GMU Grand Piano Celebration by aqk68475

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									          GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY

                                [         presents        \

            A “Grand” Piano Celebration

                   All-Steinway School Piano Dedication
            The Jean Carrington Cook Memorial Piano
                                 Scholarship Recital

          Featuring George Mason Faculty and Students

                         Sunday, September 16, 2007
                                          4:00 PM

                     Reception immediately following
                         Concert Hall Grand Tier III

The George Mason University Department of Music and the College of Visual & Performing Arts
                  gratefully acknowledge the following who helped make
                          Mason’s A ll- St einw ay School a reality:

                                        Private Donors
                                   Sid and Reva Dewberry
                                   William and Susan Soza
                                  William and Eleanor Hazel
                                    John and Nina Toups
                                  Milt and Carolyn Peterson
                                    Peter and Carol Kirby
                                   Al and Claire Dwoskin
                                       Lee Technologies
                                  Larry and Gioconda Doll
                                     Wes and Betty Foster

                                 George Mason University
                                  Alan Merten, President
                                   Peter Stearns, Provost
                           Maurice Scherrens, Senior Vice President
                               Tom Hennessey, Chief of Staff
                  Donna Kidd, Associate Vice-President of Budget and Planning
                  William Reeder, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts
                       Brian Marcus, Associate Dean, Development, CVPA
                 Andrew Bursten, Director of Finance and Administration, CVPA
                          James Gardner, Chair, Department of Music
                  Linda Apple Monson, Associate Chair, Department of Music
                              David Sapp, Steinway Technician

                                     Jordan Kitt’s Music
                           William McCormick, President and CEO
                         Rick Grant, Executive Vice-President and CFO
                             Chris Syllaba, Executive Vice-President
                           Janet Laird, Director of Institutional Sales
                         Ken Saliba, Vice-President of Institutional Sales

                                      Steinway and Sons
                                   Bruce Stevens, President
                         Sally Coveleskie, Director of Institutional Sales

              Plaque designed by Mr. Dewberry for Mason’s new Steinway grand pianos
George Mason University All-Steinway School
An extraordinary gift of sixteen brand new Steinway grand pianos has enabled Mason to become
an All-Steinway School. Sidney O. Dewberry, former rector of Mason’s Board of Visitors, spearhead-
ed an initiative last spring to make Mason a registered “All-Steinway School.” Through private sup-
port of individual donors and matching funds from the University, the music department has been
able to purchase sixteen top-of-the-line Steinway grand pianos for the deLaski practice
rooms/teaching studios.

All-Steinway Schools provide a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties
with the best equipment possible for the study of music. Pianos are critical to every aspect of the
instrumental and vocal programs at George Mason University. This truly transformational gift will
have an enormous impact on the quality of the practice, teaching, and performance situations that
our outstanding music students and faculty encounter on a daily basis. In addition, having superi-
or instruments will help us in recruiting and retaining the very best music students and faculty to
GMU. Becoming an All-Steinway School speaks volumes about a music department because it sym-
bolizes the highest levels of excellence and commitment to quality. George Mason University will
join the ranks of distinguished schools such as the Juilliard School of Music, the Yale School of
Music, and the Oberlin College Conservatory.


Sidney O. Dewberry is Chairman and Founder of Dewberry, a 1,870+-person, award-winning archi-
tectural, engineering, planning, surveying and landscape architecture firm headquartered in
Fairfax, Virginia with 34 offices nationwide. Dewberry serves on numerous boards and committees
which include the George Mason University Board of Visitors, of which he is the former Rector, the
George Mason University Foundation Board of Trustees, the George Mason University Civil
Engineering Institute Board of Directors as an Emeritus member, the Cardinal Financial
Corporation Board of Directors, the World Affairs Council of Washington, DC, the Northern
Virginia Transportation Alliance, the Washington Airports Task Force, the Virginia Business-
Higher Education Council, the Foundation for Virginia and the INOVA Health Systems
Foundation Board and Executive Committee. He was awarded the Northern Virginia Building
Industry Association Man of the Year Award in 1978 and the George Washington University
Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1988. He served as chairman of the George Mason University
Capital Campaign from 1998-2005. He was awarded the George Mason Medal in 1997, the highest
honor bestowed by George Mason University. In 2006, the National Association of Fundraising
Professionals honored him as their outstanding Fundraising Volunteer of the Year. Professionally
he is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Member of the American Public Works
Association, National Society of Professional Engineers, Virginia Association of Surveyors and the
Surveyors Historical Society. He has previously been appointed by the Governor to serve on numer-
ous commissions to include the Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education and the
Commission on Transportation Policy. Dewberry graduated from George Washington University,
BCE 1951. He has coauthored three books including a well-known engineering manual, the Land
Development Handbook, on its third edition. He and his wife, Reva, reside in Arlington, Virginia.
They have four children: Barry, Karen, Michael, and Tom.


The George Mason University Department of Music and the College of Visual & Performing Arts
gratefully acknowledge Dr. C. Barrie Cook and the late Jean Carrington Cook for their endowed
piano scholarship awards to talented Mason students.
                                                   Special Ceremony

All-Steinway School Dedication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sally Coveleskie
                                                 Director of Institutional Sales Steinway and Sons
Recognition of Special Guests


Suite No. 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Johann Sebastian Bach
                                            Jorge Luis Martinez Padron

Sonata Tempest, Op. 31, No. 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ludwig van Beethoven
         III) Allegretto
                                            Hwana Lee

Ballade No. 2 in F Major, Op. 38 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frederic Chopin
                                    Jennifer Robinson

Rhapsody, Op. 79, No. 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Johannes Brahms
                                                Min Son

Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 57 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frederic Chopin
        II) Scherzo
                                   Yoonji Rachel Kim

Liebesfreud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fritz Kreisler,
                                                                                          trans. Sergei Rachmaninoff
                                                    Oh Sung Choi

Sonata Appassionata, Op. 57 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ludwig van Beethoven
        III) Allegro, ma non troppo
                                              Jihae Lim

Slavonic Dance in F Major, Op. 46, No. 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Antonín Dvo ák
                                   Christine Nguyen
                                   Jennifer Robinson
                                        Min Son
                                       Jihae Lim

Evocation (from Suite Iberia) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaac Albeniz
El Pelele (from Goyescas) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enrique Granados
                                        Linda Apple Monson

Suite Populaire Espagnole (from Siete Canciones Populares Españolas) . . Manuel de Falla,
         Nana                                                  trans. Maurice Marechal
                                Miron Yampolsky, cello
                              Anna Balakerskaia, piano

El Paño Moruno (from Siete Canciones populares Españolas) . . . . . . . . . . . Manuel de Falla
                            Patricia Miller, mezzo-soprano
                             Linda Apple Monson, piano

Meine Liebe ist Grun, Op. 63, No. 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Johannes Brahms
Morgan, Op. 27, No. 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Strauss
Zueignung, Op. 10, No. 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Strauss
                                 Patricia Miller, mezzo-soprano
                                  Linda Apple Monson, piano

Jamaican Rhumba . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Arthur Benjamin
                                    Linda Apple Monson, piano
                                      Anna Balakerskaia, piano

El Paño Moruno, from Siete Canciones
     Populares Españolas - Manuel de Falla
(The Moorish Cloth)
Al paño fino en la tienda,                     That cloth so fine on the counter,
Una mancha le cayo;                            If once blemished by a stain;
Por menos precio se vende                      Will sell for little or nothing
Porque perdió su valor. Ay!                    And value never regain.

Meine Liebe ist Grün, Op. 63, No. 5 –
     Johannes Brahms
(My Love is Green)
Text: Felix Schumann

Meine Liebe ist grün wie der Fliederbusch,     My love is green like the lilac bush,
Und mein Lieb ist schön wie die Sonne!         And my love is beautiful like the sun!
Die glänzt wohl herab auf den Fliederbusch,    It shines upon the lilac bush,
Und füllt ihn mit Duft und mit Wonne.          And fills it with fragrance and delight.

