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					                                     GRACE CHURCH BULLETIN
                                        October 30, 2007
               God’s grace sustains us as we strive to know, love, and serve others
               in our daily lives. Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are
               welcome at Grace Episcopal Church.

Dear Members of the Parish,
This coming Sunday, November 4th, we celebrate the feast of All Saints'. It is a time to give
thanks to God for everyone whom we are connected to in our Christian faith and life. All of us, by
virtue of our Baptism, are part of the Communion of Saints. The early Church Fathers thought this
was so important that it was included in the Apostles' Creed: "I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy
catholic Church,
       the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins,
       the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen."
By this proclamation we are declaring as a Church that we are all part of something greater than
ourselves; that we are inextricably linked to God our Creator, Jesus our inspiration, brother and
redeemer, the Holy Spirit who inspires us and all those courageous and inspiring people who have
gone before us and all those who will come after we have left this earth.
During our service on November 4th I will read the names of all of our saints that are written in the
Book of Remembrance. The book will be on the table in the Church Office this week until the
beginning of the 11 AM worship service.
We also invite you to bring pictures or mementos of loved ones that you would like to carry in
procession at the beginning of the service. We will have tables set up near the altar for you to
place your pictures on. It is a wonderful way to be surrounded by such a great:"Cloud of
Witnesses" as we partake in the Eucharist together.
I hope you will make a special effort to join us on this holy day as we give thanks to God for all
those whom we have loved and for those who continue to inspire us every day of our lives.
Peace and Blessings,

                                            Sabbath Time
 November 5 – 9 I will be participating in and Icon Writing Workshop at Church of the Ascension
 in Ipswich. It is a time of prayer and reflection as each participant “writes” or creates an icon of
 the “Beloved Disciple”.
 Ed Pease will be on call for any pastoral emergencies. 508-668-5055.

“We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others
bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box. ”
Robert Fulghum,
author, pastor
From the website:
                   Those In Service, November 4, 2007, All Saint’s Sunday

Greeters:            David Adams and Lisa Tieszen
Lectors:             Richard Signore, Yvonne Gomez-Carrion
Lay Reader:          Carol McNally
Chalice Bearers:     Libby Gerlach, Don Kennedy
Counters:            Nancy Sharby, Linda George
Hospitality:         Downs/Saulnier, Mendelsohn
Nursery:             Kathy Gould

                        We ask your prayers for all those who serve our country and local
                       communities, especially Brendan Bowen, Sean Hoyt, Darnell Lyman,
                       Calvin Johnson, Brad Leitch, and David DiCicco. We also ask your
                       prayers for those in need of healing: Tenny Lehman, Cindy, Alice
Rothchild, Mikinni Ennis, June Snyder, Stephanie Tlasek, Frances Ellsbree, Cindy, Sarah, Sally
McAlpine, Kathy Owen, Kara Johansen, Malcolm MacDonald, Carolyn Collins, Celi and Hardy
Meijer, Neila Gonzalves, Don McBride, Prof. Ya’akov Elman, Jennifer Boyd, Martha & Elizabeth
Bell, Bruce MacDonald, Sven, Ann O’Donnell, Judy Borowicz, Chris Strong, Dan Sullivan, Ed
Jacobi, George Lloyd, Courtney Lloyd, Billy & Paul DiCicco, Alma Amara, Matteo Singer-Torres,
Tim Clancy, Candace Kraus, Alison Kraus, Rabbi Lynn Landsburg, Mavis Chase Sobers, Paula
Gorski, Andy Alvaro, Suzie DeWilde, Sophie, Carol Garcia, Catherine McMahon, John, Matt Shea,
Elizabeth, Diane Cardinal, Dani, David Borrelli, Richard Borowitz, Peggy Steinberg, Karen Mikulka,
Christopher Bent, Ann Curley

