BI Repository - Siebel Analytics Setup

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					BI Repository - Siebel Analytics Setup


          1. From Windows Services Panel , Stop Siebel Analytics Server and Siebel Analytics Web
          2. Use BI Repository Replication Console to replicate your Salesforce data to a local Oracle
          3. Have the ODBC Data Source Name for the Oracle Instance where the Salesforce data
             has been replicated.

      Step 1: Copy Repository files to the Siebel Installation directories

      Copy the repository and catalog files to your Siebel Analytics installation directories as shown
      below. The files are present in the repositoryfiles directory.

       File Name           Copy To                        Notes

       sforce.rpd          <SIEBEL_HOME>/reposit          SIEBEL_HOME in the path represents your
                           ory folder                     Siebel Analytics installation directory

       sforce.webc         <SIEBEL_DATA_HOME>/            SIEBEL_DATA_HOME in the path
       at                  web/catalog foder              represents your Siebel Analytics Data

      Step 2: Update Siebel Analytics Configuration files

       Config file to be             Text to be edited                 Comment

       <SIEBEL_HOME>/Con             [ REPOSITORY ]                    Locate [Repository] section
       fig/NQSConfig.ini                                               and add the sforce.rpd file to
                            Star=sforce.rpd,                  the Star schemas to be loaded
                                                              by the repository server.

<SIEBEL_DATA_HOM            <ServerInstance>                  Locate <ServerInstance>
E>/Web/                     ...                               section and specify the
Config/instanceconfig.x                                       sforce.webcat location for the
ml                          <CatalogPath>                     CatalogPath element.




Step 3: Configure Database

   1. Start Siebel Analytics Administration Tool.
   2. Open the sforce.rpd file (offline mode). You will see the Physical Layer, Business Model
      and Mapping Layer and Presentation Layer sections.
   3. Under the Physical Layer, Right click OLTP -> Connection Pool item to open the
      properties form, and set the Data source name value to the ODBC data source to Oracle
      instance having the Salesforce data. The image below shows the properties form.
   4. Verify the database connection by selecting 'View Data' on one of the tables in the
      Physical Model (do a right-mouse-click on the table to open the menu).
   5. Save the Repository.
Step 4: Start Siebel Analytics

   1. From Windows Services Panel, Start Siebel Analytics Server, and Siebel Analytics Web
   2. Launch Siebel Analytics Web client from the browser, and login as Administrator.
   3. Click on 'Salesforce Dashboard' to view pre-built dashboards for your data.