client Services. Thank you.

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