           The Singing School is thriving. Thanks to Dawn Dreisbach and Richard
           Signore for their work last Sunday. We continue this Sunday beginning at
           10:00 AM with the parade. Bill Bruins will join us to teach a song about Noah
           and the “two-by-two” animals in the ark. Thanks also to the parents and
           other adults who have been helping out. Young children learn by following
           their adult companions in this important endeavor. Who knows who will also
           drop in? Wait and See! Any questions?
           Contact Linda at

                   YOUTH & SUNDAY                     SCHOOL
         Thanks to all who worked with children and youth on October 28th!
             Thanks to Dawn Driesbach for leading the Singing School,
                       and to Richard Signore for playing and
                 leading the singing in the children’s chapel service,
          and thanks to the Members of J2A: Christine and Lauren Chase,
                 Sara Clendenning, Madeleine Reed, and Eva Saltus
                 — who served as Greeters for our 11 A.M. Service,
   and thanks to teachers and doorkeepers; Margaret Crook and Edie Knight, Amy
 Hickey and Mary Arbuckle, Diane Sakakini-Rao, Andrea Lyman and Elaine Whiteside,
   and Don Kennedy for your great work in providing education for the children and
                               youth of Grace Church.

                     Class Meeting Times and Places, November 4,
                            the Sunday after All Saints’ Day
                Nursery Care by Kathy Gould is available from 9:45 A.M.
  10:00 AM       Singing School    Pre-K and up      Large Hall, Chapel
                 Junior Choir Rehearsal              Choir Room
                 Rite 13           Grades 6-8        Conference Room
                 J2A               Grades 9 and up Miriam’s Office
(Rite-13 and J2A students, don’t forget to bring mementos to be placed by you on the
display tables in the church. These can be of relatives and close friends who have
died, of heroes, and of pets.
  10:45 A.M.     Children from Pre-K through Grade 5 gather in the chapel before
                 joining the procession in the church. Please bring mementos of
                 people close to you who have died, and of heroes and pets, to place
                 on the display table in the church.
  11:05 A.M. (After the procession)
               Firelight 1         Grades 1-3          Chapel
               Firelight 2         Grades 4,5          Conference Room
  Godly Play and Firelight Classes (Pre-K--Gr. 5) enter the church service at
                        the Baptism, approx 11:35 a.m.
            Rite-13 and J2A Members attend the 11 A.M. Service.
               For Safety, children leaving church during the service
                    should always be accompanied by an adult.

Sunday School Helpers and Teachers are needed!
If you can serve as helper or teacher for at least one Sunday this year, please get in
touch with Ed Pease. Call the church at 617-244-3221, extension 14, or Ed at home
508-668-5055, or email to

November 4: All Saints’ Sunday. 10:45 A.M. Godly Play, Firelight 1 and Firelight 2
Members (Pre-K-Grade 5) gather in the chapel. When it is 11:00 A.M., the Members
join the procession into the church.
    Please bring with you a photograph or other memento of someone important to
you, including pets, to place on the display table in the Church during the procession.
    When the Sunday School Members have passed through the church, they go to
their classes in the usual meeting places (about 11:05 A.M.). At about 11:35 A.M. the
Sunday School Members will go into the church to participate in the Baptism, and Holy
November 11: St. Andrew’s Day, Veteran’s Day. 10:45 A.M. Godly Play, Firelight 1
and Firelight 2 Members (Pre-K-Grade 5) gather in the chapel. When it is 11:00 A.M.,
the Members join the procession through the park, and into the church. They keep
going, and return to their classes about 11:10. At about 11:45 A.M. they join the
Service going on in the Church, at the Greeting of Peace.
November 18: Regular Schedule of classes: Godly Play at 10:45,
Children’s Chapel for Grades 1-5 followed by Firelight classes.
November 25: Intergenerational Sunday School class will be provided. The class
attends the Baptism at about 11:35 a.m. in the Church.

