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					                              Glossary of portal terms

Announcement: Timely, important, role-specific messages that are pushed to portal
users. It appears as a framed box within a tab. There are two types of
   • Campus, for all portal users, generally messages of critical, broad application
   • Targeted, role-based messages that can be targeted to users on the basis of
       certain attributes as defined in Banner

Channel: A content delivery tool. Each channel has its own purpose for distributing
content; it may provide information from Banner, or it might include College event,
service or resource information. A channel may also include links to more detailed
topic-specific information, Web services or other applications. Channels can have
targeted (role-specific) and non-targeted (broad, general appeal) content. It appears
as a framed box within a tab.

Content: The information displayed in a tab, channel, announcement. This
encompasses data, text, links, images, etc.

Custom: Tools that are created for custom needs, those features or functionality
(e.g., tab, channel) that is not out-of-the-box.

Group Studio: A feature within the portal that enables a specific group of people to
participate in a collaborative environment; includes collaborative tools such as online
group discussion. Clubs, committees, office personnel and work teams might use a
group to share documents and text-based messages (ideas), chat and more.

Layout: The design of a portal tab. It is a group of channels set up in a certain
number of columns that fall within a tab.

Locked: Those tools (tabs and channels) that are deemed essential to each tab.
Users may not remove them from their default location.

Luminis: A portal-software platform, developed by SunGard Higher Education, which
integrates with Banner.

Out-of-the-box: Standard tools provided as part of the Luminis platform.

Portal: The Stockton portal is a Web-based interface that offers a single access point
to information, to conduct transactions, and to share communications. It is a private
personalized Web space to consolidated content, services and collaborative tools that
are tailored to a particular user or group of users.

Role: Portal users are assigned one or more roles based on their “status” or
“position” at the College. A user will have the role of ‘student’, ‘faculty’, ‘staff’,
alumni, or a combination if they hold multiple roles. The user’s role determines what
content is presented to them. Roles are authenticated through Banner.
Tab: A tab is a navigational tool. When a user logs in, the user is directed to the
home tab—the main tab within the portal. Predefined tabs appear in the portal
according to the user’s role.

Targeted: Any content (announcements or channels) that is designed for a specific
group of users based upon their role(s) or access group. This can be broad or

Definitions of Portal Roles
Involving many people from across campus:
Channel Content Steward: Develop portal content based on user needs; may also
create public Web pages for links or references in portal channels
Content Provider: Provide or input content based on instruction from Content
Involving a smaller group of people from across campus:
Announcement Administrator: Generate, or review and approve announcements.
• Campus Announcement Administrators
    o To be determined
• Targeted Announcement Administrators
    o faculty (Debbi Dagavarian and her designees)
    o employees (Liz Doran and her designees)
    o students (Joe LoSasso and his designees)
    o alumni (Sara Faurot-Crowley and her designees)
Content Administrator: An individual responsible for reviewing and approving
channel content
Group Administrator: Oversees and moderates a specific group within group studio
Involving people from the core portal team (and their designees)
Channel Administrator: Create channels for portal content
Design Administrator: Develop and maintain graphical look-and-feel for different
tabs based on user roles--faculty, employees, students, alumni
Group Administrator: Approve group requests, monitor group activity
Tab Steward: Determine layout of tabs and channels for all users or for specific
roles. Monitor content:
        o home tab (Marlena Brown)
        o faculty (Debbi Dagavarian)
        o employees (Liz Doran)
        o student services (Joe LoSasso)
        o student life (Kim McCabe)
        o alumni (Sara Faurot-Crowley)
        o how do I (Linda Feeney)

Log In Page Steward: Develop and maintain log in page, considering all portal
users: faculty, employees, students, alumni
System Administrator: The individual assigned responsibility for supporting,
maintaining and configuring portal servers, database, user accounts and software
       o Marlena Brown

ADA Compliance Advisor: Review/advise regarding channel content for ADA sec.
508 compliance
    o Fran Bottone
Ethics Compliance Advisor: Review/advise regarding channel content for state
ethics compliance
    o Nancy Hicks