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									                                1st Announcement and Call for Participation

                                            AFRICA GIS 2005

                                    7th bi-annual Africa GIS Conference

                                               Beyond Talk:
                                     Geo-information working for Africa

                                         29 August – 2 September 2005
                          Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

                                                Organised by:
                               The Geo-Information Society of South Africa (GISSA)

                                              In association with

                  The network for co-operative management of environmental information in Africa

www.africagis005.org.za                                                                 info@africagis2005.org.za

Contact us:                                               Important dates
Submit Extracts online                                    30 November 2004 - submission of abstracts
Share your details and intentions with us                 15 February 2005 - Notification of selected papers
Sponsorship opportunities                                 15 May 2005 – deadline for full papers
                                        AFRICA GIS 2005

The Geo Information Society of South Africa proudly announce the seventh Africa GIS
conference series to be held at Sandton Convention centre, Johannesburg, South Africa, from
29 August to 2 September 2005. Delegates from Africa and other regions of the Globe will
meet to discuss challenges facing them in the decade ahead.

This conference will offer delegates a fabulous environment for exchanging ideas; learning about
the latest developments; stimulating discussions on the use of geo-information in Africa and
networking at the social functions that form a vital component of the event.

                            CONFERENCE THEME AND TOPICS
“Beyond Talk: Geo-information working for Africa”.

This conference aims to take people beyond talking about what can be done with geo-
information, to sharing information and experiences about what is being done on the continent
and to showcase examples of where geo-information has made an impact on people’s lives,
particularly through local development and partnerships.

The challenge now is to eliminate technological barriers that prevent the effective use of geo-

The organising committee looks forward to receiving proposals on subjects relevant to the main
theme and the following sub-themes.

       Local integrated development
       Spatial data infrastructure facilitating development
       Development through partnerships
       African action for global impact
       Business geographics

The list is not exhaustive, and any subject within the theme will be considered.

                                    WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
       People who share a common interest in the capturing, management, manipulation, and
        application of geo-information data.
       Government departments, Parastatals and private sector organisations responsible for
        provision and maintenance of Infrastructure, service delivery, sustainable developmental
        planning and resource management,
       Business organisations that can benefit from the use of GIS in locational and market
        analysis to obtain a competitive edge.
       GIS vendors
       Providers of Geo-Information Science (GISc) education and training
                         EXHIBITION 29 AUGUST – 2 SEPTEMBER 05

A five day commercial and technical exhibition will take place alongside the conference where
exhibitors will be exposed to the influential delegates and decision makers participating in the
conference. The commercial exhibition would be a prime opportunity to showcase products,
services and the latest technological developments in the GIS environment.
The Technical exhibition will provide the opportunity to participants to display and present
projects related to GIS technology. The aim of this exhibition is to reflect on the influence GIS had
on development in Africa over the past few years. As the commercial exhibition, the technical
exhibition will form an integral part of the conference. You are therefore invited to submit projects
for this important exhibition. Entry forms will be made available on our conference website
http://www.africagis2005.org.za under the Category ‘Exhibition’. A separate form for each project
is needed in order to compile the Project Exhibition Catalogue. Prizes will be given for the best
entries in each category"

                                          WHY EXHIBIT?

   Introduce new products and services
   Educate and inform the market as to what your company does
   Meet with Governmental institutions, corporate and business
   Send a strong message to the competitors
   Heighten credibility with stakeholders

Contact Magda Roos at mroos@geoscience.org.za to reserve exhibition space or for more


   Interested contributors should submit an abstract of the paper they propose for presentation,
    using the AfricaGIS 2005 abstract submission form, attached to this call for papers and
    available on the conference Web site: www.africagis2005.org.za . The completed form should
    be emailed to the Technical Committee by 30 November 2004 at:
    abstracts@africagis2005.org.za . If you do not have access to email, you may fax the
    completed form to: +27 11 783 7994.
   Notifications of paper acceptances and an author’s kit will be sent out during February 2005.
   The Conference Proceedings will be published on a CD-ROM and will not differentiate
    between oral and poster presentations. To be included in the Conference Proceedings, full
    papers must be submitted by 15 May 2005.
   All conference participants, including speakers, will be required to register for the conference.
    Papers will not be formally and finally accepted until the receipt of both the full paper and the
    registration fee is confirmed.

Oral presentations will be restricted to a maximum of 20 minutes, including discussion. Because
of the size of the conference, time limits will be strictly enforced. Depending on the number
received, poster presentations will be on display for at least a full day. Adequate time will be
allocated for poster presenters to field discussions on their presentation. The dimensions of the
display surface will be mailed during February 2005.
Without financial support we will not be able to meet the financial obligations associated with the
organisation of an event of this extend (1000 + delegates). Financial sponsorship is therefore
being sought from government and the broad local and international Geo-Information industry.

