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					Useful Business Web Pages
Business Channel
Business Channel is an electronic information service designed by         Access BLIS to identify the state, local and federal licenses,
the Victorian Government to bring government agencies and                 permits and registrations, and state codes of practice, required to
services within easy reach of the business community 24 hours a           start and operate your business in Victoria
day, seven days a week.                                                   Examples: Registration of business name, customs registrations
                                                                          for import and export, registrations for employing staff, licenses                                   for playing music in a shop front, environmental licensing, building
                                                                          codes, design standards for products, or occupational health and
                                                                          safety, etc.

Under New Management
Through the Under New Management program, individuals                     Are you intending to buy or sell a business or get into franchising?
contemplating small business ownership are able to make informed          Need more information about retail tenancy?
decisions.                                                                Want to check out if you are ready to buy a business?

Australian Tax Office
Information about many things to do with taxation and the laws of          Find what you need e.g. forms and services, books and
tax.                                                                      publications, activity statements, do your tax online and more.
                                                                          Business Tax Enquiries – 13 28 66

Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's official statistical   A huge amount of statistical information that can assist you in
organisation. They assist and encourage informed decision-making,         your business planning and decision making. There is a cost
research and discussion within governments and the community,             involved in most cases.
by providing a high quality, objective and responsive
national statistical service.

AusIndustry is the Australian Government’s agency for delivering          AusIndustry can help you conduct research and development,
products, services and information that support industry, research        grow your small business, undertake manufacturing and
and innovation.                                                           production, apply for a tax or duty concession and more. Help
                                                                          line 13 28 46

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is an                  It has information on: Consumer rights, Business rights &
independent Commonwealth statutory authority. The ACCC                    obligations, Industry regulation & price monitoring, Authorising
promotes competition and fair trade in the market place to benefit        anti-competitive conduct and much more….
consumers, business and the community. It also regulates national
infrastructure services. Its primary responsibility is to ensure that
individuals and businesses comply with the Commonwealth
competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws.

Consumer Affairs Victoria
This web site will show you what types of business are covered,       You're starting a new business in Victoria, but you need to find
how to register your business and what that means. We also link       out more about registering a business name. If you want to trade
to other services useful to small business.                           under your personal name only, John Smith for example,
                                                                      registering is an option. But if you want to trade as say, John                                        Smith Motors or the John Smith Group, then you'll probably need
                                                                      to register a business name.
Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
The site keeps you up to date with the union activities and media     Examples of information to be found o this site are: Occupational
releases.                                                             Health and Safety news, ACTU policies, surveys, library,
                                                                      campaigns and more…..

Australian Retailers Association
Keeps you up to date with retail issues and news and has member       Member services include: Employee Relations, Retail Careers,
services.                                                             Tenancy, Events, Retail Update, Retail Consultancy, Retail
                                                                      Industry Profile, Government Info for Business and more…..

Australian Industrial Relations Commission
The focus of the site is to provide the latest AIRC decisions,        The site arranges the content for different readers, such as
awards, transcripts and related information.                          students and the media accessible from the tabs. The search tab
                                                                      leads to text searching of decisions, awards, transcripts and other                                               AIRC/AIR documents. Decisions can also be searched by key

Office of Employment Advocate
There is assistance at this site if you employ people in your         Amongst other information you will find a step by step guide to
business or contemplating doing so people.                            Australian Workplace Agreement template for small business at this
Wage rates and employment conditions.                                 Provides information about wages and conditions of employment
                                                                      awards and agreements.

Business Entry Point
Where business and government meet.                                   Set up your business: Starting a business, Registering a business,
                                                                      Licenses and permits, Home-based business, Coming from                                           overseas, E-business Manage your business: Taxation, Employing
                                                                      people, Franchises, Retail leasing, Superannuation, Training and
                                                                      apprenticeships, Fair Trading, Expand your business: Tenders and
                                                                      contracts, Importing, Exporting Get financial and other assistance:
                                                                      Grants and financial assistance, Statistics and market analysis,
                                                                      Advice and support
                                                                      Close down or wind up a business: Closing, selling or winding up a

Business Council of Australia
The Business Council of Australia is an association of chief          A site that keeps you informed about business in the future and
executives of leading Australian corporations with a combined         the thinking and opinions of major business people including press
national work force of more than 900,000 people. It was               releases. A large amount of archival material suitable for
established in 1983 to provide a forum for Australian business        researching and taking your business in the future on subjects
leadership to contribute directly to public policy debates in order   such as: Business and Society, Corporations Law, Future
to build a better and more prosperous Australian society.             Directions, Greenhouse and Energy, Information Economy, Tax
                                                                      Reform, Population, Reconciliation, Sustainable Development,                                                Workplace Reform.