Meine Seele hat Schwingen der Nachtigall       My soul has wings of the nightingale
Und wiegt sich in blühendem Flieder,           And floats in the blossoming lilac,
Und jauchzet und singet vom Duft berauscht,    And shouts and sings, overcome by the
Viel liebestrunkene Lieder.                         fragrance,
                                               Many songs that are intoxicated with love.

Morgen! Op. 27, No. 4 – Richard Strauss
Text: John Henry Mackay

Und morgen wird die Sonne wieder scheinen      And tomorrow the sun will shine again
Und auf dem Wege, den ich gehen werde,         And on the path, where I shall walk,
Wird uns, die Glücklichen, sie wieder einen    It will again unite us, the happy ones
Inmitten dieser sonnenatmenden Erde…           In the midst of this sun-breathing earth…
Und zu dem Strand, dem weiten,                 And to the wide, blue-waved shore
    wogenblauen                                We will quietly and slowly descend,
Werden wir still und langsam niedersteigen,    Mute, we will gaze into each other’s eyes,
Stumm, werden wir uns in die Augen schauen     And on us, will sink the muted silence
Und auf uns, sinkt des Gluckes stummes               of happiness…

Zueignung, Op. 10, No. 1 – Richard Strauss
Text: Hermann von Gilm

Ja, du weisst es, teure Seele                  Yes, you know it, beloved soul,
Das ich fern von dir mich quäle                That it pains me when I am far from you,
Liebe macht die Herzen krank,                  Love makes the heart suffer,
Habe dank.                                     I thank you.
Einst hielt ich, der Freiheit Zecher           Once I, the one who delighted in freedom,
Hoch den Amethysten-Becher                           held
Und du segnetest den Trank                     High the amethyst cup,
Habe dank.                                     And you blessed the drink,
Und beschworst darin die Bösen                 I thank you.
Bis ich, was ich nie gewesen,                  And exorcised the evil ones therein
Heilig, heilig an’s Herz dir sank,             Until I, as I had never been,
Habe dank.                                     Holy, holy onto your heart I sank,
                                               I thank you.
Meet the Student Artists
Jorge Luis Martinez Padron, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is a senior piano performance major at
George Mason University. A native of Cuba, Jorge studied at the National University of Costa Rica for several years
with the piano professor Alexander Skliutovsky. Jorge was chosen to perform Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No.1 (first
movement) with the GMU Symphony Orchestra as a result of winning the 2006 concerto competition. He also
was chosen to perform on the 2005 GMU Honors Recital. In addition, he performed in a piano master class with
Dr. Ruskin Cooper at GMU in 2006 and he was featured in a solo performance in Old Town Hall, Fairfax, in the
2006 Spotlight on the Arts gala concert. Additional solo and chamber performances include: University of New
Mexico, Los Alamos branch; La Habana, Cuba; and the National Theatre of Costa Rica in concert with UNA
(Universidad Nacional Autonoma) Symphonic Chorus. Jorge is receiving a Peterson scholarship award for his music

Hwana Lee, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is a junior piano performance major pursuing a Bachelor of
Music degree at George Mason University. She previously won the Northern Virginia Community College
Performance Competition and has recently been awarded a Jean Carrington Cook piano scholarship at George
Mason University.

Jennifer Robinson, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is currently a sophomore music major at George Mason
University. She also plays violin in the GMU Symphony Orchestra. In her freshman year at GMU, Jennifer was
selected to perform in the Virginia Music Teacher’s Association Student Recital and in the 2007 GMU Honors
Recital. While in high school, Jennifer studied piano with Roseanne Conway. She won 2nd place in the 2004
NVMTA Concerto Competition and 3rd place in the James Bland Competition. She also received many consec-
utive superiors in Junior Festival. She is the recipient of a Jean Carrington Cook piano scholarship.

Min Son, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is a piano performance major pursuing a Bachelor of Music
degree at George Mason University. In addition, he is also pursuing studies with a pre-med emphasis. Min was
selected to perform for the 2007 Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts Musicale. He also presented an All-Chopin Recital
at George Mason University last spring. Min has been awarded a Friends of Music scholarship and an Osher Lifelong
Learning Institute scholarship award.

Yoonji Rachel Kim, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is currently a graduate student pursuing a Master of
Music in Piano Performance degree at George Mason University. She is a 2005 Mason graduate with a Bachelor of
Music in Piano Performance. Yoonji was chosen to perform in the 2007 and 2004 GMU Honors Recitals. She was
also chosen to perform Chopin’s Concerto No. 1 in e minor with the GMU Symphony Orchestra as a result of win-
ning the 2004 concerto competition. She also performed in Fairfax Old Town Hall for 2004 Spotlight on the Arts
Scholarship Concerts. She has had the opportunities to perform in piano master classes with Awadagin Pratt, Lise
Keiter-Brotzman, and Jeffrey Siegel. Yoonji has been the recipient of a Jean Carrington Cook piano scholarship.

Oh Sung Choi, a student of Dr. Anna Balakerskaia, is a senior piano performance major pursuing a Bachelor of
Music degree at George Mason University. Oh Sung won the 2006 Virginia Music Teachers Association Piano
Concerto Competition (college level division) and performed the 3rd movement of Tchaikovsky’s Piano
Concerto No. 1 with the GMU Symphony Orchestra. He performed in piano master classes at GMU conducted
by Jeffrey Siegel in 2005 and also by Dr. Ruskin Cooper in 2006. In July of 2007, he received an Honorable
Mention at the Schlern International Music Competition in Schlern, Italy. Oh Sung is the recipient of a Peterson
scholarship award.

Jihae Lim, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is currently a senior music education major at George Mason
University. She was the winner of the 2007 GMU Concerto Competition and performed a Mozart piano concer-
to with the GMU Symphony Orchestra. Jihae was chosen to perform in the 2006 GMU Honors Recital and she
also performed in Old Town Hall in Fairfax as part of the 2005 and 2006 Spotlight on the Arts Scholarship
Concert. In addition, she served as pianist for the theatre production of James Joyce’s “The Dead” at George
Mason in March of 2006. She also performed in master classes at GMU presented by Ruskin Cooper and Jeffrey
Siegel. Jihae serves as pianist for the Korean Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, Virginia. Jihae earned the Associate
Applied Arts degree at Northern Virginia Community College in 2004. She was the recipient of numerous awards
at NVCC, including prizes in both classical and jazz piano performance. A high school graduate of the
International Christian School in Seoul, Korea, Jihae received first prize in the Young Artist Piano Competition
in Seoul. Jihae is the recipient of a Peterson scholarship award.