November 4: (All Saints’ Sunday). Class at 10 A.M. At 11:00 A.M. Rite-13
members are invited to join the procession into the Church. Please bring photographs
or other mementoes of people who are important to you, and pets, to leave on the
display table during the procession.
    During the 11 A.M. Service there will be a Baptism. Rite-13 Members are invited
to move up and stand around the Baptismal Font when the Baptism is to take place.
November 11: (St. Andrew’s Day, Veteran’s Day). Class at 10 A.M. At 1:00
A.M. the Rite-13 Members join the procession through the park and into the church.
The class stays in church for the 11 A.M. Service.
November 18: Regular Schedule: 10 A.M. class.
November 25: 10 A.M. Intergenerational “Sunday School”
             for all ages in the Small Hall.

November 4, All Saints’ Sunday. Class will take place at 10 A.M. Sharp! At 11:00
A.M. the class joins the Procession into the Church.       Please bring with you
photographs or other mementoes of people important to you, and of pets, to place on
the display tables during the procession.
When it is time for the Baptism, Members of J2A are invited to move up to the
Baptismal Font.
November 11, St. Andrew’s Day, Veterans’ Day. Class will take place at 10 A.M.
Sharp. Don Kennedy will teach about the history of Grace Church. At 11:00 A.M. the
class joins the procession through the park, and into the church to attend the 11 A.M.
November 18, Class at 10 A.M Sharp.
November 25, Intergenerational “Sunday School” for all ages in the Small Hall
at 10 A.M.
Ed Pease, Assistant for Christian Education, 508-668-5055,

                             THE DUMPSTER IS COMING --- SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17
                  It’s time to clean out the basement, closets and the nooks and crannies of all of the
                     old, unused, tired, dated things that have been collecting at Grace for the past
                    several years. Mark your calendars so that you can join the fun. We will begin
                our work at 9:00 A.M. Refreshments will be provided. Everyone is encouraged to
                come for as long as you can. Many hands make light work!!!!
               If you have any questions, please call Leezie Magruder at 617-964-6062.

                                                    Evening Prayer
                   On Thursday at 6:30 PM, Evening Prayer will take place in the Chapel.
                                All are welcome to attend and participate.
   Come for the quiet, the candle light, a time to pray and meditate -- and a time to thank God for blessings of the day.

                                       GRACE GREEN TIPS
Inspired by the leadership of Religious Witness for the Earth, the Social Action Committee provides
weekly recommendations for environmental preservation.

                   Tip 9: Grow green grass. Growing concerns about toxic substances used to
                   fertilize our lawns has given a whole different meaning to what having a green
                   lawn means. Most commercial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides contain a
                   variety of toxins that leech into our ground water and pose potential dangers to
                   animals, insects and people. Bifenthrin, a key ingredient in insect and grub
                   control products, is a suspected carcinogen according to the EPA. The same is
true for Dicholorophenoxy acedic acid and Pendimethalin, which are used in many commercial
weed-killers. There are organic alternatives, though you will have to pay more. One product line is
Cockadoodle DOO, based in New Hampshire and sold in Lowe’s. Their fertilizer contains sanitized
poultry manure. While it costs just slightly more per pound than conventional fertilizer sold by
Scotts, you will have to use 4-6 times more pounds, on average, to cover the same amount of
lawn. Cockadoodle DOO also makes an organic weed control product, composed mostly of corn
gluten, as well as a grub control product that contains milky spore as its active ingredient. Based
on consumer demand, Scotts now offers a new line of products called Organic Choice.

Another tip is to plant clover in your lawn, or to simply stop trying to eradicate the clover that may
be already growing. Clover actually takes nitrogen from the air, which is then added to the soil and
provides a natural fertilizer for grass. In contrast, grass actually sucks nitrogen from the soil. When
mowed or mulched, clover provides additional nitrogen. *

* this information is an article written by Ralph Ranalli in the Globe West Edition of the Boston
  Sunday Globe on June 24, 2007.

