Sump Pump Systems

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					Sump Pump Systems
 One of the most important parts of any waterproofing system is a reliable
 drainage system. Although in some cases a drainage system may be installed
 without a sump pump, most basements and crawl spaces require a sump
 pump to ensure your home stays dry. Our Sump Pump System is built using
 only the highest grade of materials to ensure quality and lasting performance.

 System Features
 • 3/4 hp cast iron sump pump - Pumps up to
   5,150 gallons per hour. Solid cast iron
   construction is durable and will not rust.
 • 14”, 40 gallon basin - Prevents sump pump
   from turning on too frequently increasing
   the lifespan of the pump
 • Durable basin lid - Able to hold over 400 lbs.
 • Recessed floor drain - Installed in lid to capture
   water in case of any broken pipes other pipes
   other forms of flooding that may occur
 • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

 Optional Features
 • Water Level Alarm
 • Battery Backup
 • Radon Gas Kit

Dehumidification Systems
 To alleviate and excessive humidity in the crawl space we install state of the
 art industrial performance dehumidification system.

 System Features
 • Operates in low temperatures
 • Whisper quiet operation
 • Commercial grade metal housing
 • Ductable vents
 • Easily maintained
 • Ultra efficient, low annual operating cost


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