Christine Nguyen, a student of Dr. Linda Apple Monson, is a junior pursuing a degree in music education at
George Mason University. She performed in Old Town Hall in Fairfax as part of the 2005 and 2006 Spotlight on
the Arts Gala Concert, and has performed in the Jean Carrington Cook Piano Scholarship Concerts since 2005.
Other 2006 performances include the GMU Honors Recital and the Virginia Music Teacher’s Association
Student Recital. Christine has had the privilege of studying with Dr. Monson privately for many years while in mid-
dle and high school. A 2005 graduate of Hayfield Secondary School, she distinguished herself in the music
department by serving as the choral accompanist. In addition, she received numerous awards in piano solo com-
petitions, including twelve years of consecutive superior ratings through the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs.
She also has been a prizewinner in the Mary Smart Piano Scholarship Competition. Christine was the recipient
of the Ruth Haycock endowed piano scholarship award her freshman year and has received a Jean Carrington Cook piano
scholarship award in subsequent years.
Meet the Faculty Artists
Dr. Linda Apple Monson, pianist, Associate Chair of the Department of Music at George Mason University, also
serves as Director of Keyboard Studies at GMU. In addition, she is the Director of Music at Springfield United
Methodist Church. Dr. Monson has previously served on the music faculties of the College of Notre Dame of
Maryland, the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore School for the Arts, and Northern
Virginia Community College. Professor Monson earned three degrees from the Peabody Conservatory of Music
of the Johns Hopkins University: the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance, the Master of Music
degree in Piano, and the Bachelor of Music Education degree with a double-major in piano and bassoon. She
also received a Diploma in Piano from Música en Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. In addition, she
studied piano chamber music at Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Monson has given
numerous performances throughout the United States and Europe as piano soloist, accompanist, and chamber
musician. She was recently selected for the Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster (in collaboration with the U.S. State
Department and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars). Recent engagements in July 2007 includ-
ed a lecture-recital at the Oxford Round Table in England and performances for the College Music Society
International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. She also recently presented lecture recitals (2007) at
Westminster Choir College (NJ), University of Miami (FL), Bowling Green University (OH), and Gardner-Webb
University (NC). She also performed in Madrid, Spain (June 2005) as a lecture-recitalist for the International
College Music Society Conference and performed a lecture-recital for the Hawaii International Conference on
Arts and Humanities (Honolulu, January 2006). Additional recent lecture-recital performances include: Puerto
Rico Conservatory of Music (February 2006), University of California at Berkeley (March 2006), and Wilkes
University in Wilkes Barre, PA (March 2006). She also presented a lecture-recital in Hannover, Germany (June
2006) for the Alban Berg Symposium/Festival and she was a featured lecture-recitalist (September 2006) for the
National Conference of the College Music Society held in San Antonio, Texas. She was also chosen to present lec-
ture-recitals for the 2003 International College Music Society Conference at the University of Costa Rica in San
Jose, as well as the 2003 National College Music Society Conference in Miami, Florida. In addition, she also per-
formed for the 2004 CMS Regional conference at Meredith College, North Carolina. Dr. Monson recently pre-
sented solo piano recitals and piano master classes at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge; Davidson
College in Charlotte, North Carolina; and Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. She has performed annu-
ally at George Mason University in solo and chamber music, including several premieres by GMU faculty compos-
er Glenn Smith. She was piano concerto soloist with the George Mason University Symphony Orchestra in 2005,
directed by Anthony Maiello. She also performed with Richard Stoltzman and the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra,
directed by Jim Carroll, in a performance at GMU in 2004. In addition, she served as a panelist and concert com-
mentator for the 2003-2004 Virginia Chamber Orchestra satellite broadcasts, Music of the Romantic Era and
Music by Modern Masters, which were broadcast to all community colleges in the U.S. Dr. Monson also served as
collaborative pianist for the International Clarinet Festival/Competition at the University of Maryland during
July of 2004. Upcoming performances include a lecture-recital for the National Conference of the College Music
Society in Salt Lake City, Utah in November 2007. She will also present a piano master class and solo recital at the
University of Alabama, Huntsville, in January of 2008 in which she will perform a world premiere. Dr. Monson's
students have been winners of many competitions.

Professor Patricia Miller, mezzo-soprano and Professor of Music at George Mason University, serves as Director
of Vocal Studies, Faculty Producer of the GMU Opera Theater and Director of the GMU Summer Institute of
Vocal Arts. An internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano, she is a graduate of Boston University, the New England
Conservatory, and as a Fulbright Scholar, received her Artists’ Diploma in Performance from the Accademia di
Santa Cecilia in Rome. Miss Miller has also completed advanced vocal studies at the International Schubert
Institute in Baden-bei-Wein, Austria and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Miss Miller has been a Reader’s Digest
sponsored Artist-in Residence at Lafayette College, and Professor of Voice at the University of Missouri/ in
Columbia, Missouri and the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio.
Miss Miller has appeared in leading operatic roles with the San Francisco, Houston Grand, Dallas, Denver,
Cleveland, Detroit, Ft. Worth, Orange County, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City operas. Miss Miller made
her European debut with the Basel Opera, Basel, Switzerland as Isabella in Rossini’s “L’Italiana in Algeri” (she
sang leading mezzo-soprano roles with this company for two years), and has since performed in opera and con-
cert with leading opera companies and orchestras in Europe, South America, the United States, Canada,
Australia and Tokyo, Japan. Highlights from Miss Miller’s career include performances in the title role of Bizet’s
Carmen with the New York City Opera, the Victoria State Opera of Melbourne, Australia, the Ft .Worth Opera, the
Lyon (France) Opera and in the title role of the Peter Brook production La Tragedie de Carmen in Munich,
Pompeii, Milan and Tokyo; performances of the title role in Rossini’s “L’Italiana in Algeri” (her debut in Basel
and San Francisco), concert performances of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis and Dvorak’s Requiem with the American
Symphony at Carnegie Hall; concert performances in the title role of “Porgy & Bess” with Dennis Russell Davies
at the Beethovahalle in Bonn, Germany and in the role of Serena in concert performances at the Musikverein in
Vienna, Austria; world tour performances of “Porgy & Bess” with Lorin Maazel and the Pittsburgh Symphony, tel-
evised performances in the title role of “Porgy and Bess” with the Lyon, France Symphony Orchestra; staged pro-
ductions in the roles of Serena and Bess in “Porgy and Bess” with Houston Grand Opera, the Paris Chatelet
Theatre and the Deutsche Oper Berlin; opening concerts for the Inaugural year of the New Strathmore Music
Center with the National Philharmonic Orchestra; concerts, lecture-performances and solo recitals at the
Austrian Embassy, the French Embassy, the National Cathedral, the National Building Museum, the Corcoran
Gallery of Art Guest Artist Series, the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress. Her performance featuring the
music of Mikalojus Ciurlionis at the Library of Congress, co-sponsored by the Fulbright Association and the
Lithuanian Embassy met with high praise and she was presented a special honor by Lithuanian Ambassador H.E.
Stasys Sakalauskas. Additional performances include a guest artist recital with the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra
of Kiev, Ukraine. Miss Miller has recorded the role of Dejanira from Cavalli’s opera Ercole Amante with the English
Bach Festival Orchestra in London, Michel Corboz, conductor, for Erato Records. Other highlights of her career
include concert performances of Monteverdi’s Orfeo with the Gulbankian Orchestra of Lisbon, and the
L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Geneva (Michel Corboz, conductor), a televised performance in the title
role of Bizet’s Carmen (in Bogota, Columbia) which received the Palco de Honor from South American televi-
sion. A highly respected master class clinician and voice teacher, Miss Miller was selected to Who’s Who Among
American Teachers, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. Her voice students have won national, regional and state vocal com-
petitions, and are singing with opera companies in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Anna Balakerskaia, pianist, received her Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Piano
Performance, Pedagogy, Chamber Music, and Accompaniment from the St. Petersburg State Conservatory and
was later appointed Faculty Member of the Moscow and the St. Petersburg State Conservatories. In St. Petersburg
she studied piano with the renowned pianist and master teacher Nadeszda Golubovskaia and chamber music with
Professor Tamara Fidler. Ms. Balakerskaia has collaborated with such noted artists as Leonid Kogan, Kirill
Kondrashin, Victor Tretyakov, Daniel Shafran, Dmitri Tziganov, Vladimir Landsman, and Michael Ganvarg,
among others. Her concert tours have taken her to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, Belgium, Italy,
Finland, United States, Canada and Argentina, with chamber music performances in Carnegie Hall, Salle Gaveau
of Paris, the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Teatro Colon in Buenos-Aires, Palais des Arts in Montreal,
the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Corcoran Gallery,
National Gallery of Arts, and the Library of Congress. She has recorded for the Vernissage Records label as a
founding member of Ensemble da Camera of Washington DC. Ms. Balakerskaia has also made recordings with
other local and international artists, including Zino Bogachek. Ms. Balakerskaia has been awarded many prizes,
among them the three-time winner of the Best Accompaniment Diploma of the International Tchaikovsky
Competition in Moscow. Dr. Balakerskaia is a faculty member in piano at George Mason University and the
Levine School of Music. She also teaches at the International Summer Music Festivals in Holland, Germany, Italy,
and Russia. Her students have been winners of multiple competitions, both in the United States and Europe.

