Youth and Popular Music in the Arab World by odl20037


									                  Perspectives on the Middle East
                   An Eastern Michigan University Lecture Series

                            Dr. Ted Swedenburg

        Youth and Popular Music
           in the Arab World
                              Monday March 8, 2010, 7 p.m.
                    Ballroom B, Student Center, Eastern Michigan University

                       Dr. Ted Swedenburg
        Professor of Anthropology, University of Arkansas
                                             His most recent books include:
                         • Radio Interzone (forthcoming from Duke University Press)
           • Palestine, Israel and the Politics of Popular Culture, edited with Rebecca Stein (2005)
           • Memories of Revolt: The 1936-39 Rebellion and the Palestinian National Past (2003)
          • Displacement, Diaspora, and Geographies of Identity, edited with Smadar Lavie (1996)

     Sponsored by: the Division of Academic Affairs, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Muslim Student Association,
   the Department of English, the Department of Media, Communication and Theater Arts, the Department of Economics,
 the Department of Music, the Department of Political Science, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology,
                                     the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies.

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