                                        Daylight Savings Time ends
                                        November 4th at 2:00 AM
                                        Turn your clocks back one hour

                                           A History Minute
                                            (#7 in a series)
                                 Over the span of its first 19 years, Grace Church had had four
                                 rectors. In January, 1875, Rev. George Wolfe Shinn became
                                 Rector #5 when our present stone church had been in use for only
                                 14 months. Shinn, a 36-year old Troy, NY rector, had studied
                                 under Phillips Brooks at Virginia Theological Seminary. (Brooks,
                                 long a friend of Grace Church, was now back in Boston at Trinity
                                 Church, and had vouched for Shinn). Rev. Shinn, unlike his short-
                                 time predecessors, was to remain at Grace Church for 31 years of
                                 "caring autocracy". His leadership of Grace Church occurred
                                 during the administrations of eight presidents...Grant, Hayes,
                                 Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, Cleveland
                                 (again), McKinley, and Teddy Roosevelt...and including the death
of Queen Victoria. Rev. Shinn helped to found "Cottage Hospital" (now Newton-Wellesley); helped
Dr. Jackson to found the Newton Historical Society; served for 12 years on the Newton School
Committee, supporting the creation of neighborhood playgrounds across the city...including Farlow
Park opposite Grace Church, and helping in the growth of the five-year old Newton Free Library;
founded the Newton Clergy Association; assisted the struggling Church of the Good Shepherd in
Watertown, helped the discouraged mission which became the Church of the Messiah in
Auburndale, and was a major founder of (and Sunday afternoon preacher at) St. Paul's, Redeemer
(Chestnut Hill), and St. John's. Thus Rev. Shinn served as the relentless "energizer bunny" of the
community. Shinn's community outreach should have come as no surprise. As a teenager he had
set up a relief plan in a poor neighborhood of Philadelphia; during the Civil War, Shinn brought
medical supplies to Gettysburg immediately after the battle; as a rector he had turned a mission
into a parish in a coal-mining town; Shinn established both a normal school for training teachers
and a public library in a lumber town, as well as starting an Episcopal school (of which he served
as headmaster) for the children of semi-literate parents within his Troy, NY parish...all before
coming to Grace Church. Rev. Shinn's family tragedies and his work within Grace Church will be
described in a future bulletin. In the next "History Minute” learn why is St. Andrew's Day
celebrated as the birthday-anniversary of Grace Church? Don Kennedy, Parish Historian

                                          Winter Weekend
           Every year, 40-60 members of the parish of all ages and stages go to our
Diocesan Camp and Conference Center in Greenfield, NH over the Martin Luther King, Jr.
weekend. The dates this year are January 19-21, 2008. Mark your calendars now for a weekend
of fun! If Otter Lake is frozen, there is the opportunity to ice skate. If there is snow, there are some
sledding hills.
It is a wonderful way to get to know members of the parish in a relaxing atmosphere where
someone else does all the cooking!! The Conference Center is only 5 years old and has many of
the amenities of a hotel! There is an endless supply of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and popcorn Bring
your favorite board games, food, drink, and musical instruments.
There are fun activities, interactive Sunday School, lots of singing and an informal Eucharist on
Sunday morning. Stay tuned for more details. Sign-up sheets are in the office.

                               DON’T FORGET THE BY-LAWS !
No one showed up Sunday October 28 after the 11a.m. service to ask questions about the
proposed By-Laws. Hopefully this means everyone has read them, has understood them, and has
no questions, comments or criticisms.
Haven’t read them? They are available in hard copy at the church office. They are also available
on the church web site: open the link that is called “Parish Governance”.
Questions, comments, or criticisms? Call Susan Clancy and ask to speak to the Rector, Miriam, or
ask for the phone numbers of one of the Wardens, Jay and Ann, or any other vestryperson (if you
can’t find that in the church directory or if you don’t have a directory).
Remember, you are going to be asked to vote on the proposal at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the
parish corporation in January.
Among the proposed changes:
       1. Reduce the total number on the vestry from 17 (12 elected for three years + youth,
           wardens, treasurer, and clerk) to 14 (9 elected for three years + youth, wardens,
           treasurer, and clerk); with power in the Vestry, approved by the parish membership, to
           go back up to 17, or down to 11.
       2. Provide for a process to remove inactive (including the deceased) Members from the
           parish register.
       3. Provide a one year rather than a three term for the “youth” member of the Vestry.
       4. Provide a process for nominations to be made “from the floor” at Parish Meetings,
           in addition to those from the Nominating Committee.
       5. Retain, rather than change, the quorum for Meetings at 25 Members.
       6. Comply with Diocesan requirement that any chosen candidate for
           Rector must be certified by the Bishop to be in good standing.
       7. Clarify the role of the Vestry under Massachusetts law, and its authority over and
           responsibility for all committees.
       8. Provide for indemnification of parish officers in the event of legal action against them
           for their actions in serving the parish.
       9. Provide for measures to avoid any conflicts of interest, or appearance thereof.
       10. Supply a table of contents for the By-Laws, and arrange sections in
           a manner to make them more “user-friendly”.