Miron Yampolsky, cellist, studied with the legendary Mstislav Rostropovich for 16 years, first at the Central Special
Music School in Moscow and later at the Moscow Conservatory. After being awarded one of the top prizes in the
International Chamber Music Competition in Munich, Germany, Mr. Yampolsky performed extensively as orches-
tral soloist, in recital as well as a member of the piano trio. After leaving SSSR for Israel, he performed as a soloist
with Kol Israel Symphony Orchestra and Haifa Symphony and in recitals throughout the country. After immigrat-
ing to the United States, Mr. Yampolsky made his New York debut at Alice Tully Hall to rave reviews. Since then,
he has been giving concerts extensively throughout the US and has performed with many orchestras, including
Baltimore Symphony, Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra and others. Solo recitals have taken him to New York,
Boston, San Francisco, and Miami, among others. He has made many radio broadcasts on WQXR and WNYC in
New York and WGMS in Washington, DC. A frequent participant in music festivals, Mr. Yampolsky was invited to
perform in the Tanglewood Summer Music Festival and Spoleto USA. An active promoter of contemporary cello
music, Mr. Yampolsky was chosen to give a world premiere of Herman Berlinsky’s Sinfonia No. 10 for Violoncello
and Organ in the Washington National Cathedral, later repeated in New York and San Francisco. Mr. Yampolsky
is also the recipient of the prestigious Villa Lobos Memorial Medal for his efforts in promoting the composer’s
music in the United States.


Jean Carrington Cook

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Jean Carrington Cook began studying piano at the age of five. Her early teach-
ers included Virginia Wylie, Ellen Guigon and Florence Givens. After graduating from St. Catherine’s School, she
attended Converse College and later, Syracuse University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Music
degree in piano performance. During college, her teachers included Ernst Bacon, John Powell, Heinrich
Gebhard, Alexander Lipsky and Thomas Schumacher. As a performer, Mrs. Cook presented concerts through-
out the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, the USSR and Canada. She also appeared with the Syracuse,
Fairfax, and McLean Orchestras, as well as the Frederick Community Orchestra, the Shenandoah Conservatory
Orchestra, and the Shenandoah Festival Orchestra. Locally, Mrs. Cook maintained a teaching practice for many
years and was also an active member of the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association and the Friday
Morning Music Club. During her lifetime Mrs. Cook earned prestigious music awards including the Conservatory
Medal of Excellence from Shenandoah University; the Career Achievement Award from Converse College; and
the Rose of Honor Award from Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity. She released recordings pro-
duced by Scott Dargan of Shield Recording and Dicran Jamgochian of Golden Age. In 1995 Mrs. Cook and her
husband Dr. C. Barrie Cook, were awarded special recognition from the George Mason University Music
Department for their support of the music programs at George Mason University. Until her death in March 2001,
Mrs. Cook performed concerts annually in the fall to raise funds for the Jean Carrington Cook Piano Scholarship
at George Mason University and for the Eugenia Evans Piano Scholarship at Shenandoah University. These schol-
arships were established by Dr. and Mrs. Cook to assist aspiring pianists entering music degree programs at each
of these respective universities. The George Mason University community is indebted to the late Jean Carrington
Cook and her husband, Barrie, for their invaluable contributions to the music programs at George Mason
                                         DR. JAMES E. GARDNER, CHAIR
                                  DR. LINDA APPLE MONSON, ASSOCIATE CHAIR
Brass & Percussion                                           Clyde Hughes, class brass
Roger Behrend, euphonium/tuba                                Marshall Maley, class percussion
Stanley Curtis, trumpet                                      Glen McCarthy, class guitar
Dennis Edelbrock, trumpet                                    David Sternbach, Arts & Wellness
Kenneth Harbison, percussion                                 Meghan Whittier, class voice
Clyde Hughes, class brass
John Kilkenny, class percussion                              Music History & Literature
Eric Moore, horn                                             Hubert Beckwith
Matthew Neff, trombone                                       Mark Bergman
Kenneth Rittenhouse, jazz trumpet                            Beth Bullard, Director of World Music Studies
Harold Summey, jazz percussion                               James E. Gardner
Edwin C. Thayer, horn                                        Steven Gerber, music librarian
David Whaley, horn                                           Jesse Guessford
                                                             Kelly Ker-Hackleman
Conducting & Ensembles                                       Michael Nickens, pop music
Lisa A. Billingham, University Chorale                       Margaret Owens
Mark Camphouse, Instrumental Conducting, Wind                Tom Owens
   Symphony, composition
James Carroll, Jazz Ensemble                                 Strings
Richard Novak, opera                                         Jeanne Chalifoux, harp
Frank Conlon, opera                                          Cheri Collins, class strings
Michael Crabill, opera & diction                             Glenn Dewey, double bass
Stanley Engebretson, Dir. of Choral Studies; Vocal Jazz,     James E. Gardner, violin
   Choral Conducting, Chamber Singers                        Peter Haase, violin, chamber orchestra
Clyde Hughes, Symphonic Band                                 Edwin Johonnott, violin/viola, chamber ensembles
Anthony Maiello, Director of Instrumental Studies;           Kyoko Okamoto, koto
   Instrumental Conducting, Symphony Orchestra               Robert T. Park, cello
Patricia Miller, mezzo-soprano, Director of Vocal Studies,   Ramon Scavelli, viola
   opera                                                     Larry Snitzler, guitar
Michael Nickens, Director of Athletic Bands                  Loran Stephenson, cello
Richard Novak, tenor, diction, opera
Muriel von Villas, opera                                     Theory/Composition/Aural Skills
                                                             Rachel Bergman, theory/aural skills
Jazz Studies                                                 Mark Camphouse, Instrumental Conducting,
Wade Beach, jazz piano                                          Wind Symphony, composition
James Carroll, Director of Jazz Studies                      Kelly Ker-Hackleman, aural skills
Glenn Dewey, double bass & electric bass                     Linda Apple Monson, aural skills
Kenneth Rittenhouse, jazz trumpet                            Michael Nickens, aural skills
Harold Summey, jazz percussion                               Elaine Rendler, theory
Henry Waters, jazz trombone                                  Glenn E. Smith, Director of Theory & Composition
Richard Whitehead, jazz guitar
Keyboard Studies                                             Lisa Berger, soprano
Tatiana Andronikova, accompanying                            Sam Bonds, tenor
Anna Balakerskaia, piano, chamber music                      Elizabeth Curtis, soprano
Wade Beach, jazz piano                                       Stanley Engebretson, Director of Choral Studies
Hubert Beckwith, keyboard skills                             Kathryn Hearden, soprano, Associate Director of Vocal
Lisa Bloy, accompanying                                         Studies
Joanne Haroutounian, piano, keyboard pedagogy                Laura Mann, soprano
John Healey, keyboard skills, piano                          Patricia Miller, mezzo-soprano, Director of Vocal Studies,
Kelly Ker-Hackleman, keyboard skills, piano                     opera
David Lang, accompanying                                     Seong Won Nam, tenor
Sonya Suhnhee Kim, keyboard skills                           Richard Novak, tenor, diction, opera
Linda Apple Monson, piano, Director of Keyboard Studies      Debby Wenner, mezzo-soprano
William Neil, organ
Patricia Parker, accompanying, keyboard skills               Woodwinds
                                                             Lorrie Berkshire-Brown, oboe
Music Education                                              Sharon J. Bonneau, clarinet
Lorrie Berkshire-Brown, class woodwinds                      Lora R. Ferguson, clarinet
Lisa A. Billingham, Co-Director of Music Education           Brian Jones, clarinet
   (choral)                                                  Douglas Kehlenbrink, bassoon
John Casagrande, Co-Director of Music Education              Judith Lapple, flute/chamber ensembles
   (instrumental)                                            Richard Parrell, saxophone
Cheri Collins, class strings                                 Thomas Perazzoli, flute
Mary Ann East                                                Dale Underwood, saxophone
         The Department of Music wishes to thank members of the
               Friends of Music for their generous support.
                                         (January 1, 2006 – August 22, 2007)

