First United Methodist Church Bulletin by qbp14515


									First United Methodist Church
    50 South Walnut Street
     Blairsville, PA 15717
                     Sunday, August 3, 2008
                  Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
  8:30 AM Chapel                                    10:45 AM Sanctuary
  Key Verse: “And all ate and were filled; and they took up what was left
  over of the broken pieces, twelve baskets full.”        Matthew 14:20

Pre-Service Music
The Ringing of the Bell
The Community Gathers (Time for Sharing and Register of Attendance)
Prelude             “For the Beauty of the Earth”
Introit                   “Morning Has Broken”            Erica Wisor
Call to Worship
    Leader: The Lord is present in His sanctuary
    People: Let us praise the Lord.
    Leader: The Lord is present in His people here,
    People: Let us praise the Lord.
    Leader: The Lord is present with a message of hope,
    People: Let us praise the Lord!

*Hymn of Praise               “Amazing Grace”                       #378

*Affirmation Statement of Faith of the United Church of Canada #883

*Gloria Patri                                                         # 70

Scripture Old Testament Genesis 32:22-31             O.T. Pew Bible p.29

Children’s Ministry

Scripture       Epistle        Romans 9:1-5       N.T. Pew Bible p. 148

Ministry of Music               “Gavotte”                     J. B. Lully
  Christopher & Tucker Burg accompanied by mother Wendy Beatty Burg

 Scripture      Gospel       Matthew 14:13-21      N.T. Pew Bible p. 15
Giving of Tithes and Offering
    Offertory         “Song of Love”                     Erica Wisor
   *Doxology                                                    #94

*Passing the Peace of Our Lord
Our Concerns
 Pastoral Prayer
 Lord’s Prayer                                                #895

*Hymn of Faith      “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”               #280

 Message               “Use What You Have”

 Holy Communion                                                 #12
*Hymn of Dedication         “Here I Am, Lord”                  #593

*Postlude                    “Ava Maria”

            *Those that are able please stand.

        If you are unable to comfortably go forward to
          receive the Bread and Cup, an usher will be
                  glad to serve you in the pew.

             Special thanks to Mrs. Karen Jones
             for being our pianist this morning.
    A warm welcome to you to this worship service. Please
    record your attendance by using the register form in your
    pew. If you are a visitor, please include your address and
    phone number and e-mail address if one is available.

   Before the service begins, take some time in meditation to
   prepare yourself and to offer up your concerns to God.

   Greeting one another is important as we come together.
   But please do so quietly and in a manner that respects those
   who are in prayer.

   A nursery is available during 10:45 service for kindergarten
   and younger.

      Our Vision is to make disciples: to be a community of faith in
       which disciples of Christ Jesus are equipped and sent in the
                        power of the Holy Spirit.

Bishop                                   Thomas Bickerton
District Superintendent                  Sharon Schwab
Pastor                                   Terry Shaffer
Church Secretary                         Deborah Speelman
Choir Director                           Jan Ritchey
Organist                                 Janet Robinson
Pianist                                  Karen Jones
Head Usher                               Thomas Wisor
                                         Helen Marshall (8:30)
Assistant Head Ushers               Harold & Bertha McConnaughey
Ushers                              Betty Harris Minnie Heming
                                    Roy & Lois Bennett
Acolyte                                   Lilly Peightal
Liturgist                                 Sally Peightal
Guest Musicians                            Erica Wisor
                                  Christopher, Tucker & Wendy Burg

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