                      Join Dawn Dreisbach as she hosts the New Philharmonia Orchestra's Family Concert
                      this Saturday, Nov. 3 at 2:00 PM at the Newton Cultural Center,
                      225 Nevada Street, Newtonville (the old Carr School).
Tickets are Adult $14, Senior $12, Student/Child $8, Family $40 (2 adults and 2 children).
Of particular fun will be Doodles, a set of variations on Yankee Doodle where the audience decides which
instruments will play solo variations. As always, the concert will be followed by the New Phil's ever-popular
instrument petting zoo. For tickets or information call 617.527.9717 or go to
                                                See you there!

                                   Sacred Music for Voices by Frank Pesci
                                    Wednesday, November 7th at 5:30pm
                         Church of St. John the Evangelist, 35 Bowdoin Street, Boston
                                           Featured on the program:
                      Four settings from "The Southern Harmony" for Voice and Piano
                                 Missa Brevis in D for unaccompanied choir
                   World premiere of Prayer of Saint Bonaventure for unaccompanied choir.

                                   November 10 Fall Cleanup at the East Parish Burying Ground
                               Saturday, November 10th, 9 a.m. to noon. Honor our veterans this
                              weekend by participating in the Fall Cleanup at the East Parish Burying
                              Ground. All volunteers and all ages are welcome. Please bring gloves,
                              rakes, clippers, a tarp, if you have one, and your enthusiasm.
                       Established in 1660, the East Parish Burying Ground is located at
                       Centre and Cotton Streets and is the final resting place of hundreds of
                       Newton's earliest European settlers, including many who fought in the
American War for Independence. In the event of steady rain, call the Newton History Museum at
617-796-1450 for information concerning a rain date.

      'Faces and Voices of Recovery" Let's Learn to Talk about Recovery To The Media
                                 November 9 and 10, 2007
             Registration Deadline is 5pm, October 26th! Space is very limited, so register today!

            Registration Fee, (Includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday, snacks and all materials)
      $38.00 (Faces & Voices of Recovery supporter level paying members and above) $50.00 all others

                        Faces & Voices of Recovery Message and Media Trainers
                                     Tom Coderre    Anara Guard      Betty Currier
Training Schedule
      Friday, November 9                       Saturday, November 10
     Noon – Registration Opens                 9:00am Continental breakfast
     1:00 pm 5:00pm                            9:00 am 5:00pm
     Snacks provided, dinner on your own       Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks provided

Training and Hotel Location and Transportation: Sheraton Braintree Hotel, 37 Forbes Road, Braintree, MA 02184
To make reservations please contact the hotel directly by calling 781-848-0600 or 1-800-325-3535. When making
reservations please ask for the Faces & Voices of Recovery room block. There is a shuttle that takes you to
Braintree for $22 round-trip. Once you get to Braintree, you can call the hotel and they have a complimentary shuttle
that picks you up and brings you to the hotel. For those wishing to fly into Providence (cheaper flights on Southwest
Airlines) - renting a car is the best option - the drive is approximately 50 miles.