Benefactor ($1,000,000+)                  Mr. Lloyd J. Griffiths and            Dennis L. and Lori D. Petterson
deLaski Family Foundation                      Ms. J. Arlene Page               Ray and Kay Rongley
Peterson Family Foundation                Debra A. and Gary L. Gunnerson        Judy Ryan of Fairfax
                                          Mr. Scott F. Heyer                    Daniel and Jennifer Schimpf
Conductor ($2,500–$5,000+)                Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hill           Mr. Albert D. Sikkelee and Ms.
Anonymous                                 Ms. Harriet Kaplan                         Elizabeth L. Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Church              Mr. R. Alan Lee                       Richard and Caron Silva
Clifton Women's Club                      Dick and Linda Lind                   Julie and David Slingerland
Fairfax Bar Foundation                    Mrs. Helen M. Lynch                   Ms. Lilyan Y. Spero
Fairfax Spotlight On The Arts             Dr. and Mrs. Evans J. Mandes          Dan Squier and Cynthia Garman-Squier
Frederick J. and Alice D. Heyer           Ms. April Marie                       Mr. and Mrs. George D. Summers
Ambassador Robert Keating                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Presta          Nancy and Denis Symes
Jordan Kitt’s Music                       Mr. and Mrs. William F. Reeder        Reverend James E. Taylor
President Alan Merten and Mrs. Sally      Sterling Capital Management Group     Audrey R. Thompson
     Merten                               Dr. Maurice Scherrens                 Mrs. Thelma Weiner
The Paturick Foundation, Inc.             David and Sally Sternbach             Ms. Joan R. White
Phaup Brown Wealth Management             David and Vivian Watts                Marcus Williams
     Group                                Allen A. and Judith L. Weltz          Jane H. Woods
The Sallie Mae Fund                       Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Wilhelmi
Anne P. and Barry J. Sharp                                                      Friend ($50–$99)
Tessada and Associates, Inc.              Performer ($100–$249)                 Darlene and Jim Allison
Weiner & Associates                       Aero International, Inc.              Christopher D. and Liza J. Azzara
                                          Michael A. and Laurie M. Barber       James T. Bennett
Diva ($1,000–$2,499)                      Mr. and Mrs. Herb Basik               Ms. Doris E. Bloch
Paul J. and Margaret Downes Andino        Dr. and Mrs. James T. Bennett         Frances and Webster Brown
Cavalier Management                       Katherine K. Beyer                    Clawes Carpets
Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman Crutchfield        Mr. and Ms. Gerard and Dianne Blais   In honor of R. Pat Carroll
Mary Darling-Damas                        Howe and Margaret Brown               Richard and Nancy Collier
Ms. Janice Dewire                         Dr. Beth A. Bullard                   Mary Perri Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Gardner             Burke Florist at University Mall      Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Deegan
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Virginia          Howard and Ellen Carlson              Robert and Joyce Dorosin
     Kanyan                               The Honorable Gwendalyn Cody          Steven K. Gerber
Howard and Juliana Kuo                    Charles and Cheryl Cunningham         Steve and Donna Gladis
John and Laura Lewis                      Paul and Lynne Denig                  David Hamilton
Joseph J. and Liliana Mathy               Mike and Wendy Diliberti              Karin Hendrickson
Drs. Linda A. and Keith L. Monson         Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Doe           Mr. John Hyland
Ocher Lifelong Learning Institute         Dolce Vita Restaurant                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Jones
In memory of Jane Burton Pennewell        Ms. Katherine Dollard                 Joel and Gertrude Kessler
New Dominion Chorale                      Mr. And Mrs. Glenn Elsnick            Lawrence and Joan Knosp
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Smith               J.K. Eshai                            Nyla and Nick Louh
Winthrop, Inc.                            Don and Ann Foster                    Ms. Melissa Mackey and Mr. Steven H.
                                          Foxes Music Company                        Brandon
Soloist ($500–$999)                       John and Catherine Frisbee            Ms. Judith McGuire
123 Club                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gregory G. Gagarin         Ms. Barbara A. Moore
Ms. JoLynn Bailey-Page                    Ms. Donna T. Gilstrap                 John and Patricia Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bainum                Mr. George R. Green and Ms. Barbara   Candy and Donald Neukam
Ms. Esther H. Beaumont                         S. Klein                         Richard N. and Daria T. Parrell
Dr. A. Richard Bolstein and Ms. Sharon    Karen J. and Brian F. Heagney         Dennis and Cynthia Patrick
     Adams                                Eric D. and Carol C. Henderson        Dennis and Kathleen Patton
In memory of Edith Darling                Andrew M. Horowitz                    Amy and Ray Porfiri
First Mortgage Group of BB&T              Mr. William D. Hunt                   Wade H. and Linda L. Privette, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Joyce             Hyatt Fair Lakes                      Robert and Maryann Ramos
Professor and Mrs. Anthony J. Maiello     Edward T. and Kathleen G. Kelly       Ms. Rosemary S. Reardon
Mr. Brian H. Marcus                       Alfred and Cynthia Kraft              Ms. Rita M. Romano
The Hon. and Mrs. John Mason              James and Laura Kulbaski              Ms. Virginia M. Rotunno
Ms. Genevieve Newcomb                     Charles and Fae Ann Lawson            Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rucker
Northern Virginia Community               Helene Z. Layman Loving Trust         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Seger
     Foundation                           Bonnie B. Matheson                    Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Smith, Jr.
Colonel and Mrs. Richard B. O’Keefe,      Richard B. McMurray                   Noreen and Robert Thielemann
     Jr.                                  Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Merenda          Trader Joe’s of Fairfax
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Portland              Kathleen and Charles Meyer            Dolores Vestrich Living Trust
Dr. Peter N. Stearns and Donna Kidd       Ray and Joyce Muench                  Lance and Lee Wallace
                                          Raymond W. and Jennifer O. Murphy     George A. and Martha D. Whipple
Section Leader ($250–$499)                Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Murphy        Harry and Sandra Wilbur
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Baker              Ms. Nancy N. Nash                     Ms. Carolyn D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Carroll            Ms. Susannah E. O’Donnell
Charles and Eileen Duggan                 John and Sally O’Keefe
Flightworks                               Don and Sonja Palomaki
                       George Mason University
        College of Visual and Performing Arts Center for the Arts
A RTS   AT    M A SO N B O A RD                 Alice Darling Heyer                 Lilla Ohrstrom
Mike Brown, Chairman                            Nancy de Laski                      Ida Portland
John Paul Phaup, Vice Chair                     Julie Dyson                         Carolyn Peterson
Bonnie B. Matheson, Secretary                   Randall Edwards                     Bob Purks
Charles Joyce, Treasurer                        Andrew Flagel                       Carole T. Scanlon
Erik Ayers                                      Goldstein, Brian Tayler, Esq.       Dr. Mary Schmidt
JoLynn Bailey-Page                              Rick Henneberg                      Rich Seraydarian
Pierrette Bradshaw                              Sun Kyong Kim                       Mark Shugoll
Bob Buchanan                                    James J. Maiwurm                    Sue Skaddan
R. Pat Carroll                                  Trish Mandes                        Stanley Taylor
Kimberley Centron                               John Mason                          Enrique Tessada
Cliff Chieffo                                   Juliana May                         Mikki Van Wyk
Lucy Church, Honorary                           R. Dennis McArver                   Edward Weiner
Gwen Cody                                       Val S. McWhorter                    Lenore Weitzman
                                                Bill Moore                          Douglas J. Whipple