There are several ways in which you can become a shareholder in the success of Africa GIS
 By sponsoring conference events e.g. opening and closing ceremonies, opening of technical
   exhibition, project exhibition showcasing Geo-information projects working for Africa, plenary
   or technical sessions, social and networking events and the envisaged outreach action to
   empower school teachers with GIS skills.
 As an exhibitor sharing your products and services with conference delegates.
 By sponsoring components of the conference e.g. simultaneous translations, refreshment
   breaks and transportation of delegates.
 By sponsoring materials to be provided to delegates as part of their conference package e.g.
   conference bag and stationary, conference program, electronic conference proceedings and
   a complete set of all abstracts.
 By sponsoring student delegates or delegates who would otherwise not be able to attend
   Africa GIS 2005.

It is rather difficult to categorise much needed and appreciated financial or in-kind contributions
into rigid clinical categories. However, we had to devise some sort of structure by which we can
acknowledge contributions in (our perception) a fair manner. Being a GIS conference we have
decided to distinguish between Polygon, Line and Node donors/sponsors. The symbology behind
this is that as a GIS cannot function properly without the tiny nodes giving structure and meaning
to the lines and polygons, Africa GIS 2005 needs contributions on all three support levels to be
successful. For more information see our website

                                      CONFERENCE FEES

Fees and entitlements will soon be published on the website and in the next official


The Sandton Convention Centre is flanked by two hotels. These two hotels alone provide1000
guestrooms on the very doorstep of the Sandton Convention Centre. A further 15 hotels lie within
relaxed and comfortable walking distance, providing a full range of modern hotel facilities and
accommodation. A complete list of partner hotels will be published on the website and in the next
official announcement. Single room daily rates (including breakfast) for conference participants
should be in the range of R225.00 (three star) to R1350.00 (5 star).
Full details will be published on the conference website and in the next official announcement.

                                 ACCOMPANYING PARTNERS

The venue and surrounding area provide the ideal setting for a break for partners and families.
Details regarding the optional family and accompanying partners programme will soon be
available on the website and will also be published in the next formal announcement.
A full programme of technical and cultural excursions will be provided. These will include local
one day trips and more extended excursions across South Africa. Further information will be
published on the Conference website and in the next formal announcement.

There are approximately 60 airlines operating to South Africa from all parts of the globe.
Johannesburg is accessible through a comprehensive national and international flight network.
We are in the process of negotiating special tariffs for conference delegates and hope to make an
announcement soon on the website.

A number of related organisations have already committed them to meet co-jointly with Africa GIS
2005. These organisations are:
 Geo-information Society of South Africa (GISSA)
 South African Council of Surveyors (CONSAS)
 GITA (Geo-Information Technology Association)
 IMSSA (Institute of Mine Surveyors of South Africa)
Other related organisations and user groups are invited to approach the organizing committee
should they want to join us in this venture.

                                       DEADLINE DATES

30 November 2004 - submission of abstracts
15 February 2005 - Notification of selected papers
15 May 2005 – deadline for full papers


We kindly request you to circulate this information to colleagues on your institutional
intranet. If you know of any associations that might have an interest in Africa GIS 2005,
please let us have their contact details.


Chris Vlok
Chair: Local Organising Committee
e-mail: info@africagis2005.org.za

Sives Govender
Secretariat: International Organising Committee
e-mail: sgovender@eis-africa.org
In order to receive the next announcement and to assist us in logistics planning logistics, please
complete this form now on-line at www.africagis2005.org.za or return this copy to the Conference
Secretariat at the address shown below.

AFRICAGIS Local Organising Committee.
P O Box 4338
South Africa
fax: + 27 (0) 11 783 7994

Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other)
First Name:
Family Name:
Job Title:

City:                             Post/Zip Code:
Telephone (Int. code, country code, number):
Fax (Int. code, country code, number):

Please enter ‘Yes’ where applicable and complete
             I am interested in the conference; please send me the next circular to my postal
             I am interested in the conference; please send me the next circular to my e-mail
             I plan to attend the conference.
             I plan to submit an abstract.
             I expect to be accompanied by            guests.
             My organization is interested in exhibition space.
             I am / My organization is interested in space to showcase a GIS project making a
             My organization is prepared to host a technical visit.
             I / my organization is prepared to organise or contribute to a workshop on the
             following topic:
                              Abstract submission form
 Please complete this form and send it by 30 November 2004 via email or facsimile to the Africa GIS 2005
                                        Organising Committee, at:
                     Email: info@africagis2005.org.za Facsimile: +27 11 783 7994
      This form may be downloaded from the conference Web site, http://www.africagis2005.org.za

                   This form must be completed in either English or French.
 Title of the                                                                Language of
 paper:                                                                      Presentation

 Posters Presentation only:              Oral Presentation only:                    Either   Oral   or

                      Title:                                   Initials:                  Sex (M/F):
 Corresponding        Preferred given
 author:              name:
                      Family name:

 details:        Email
                 Telephone:                                    Facsimile:
Please provide your affiliation/organisation, postal address, email address and telephone and facsimile


Please provide the titles, initials, family name and affiliation for the other authors.

 Key words:
Please provide up to eight key words for your paper.
Abstract: Below, please provide an abstract of your paper of up to 300 words – use 10 point Times

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