Home Based Business Manual     A comprehensive guide to developing and running a home based
/content/gui_cue_menu_ssb.cfm?id=45400                                business with a lot of resources available..

Department of Innovation and Regional Development

Business Units has a lot of information to assist business on
                                                                      The Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional
different levels
                                                                      Development (DIIRD) is the Victorian Government's lead agency
                                                                      for economic and regional development. Government's goals for
                                                                      more quality jobs and thriving, innovative industries across
                                                                      Victoria will be fostered through DIIRD's five priority objectives:
                                                                      Investment Attraction, Trade Development, Developing
                                                                      Innovative Industries, Regional Development and Marketing

Farmers Info
A comprehensive site for the farming community                        Australia’s own virtual field day for farmers. current topics,
                                                                      brochures, futures, newsletter subscription, reports, business                                        focus, media updates and much more….

Victorian Employer’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry             There is a membership fee to be part of this organisation. It
(VECCI) is Victoria's most influential employer group, servicing      provides many services including consultancy for work place
over 25,000 Victorian businesses per annum. An independent, non-      agreements, training opportunities. They bring together the best
government body, VECCI was started by the business community          in business through briefings, training and social events.
to represent business.                                                Participants, sponsors and speakers come from all sectors, but
                                                                      with a clear focus on the hot topics affecting business today.

National Insurance Brokers Association
This is the Website of the National Insurance Brokers Association     An insurance broker can save you, the insurance buyer, time,
of Australia (NIBA) - the professional body for insurance brokers.    money and worry. Insurance is a wasted purchase if it doesn't
                                                                      provide cover when disaster strikes. Many people unwittingly put                          their livelihoods at stake, under-insure or over-insure, because
                                                                      they did not seek the right advice.

Nine MSN
A great place to start when looking for small business information    For information on Business Planning, Marketing and Sales, Money
                                                                      matters, Technology, Tools and Services, Training and much                                  more ……….

E-Commerce Info Centre
For information contained in this website is designed to assist you   Businesses of all sizes are increasingly recognising the value in
in understanding the possible applications of electronic commerce     adopting eBusiness practices into their existing business to
(eCommerce) for your business, explain the benefits and risks, list   improve planning, marketing, sales, human resources, customer
steps for getting your business on the Web, and provide tips for a    service, administration and management. Browse the topics in
successful e-commerce implementation.                                 this section to seek out further information and assistance about
                                                                      your current and future eBusiness activities.

Web Alive
If you have a small business and would like to consider a low cost   •    A web site with unlimited pages
option, Web Alive, an Australian Government Supplier has an          •    12 months hosting
attractive proposition that you may wish to consider. Web Alive      •    25 e-mail addresses
has a basic website for small businesses which is capable of being   •    Easy to manage with no programming skills required
enhanced without requiring a large budget.                           •    An online store, including unlimited product catalogues
                                                                     •    Secure online shopping & payment facilities
                                                                     •    Unlimited username & password protected areas
                                                                     •    Access to hundreds of style sheets to customise your site
                                                                     •    24 hour online support, Custom design support * and much

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
Working towards an Australian Society where the human rights of
all are respected, protected and promoted.                           The Commission's responsibilities include:
                                                                         •  education and public awareness                                                   •  discrimination and human rights complaints
                                                                         •  human rights compliance
                                                                         •  policy and legislative development.

Micro Business Network
The Micro and Home Business Network is Australia's No 1              MBN actively support Micro (5 or less employees) business by
business support, promotion and awards organization.                 providing:
                                                                     1. The best quality information to fast track your success
                                                                     2. the National Micro Business Awards
                                                                     If you are looking for a group of highly motivated, successful
                                                                     people to work with you to help grow your business, the Micro
                                                                     Business Network is where to start looking.

Worksafe Victoria
The Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA) is the manager of            Broadly, the responsibilities of the organisation are to:
Victoria's workplace safety system. You and your colleagues are          •     help avoid workplace injuries occurring
much more likely to get home safe if you're up to date with the          •     enforce Victoria's occupational health and safety laws
latest developments in OHS.                                              •     provide reasonably priced insurance for employers
                                                                         •     help injured workers back into the workforce                                           •     manage the workers' compensation scheme by
                                                                               ensuring the prompt delivery of appropriate services
                                                                               and adopting prudent financial practices.

                                                For further information about
                                        Living, Working and Investing in Bass Coast
                                           Contact: Economic Development Unit
                                              Phone: 1300 BCOAST (226 278)
                                                      Fax: 03 5671 2222