Ida Portland, President                            Greet Committee                  Paulette Miller
Judith Weltz, Vice President for                Mariann Baker                       John Nash
  Programs                                      Gordon Canyock                      Sonja Palomaki
Jane Tombes, Vice President for                 R. Pat Carroll                      Robert Phillips
  Communications                                A.J. Driscoll                       Frank Prestra
Robin Auger, Vice President for                 Eileen Duggan                       Kay Rongley
  Membership                                    J. Thomas Ezell                     Joan White
Charles Lawson, Secretary/Treasurer             Lynn Gramzow
Susanne Zumbro, Chair, Meet and                 Shirley Joyce

Kimberley Centron, Chair                        James J. Maiwurm                    Bonnie Schwartz Nelson
The Honorable Joan W. Cross                     Sally Merten                        Artistic Affiliates
Rick Davis                                      Diane Naughton                      Edward Gero
Charles Duggan                                  Joanna Ormesher                     David Maddox
Julie Anne Green                                Carolyn Van Damme                   Heather McDonald
Susan C. Lavrakas                               Emeritus                            Lynnie Raybuck
Mary Lechter                                    Michael R. Patrick                  Mary Hall Surface
Olivier Denier Long, Esq.                       Victoria D. Schmidt

Mark Morris, Honorary Chair                     Barbara Parker Granieri             Marjorie Summerall
Buffy Price, Chair, Dance Department            Joanne Johnson                      Nora Trochim
J. Michael Brown                                Mariann H. Johnson                  Katharina Vohra
Nicole Freeman                                  Helen R. Parker
Helen Fourness                                  Susan Skaddan

Alice D. Heyer, Chair                           Patricia A. Carroll                 Barbara A. Moore
Candy Neukam, Secretary                         Dr. James E. Gardner                Dr. Linda Apple Monson
Ronald Baker                                    Debra A. Gunnerson                  Allen Weltz
C.J. Basik                                      Harriet Kaplan                      Joan White
Michael Cadle                                   Juliana Kuo

JoLynn Bailey-Page ’01, Chair                   Karin Hendrickson ’03               Debra Smyers ’05
Maricel Baquista ‘03                            Kira Hoffman ’94                    Isaac Thweatt
Madeleine Deliee ’97                            Juliana Kuo ’95                     Nora Trochim ’05
Linda Gammon ’95                                Linda Marfori ‘03
Martha Haines ‘05                               Shannon Siemens ’06

Lenore J. Weitzman, President                   Paula Ruth Gilbert                  Laurie Meamber
James T. Bennett                                Mark Jacobs                         Dr. Linda Apple Monson
Elizabeth Chong                                 Julianne Mahler                     Ariela Sofer
Marion Deshmukh                                 Evans Mandes
        The College of Visual and Performing Arts expresses its sincerest gratitude to
          the following donors who made generous gifts in support of our programs
                                 as of January 1, 2007 – August 15, 2007.
The Center for the Arts thanks the members of the Arts @ Mason Means Business Corporate Support Program:

               PNC                               Booz Allen Hamilton                    Sterling Capital Management
   Great Performances at Mason                   Performance Sponsor                         Performance Sponsor
    2007-2008 Season Sponsor
                                                 Phaup Brown Wealth
       Jordan Kitt’s Music                       Management Group of
     Keyboard Conversations®                      Wachovia Securities
          Series Sponsor                          Performance Sponsor

                                                       C A PITA L G IFTS
          Includes gifts in support of the Community Performing Arts Center on the Prince William Campus and
                               the Performing Arts Building Renovation and Expansion Project.

$1,000,000+                               Barry and Lynne Lotenberg                  Sam Hill
Donald and Nancy de Laski                 John Norman, Jr.                           Junction Travel
                                          Scott & Stringfellow                       Gail Kettlewell
$100,000-$999,999                         Siemens USA                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latimer
American Type Culture Collection          Carol and Peter Kirby                      Tracy Lee and George Riley
Buchanan Partners                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nelson
Lockheed Martin Co.                       $5,000-$9,999                              NVP, Inc.
Peterson Family Foundation                Robert Anderson                            Dexter Odin
The Engineering Groupe                    Hon. Charles Colgan                        Sharon Pandak
                                          Alan Coors                                 Rex Parr
$50,000-$99,999                           Alison Dixon                               Personal Computer Services
Micron Technology                         Angela Gill                                Prince William County Faculty
James and Wendy Maiwurm                   Ralph and Linda Malami                       and Staff
                                          Dr. and Mrs. Evans J. Mandes               Prince William Greater Manassas
$25,000-$49,999                           Metro Sign and Design                        Chamber of Commerce
Anonymous                                 R.W. Murray Company                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ratcliffe
John Atkinson                             Hon. Kathleen Seefeldt                     Norton Rosenberg
Colgan Air                                Dr. and Mrs. Paul Wampler                  Richard and Sheron Seraydarian
Hon. Wally Covington                                                                 Judith Smith
Sammis Development                        $1,000-$4,999                              Steven and Jane Smith
The Waters Foundation                     Sheryl Bass                                Roger Snyder
V2 Systems                                Ann Boyle                                  Synergy One FCU
                                          Martin Briley                              Rev. C.M. Rodgers III
$10,000-$24,999                           Cardinal Bank                              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rotelli
BB&T                                      Citibank of Manassas                       Thompson/Greenspon
I.J. and Hilda Breeden Foundation         Cynthia Daffan                             Richard and Wenda Travers
Colin Wolfe Memorial Fund                 John Daugherty                             John Valvius
Linda Daniel, MD                          Betty Dean                                 Virginia Commerce Bank
John Foote                                Mr. And Mrs. Michael Dunegan               Marion Wall
Esther B. Kahn Charitable                 Flynn Video Services                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald White
   Foundation                             Craig Gerhart and Martha Reinhert          Donna Wittenauer

                                                      A N N UA L G IFTS
  Includes 100+ gifts to the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Friends of the Center for the Arts, Theater of the First
  Amendment Producer’s Circle, Friends of Art and AVT, Friends of Arts Management, Friends of Dance, Friends of Film,
         Friends of Music, Friends of Theater, the Center for Arts and Wellness and the Potomac Music Academy.