Capacity                                                             Dress
Space is very limited, so register today!                             Dress is casual.
Thank you to the Addiction Technology Transfer Center- New England for sponsoring the training and to
Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery for hosting. We thank the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment for
their support of Faces & Voices' media trainings. For more information,

                                                     Fall Film Series
                 " The Devil Came on Horseback" - Thursday, Nov. 1, 7:00 pm
A searing look at the situation in Darfur, this film will help you understand the current crisis in the
region, as well as the challenges of mobilizing the effort to end the genocide.
                       "Constantine's Sword" - Thursday, Nov 8, 8:00 pm
Through the life and witness of James Carroll, this film examines the relationship between
religion and violence, and the enduring legacy of Christian antisemitism. The evening features a
conversation with author and Boston Globe columnist, James Carroll, and filmmaker Oren
Both films are free and open to the public. Showings will be held at Brandeis University at the Wasserman
Cinematheque, Sachar International Center. For directions, please see Interested in meeting
with other CMM members and discussing the films? Contact Polly Hamlen, CMM Program Manager, at, or 617-244-3650

                                          Rally for Clean Energy!
From Step it Up II On November 3rd, people are rallying in hundreds of communities across the country to ask our
political leaders and candidates to finally do something about bringing us into a clean energy future.
In Boston, we will gather at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul on Tremont Street at 10:30 am for a Green
Connections Fair and to hear our regional leaders speak out on the generation-defining climate crisis. Invited
speakers include U.S. Senators Edward Kennedy and John Kerry, U.S. Representatives Michael Capuano, Stephen
Lynch, Edward Markey, and John Tierney, Governor Deval Patrick, Senators Marc Pacheco, Pamela Resor, and
Jack Hart, Representative Frank Smizik, and Mayor Tom Menino.
At noon we will conclude with a send-off celebration of the "Revolutionary Ride" cyclists who will carry the Step It Up
message      along     Paul     Revere's     route     on     their   way     to     attend    the      "Revolutionary
Energy Rally" in Concord, MA.

Head to for more information about Step It Up nationwide or for information about our local event.

                             Revels Repertory Company to perform
                          "An American Journey" as a benefit for CMM
On Saturday, November 10 at 6:30 pm, the Revels Repertory will perform "An American Journey" at First Baptist
Church, in Newton. The program is open to the public and is appropriate for adults and children ages 4 and up.
Proceeds go to support the programs of Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, including our exciting youth program,
the Interfaith Youth Initiative.
                                  th            th
Taking place during the latter 19 and early 20 centuries, "An American Journey" features a voyage to Ellis Island
(and then to Boston) that brings families from Ireland, Italy and Eastern Europe together into a community where
stories, songs, and dances are shared. A cooking pot is brought out and ingredients for a meal are produced - may
the pot never rust! The interactive program inspires ongoing conversations about how a family's ancestors came to
America. As a student at a school performance said, "Now I know how they really felt."
Founded in 1997 to expand Revels programs beyond the Boston area, the Revels ensemble performs at museums,
schools and community concert series throughout New England. The ensemble includes forty adults and children
who are chosen by audition and represent 20 communities from the greater Boston area including Newton.
Tickets are on sale now! Group rates available. For more information, contact Polly Hamlen, CMM Program
Manager,, or (617) 244-3650 or visit us online at

                             Hospice of the Good Shepherd
                                “The Spirituality of Dying”
                          Presented by: Artemis March, PhD
                           November 1, 2007, 6:00-7:30 PM
          Event will be held at the Hospice office. Coffee and dessert will be served.
          RSVP to Jennifer Sax at 617-969-6130 or

                                   Please come to
                           “Share the Memories Together”
                                       at our
                         Annual Community Memorial Service
                       Thursday, November 8th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
                               Wellesley Community Center
                             219 Washington Street, Wellesley
                            RSVP to Jennifer Sax by October 31
                     To 617-969-6130 or

                     Invites you to participate in a support group
                            “Grieving the Loss of a Parent”
       Six Consecutive Tuesdays Starting November 13th, 3:30 – 5:00 PM
                         2042 Beacon Street, Newton
Space is limited. Please pre register by calling the Hospice office at 617-969-6130