$1,000,000+                               $50,000-$99,999                            $25,000-$49,999
Peter and Carol Merchant Kirby            Donald and Nancy de Laski                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Carol Kirby
Peterson Family Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hazel
                                          Peterson Family Foundation                 $10,000-$24,999
$100,000-$999,999                         Mr. and Mrs. William and Susan Soza        Arts Council of Fairfax County
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney O. Dewberry           Mr. and Mrs. John and Nina Toups           The Community Foundation
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Dwoskin
                                                                                     Tessada & Associates
$5,000-$9,999                          Long & Foster Real Estate Inc.          Don and Sonia Palomaki
The Ayco Charitable Foundation         Prof. and Mrs. Anthony Maiello          Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Price
Kathleen de Laski and Edward Grubb     Dr. and Mrs. Evans J. Mandes            Ms. Susan V. Roberts
Marianne Keler and Mike Kershow        Marion & Robert Rosenthal Fdtn          Kay Rongley
Lee Technologies, Inc.                 Martha Weems, Ltd.                      Norman and Lorraine Rosenberg
Dr. Alan Merten and Sally Merten       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Maskey           Michael and Brenda Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Phaup           The Hon. and Mrs. John Mason            Mr. Daniel R. Sherman
Norma Zimdahl                          Carol C. Mattusch and                   Dana and Susan Skaddan
                                         Richard S. Mason                      Robert and Debra Spear
$2,500-$4,999                          Juliana and Richard May                 Ms. Sylvia J. Spengler
Anonymous                              Pamela J. Mazza and                     The 123 Club
Argy, Wiltse & Robinson, P.C.            Christopher B. Cyrway                 Averett and Jane Tombes
Mr. Barry Broadway                     Mr. and Mrs. R. Dennis McArver          Mr. and Mrs. Albin Treciokas
Booz Allen Hamilton                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer               Ms. Lisa W. Vohra
Country Club of Fairfax                Drs. Keith and Linda Monson             Col & Mrs. Ernie Wakeham
Creative Currency, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. David E. Nees              Mr. Mark D. Wellens
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Joyce          Odin Feldman & Pittleman PC             Richard and Maiju Wilson
Mr. Brian H. Marcus                    Dr. and Mrs. Dimitrios
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Portland             Papaconstantopoulos                  $250-$499
Mr. Robert K. Purks                    Mr. Stephen F. Passuth and             Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Reeder           Mrs. Deborah Bowen Passuth           Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Baker
The Sallie Mae Fund                    Pfizer Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Baker
                                       Pitney Bowes Government Solutions      Dr. and Mrs. Scott C. Bauer
$1,000-$2,499                          Randolph & Lucy Church Trust           Dr. and Mrs. James T. Bennett
A Class Act                            Ms. Kay Rongley                        Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Bergert
Mr. Joseph Adams and                   Dr. Victoria N. Salmon and             Ms. Mary W. Bonwich
  Ms. Carole Scanlon                     Mr. John J. Salmon                   Branch Banking & Trust Company
Ms. Judith A. Agard                    Mr. and Mrs. H. Kendrick Sanders       Mr. Robert E. Brown
Aston Martin Tysons                    The Seeley Foundation                  Sara Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and                Anne and Barry Sharp                   Center for Foot and Ankle Care
  Charmaine Bainum                     Shugoll Research                       Mr. and Mrs. Adam B. Cetron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Batal           Julia Brantley Simon                   Mr. Stanley E. Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Bennett          Glenn and Susan Smith                  Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cosslett
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Boldt                Dr. Peter Stearns and Ms. Donna Kidd   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duesing
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Boyd Jr.                              Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dunbar, III
Ms. Agnes M. Brown                     Robert and Katharina Vohra             Michael and Janet Emsley
Mr. J. Michael Brown and               Edward and Maura Weiner                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gholz
  Ms. Elizabeth C. Price               Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. Weltz            Charles B. and Mary Jo Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Buchanan        Mr. and Mrs. Rod Zumbro                Julie Anne Green and
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Carroll                                                  William S. Murray, III
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph and              $500-$999                              Dr and Mrs. Dwight Harrison
  Lucy Church                          Anonymous                              Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hering
The Honorable Gwendalyn Cody           Paul and Margaret Andino               Mr. Michael B. Hollinger
Richard S. Davis and Julie E. Thompson Ms. Esther H. Beaumont                 Mr. Harold Holstein
Ms. Bonnie Rae Debilzan                Gordon and Judith Canyock              Ms. Roxane H. Hughes
Ashok and Marion Deshmukh              Mrs. Diane A. Coppage                  Kristin Johnsen-Neshati and
Mrs. Janice R. Dewire                  Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Driscoll              Amin Neshati
Mrs. Mary A. Duckett                   Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Ezell           George and Joanne Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duggan            ExxonMobil Foundation                  Ms. Harriet Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dyson              First Mortgage Group, Inc              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kassilke
Fairfax Law Foundation                 William and Margaret FitzHarris        Ms. Candace M. Kling
Andrew and Jennifer Flagel             Mrs. Aldona A. Gozikowski              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kramer
Dr. Martin A. Funk and                 Lloyd J. Griffiths and J. Arlene Page  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lavrakas
  Mr. Eugene S. Zimmer                 Harlan and Linda Harber                Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Lucas
Mr. Greg Giammittorio                  Donald and Jeannette Heim              Randolph and Ellen Lytton
Mr. and Mrs. Grayson and Betty Hanes Mr. Harry E. Herchert                    Mr. James G. Maiwurm
Jim and Sally Hazel                    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Alice Heyer Mr. and Mrs. Avrum W. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Til and Anne Hazel        IBM International Foundation           Dr. Edward L. Menning
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heyer                IBM Solutions                          Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Miller
Dr. Joy R. Hughes and Mr. Kenneth Lee John A. Kunkel and Anna M. Swenson Kent and Marina Minichiello
Richard Kamenitzer and                 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kuo                Julia G. Morelli and Daniel Rainey
  Rosemarie Pfaffe                     Mainstay Services, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Mosher
Hamid and Maryam Kasmai                Ms. Nancy C. McCoy                     Mr. and Mrs. James G. Mroz
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kruchko           Ms. Ann M. McKee                       Mr. Thomas S. Mueller
The Lawrence Doll Company              Mack and Paulette Miller               Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Newman
Charles and FaeAnn Lawson              Phillip and Linda Miller               Ms. Linda L. Olson
Donald and Elyse Lehman                Charles M. Murphy and Shelby E. Pearl Robert and Sue Phillips
Kathleen A. Lieder and Lloyd C. Fell   Ms. Doris N. Newcomb                   Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Piper
Mr. Harold Linton                      Ms. Genevieve M. Newcomb               Sylvia and Coleman Raphael
Mr. John P. Rivers                    Ms. Linda E. Gramlich               Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Reiser
Mr. David Rosenbaum                   Ms. Audrey C. Guarino               Ms. Patricia J. Rentz
Dr and Mrs. Roger Schwartzberg        Mr. Kenneth B. Gubin                Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith          Gary and Debra Gunnerson            RJ Reynolds Foundation
Paul T.M. So, Ph.D.                   Ronald and Sharon Gurtler           Robert and Ann Robinson
Ms. Mathilde Speier                   Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hack            Mr. Dietrich J. Roesler
Mrs. Lilyan Y. Spero                  Gregory and Annette Hales           William F. Rosenberger, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Spillane          Mr. Richard S. Hammett              Mr. and Mrs. Morton Rubenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spiller           Mr. and Mrs. M. Harkrader-Pine      Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Suskiewicz           Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Heyer         Ryan Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Synge            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Hill         Andrew and LaVerne Sage
Ms. Jasmine K. Tiner                  Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Hill         Maurice Scherrens, J.D., Ed.D.
Philip and Fern True                  Richard Hodges and Michelle Arkin   Virginia Anne Scott and
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wagner               Charles and Barbara Hoffman           Arthur Fredrickson
Ms. Kimberly T. Wheeler               RAdm. Stephen J. Hostettler         Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Shumate, Jr
Ms. Mary L. Williams                  Mr. and Mrs. D. Hottenstein         Eugene and Mary Silva
Paul V. Williams, M.D.                Mr. William D. Hunt                 Mr. and Mrs. David Slingerland
Joan White                            Ms. Debbie L. Jones                 Ms. Debra H. Smyers
Ms. Annette Zimin                     Ms. Marilyn M. Jones                Thomas and Thomasetta Solak
                                      Mr. W. David Kauffman               LeRoy and Mary Jane Sommer
$100-$249                             Ms. Kristin M. Kavanagh             Ms. Dorothy L. Staebler
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Adams           Ms. Carol L. Kearns                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stanton
Aero International, Inc               Mr. and Mrs. James Keith            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stinger
Mr. and Mrs. C. Phillip Agee          Dr. Sherry L. Keramidas             Ms. Lindy Stirton
Ed and Robin Auger                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kerwin       Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Talley
Mr. Steven A. Barrigar                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. King         Mr. and Mrs. Bradley E. Thayer
Ms. Mary K. Baumeister                Mr. and Mrs. John R. King           Mrs. Jocelyne C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Benson              Jim and Diane Kingsbury             Ms. Barbara J. Tobias
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Bodington          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Klein           Bernice Toliver and Gilbert Jones
Robert and Janice Bohall              Ms. Deborah L. Koenig               John and Ednamae Trevey
Dr. Edmund A. Bowles                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krell           Ms. Patricia M. Twilde
Ms. Joan T. Brown                     Ms. Carol L. Krueger                Mr. and Mrs. James N. Tyson
Col. and Mrs. C. Burris, Jr.          Ms. April Marie Labanowski          Ms. Lorena G. Vandivere
Keith and Doris Bushey                Ms. Rita I. Leake                   Virginia Gardens L.L.C.
James and Carol Caputo                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Levin       Charles and Barbara Wales
Colonel Marie J. Charles and          Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lind        The Hon. Vivian E. Watts and
  Mr. Paul L. Charles                 Ms. Phyllis G. Liner                  David A. Watts
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas B. Cirillo      Mr. and Mrs. John F. Long           Ms. Enid W. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Claymore        Cynthia M. Lont, Ph.D.              Harold and Barbara Weed
Mr. James Conrad                      Henry and Martha Lowenstern         Mrs. Thelma R. Weiner
Joseph and Vandelyn Czika             Mr. and Mrs. C. MacDonald, III      Mr. and Mrs. Burt S. Weisman
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Dahlin              Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Mann         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Davies          David and Mary McKernan             Dr and Mrs. David L. Williams
Ms. Alice DeKany                      David and Thuy McMurray             Ms. Ruth S. Wong
Ms. Jane D’Espinosa                   Ms. Patricia A. Mertens             Ms. Wanda M. Worsham
Mrs. Vera E. DeWeese                  Harry and Susan Meyers              Ms. Francine York
Harry and Carol Dietrich              Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. Miller       Sheldon and Doris Yuspeh
Ms. K. Jeannine Dollard               Minerva Reid Rev. Living Trust      Burton C. Zwibel and
Mr. and Mrs. G. Donahue, Jr.          Mr. Murray Minster                    Susan B. Diamond
Nancy Donnelly and Richard J. Leonard Ms. Kristine Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Raoul E. Drapeau         Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Albin F. Drost           Ray and Jennifer Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Duff                 Lt Gen. & Mrs. Michael Nelson
Ms. Marilyn A. Eckert                 John and Sally O’Keefe
Ms. Jeanne L. Eek                     Colonel H. David O’Malie
Jehangir K. Eshai                     Bernard and Joyce Oppel
Fairfax Nursing Center                Dr and Mrs. Joshua Oppenheim
Charles and Patricia Fetter           Carlos and Alina Otal
Mr. and Mrs. Barry N. Fink            Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Parker
Dr. Glynn R. Ford                     Michael and Eileen Pearlman
Mr. John L. Fowler                    Ms. Laura H. Peebles
Foxes Music Company                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petersen
Ms. Sarah C. Francis                  Pj Dick Inc.
Mr. Peter C. Friedman                 Dr F. Anthony Pollitt
Ms. Constance H. Fullerton            Mr. and Mrs. David R. Pozorski
Mrs. Jeanne Garant                    Mr. Daniel J. Price
Global Impact                         Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Godfrey          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rearden
Mr. James R. Golden                   Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Reiner
                                         George Mason University
Ernst Volgenau, Rector                          Dennis Garcia                       Sudhakar V. Shenoy
J. Knox Singleton, Vice Rector                  Harry F. Hopper, III                William Soza
Anne K. Altman                                  Carol Merchant Kirby                D. Jean Wu
Terri Cofer Beirne                              The Honorable Glenn C. Lewis        Bryan Painter, Student Rep
Kathleen de Laski                               Byron F. Marchant                   Kate Pisano, Student Rep
C. Gibson Dunn                                  Charlie H. Mills, III
                                                Long Nguyen

Michael G. Anzilotti, M.B.A. ’83,               Jack R. Censer                      Timothy H. Meyers
   L.H.D. ’03, Chairman                         Otis D. Coston, Jr.                 The Honorable John G. Milliken
John J. Norman, Jr., Vice Chair                 Donald de Laski                     The Honorable Betty Southard
Donna S. Morea, Secretary                       Sidney O. Dewberry                     Murphy
Leonard M. Pomata, Treasurer                    R. Rebecca Donatelli                Dolly C. Oberoi
Albert J. Dwoskin, Immediate                    James D. Duffey, Jr.                Dexter S. Odin
   Past Chair                                   Barbara J. Fried                    Dale B. Peck
David A. Roe, ’89, M.B.A. ’96,                  W. James Green                      John Paul Phaup
   Acting President/CFO                         James W. Hazel                      Carolyn Settles
Lawrence M. Alleva                              Jay W. Khim                         Donna Shaker
Janet H. Barnard                                Shivram Krishnan                    Esther T. Smith
Donald J. Boudreaux, Ph.D                       J. Hamilton Lambert                 Samuel R. Strickland
Robert E. Buchanan                              Edwin W. Lynch                      Shirley S. Travis, Ph.D
Robert P. Callahan                              The Honorable Edwin Meese III       Michael R. Vanderpool
Jeffrey W. Carlton                              James A. Meriwhether                Ernst Volgenau
Kendal E. Carson                                Alan G. Merten, Ph.D                J. Scott Wilfong

                                         George Mason University
                                           Center for the Arts
                         William Reeder, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts
     Rick Davis, Associate Dean & Artistic Director, Center for the Arts and Theater of the First Amendment
Administration                                                   • Kathleen Ivchenko, Finance Specialist
• Carol Bresnahan, Executive Assistant to the Dean               • Kenneth Lee, Information Technician Specialist
• Christina Johnson, Office Manager
Development                                                      • Julie Thompson, Operations Manager
• Brian Marcus, Associate Dean for Development                   • Rachael Patton, Artist and Outreach Coordinator
• Kathy Beyer, Assistant Director of Development                 • James G. Antrim, Facility Manager
• Nyla Louh, Assistant Director of Development                   • Dan Hobson, College of Visual & Performing
• Kristy Williams, Campaign Associate/Prince William                  Arts Production Manager
• Elizabeth Ann Cullins, Events Associate                        • Jessica D’Angelo, Center for the Arts
• Christina Johnson, Development Assistant                            Production Manager
                                                                 • Megan Jones, Stage Manager
Marketing                                                        • Ian Schmidt, Master Electrician
• Tom Reynolds, Director of Artistic Programming,                • Kevin Smith, Master Carpenter
     Marketing, and Audience Services                            • Billy Kessinger, Audio Engineer
• Jill Graziano, Public and Media Relations Coordinator          • Lowell Conrad, Assistant Carpenter
• Marilyn Jensen, Publications Coordinator                       • Tom Terlecki, Assistant Electrician
• Al Morrow, Graphic Designer and Web Coordinator                • Laurel Dunayer, Costume Shop Manager
• Jane Singleton, Assistant to the Director of Marketing         • Cat Buchanan, Dance Wardrobe Coordinator
     and Artistic Programming                                    • Ethan Osborne, Scene Shop Manager
• David Baylor, Audience Services Manager                        • Chris Hershey, Scene Shop Master Carpenter
• Betsy Yancey, Ticket Office Supervisor                         • Adrianna Daugherty, Venue Technician
• Kimberly Wheeler, Ticket Office Supervisor/                    • Micah Stromberg, Venue Technician
     Group Sales
• Carol Shumate, House Manager/                                  Theater of the First Amendment
     Volunteer Coordinator                                       • Rick Davis, Artistic Director
• Sue Christensen, Event House Manager                           • Kevin Murray, Managing Director
                                                                 • Paul D’Andrea, Artistic Associate
Finance                                                          • Kristin Johnsen-Neshati, Artistic Associate/Dramaturg
• Andrew M. Bursten, Director of Finance and                     • Suzanne Maloney, Assistant Dramaturg
    Administration/CFO                                           • Jim Maiwurm, Festival Manager
• Catherine Winkert, Budget Manager

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