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Norwalk High School Announcements by theduets


									Norwalk High School
                    Thursday, February 20, 2003
The Media Center will be closed today. Please do not send
students for any reasons. Thank you.
Truckerette try-outs will be held March 3rd through 6th. Girls
interested in trying out for Truckerettes must stop in the Director
of Student Activities’ Office to sign-up and pick-up a permission
slip. The deadline to sign-up for try-outs is Friday, February 28th.
Those students helping at the Gala on Saturday night need to
meet in the cafeteria tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. You will
receive instructions about what you’ll be doing Saturday.
Presale tickets are on sale in the Director of Student Activities
Office for next Tuesday night’s sectional boys’ basketball game
against Perkins. Presale tickets are $4 for students and $5 for
adults. All tickets at the door will be $5. Norwalk will play in the
second game Tuesday night and the gym will be cleared between
Key Club members participating in Kiwanis Shadow Day
tomorrow should meet in the cafeteria following announcements
for breakfast with your Kiwanian.
For this week only – science and math proficiency tutoring will be
offered on Tuesday and citizenship will be offered on Thursday.
The tutoring will be in the Media Center after school.
This week our basketball team will be competing in its first
tournament game. It is policy at tournament games that balloons,
banners, noisemakers, or any signs are not permitted. Confetti
or other similar items are also prohibited. Spectators MUST wear
shirts at all O.H.S.A.A. sponsored tournaments! You are asked
NOT to stand on top of bleacher seats as this has caused
considerable damage at tournament sites. Our school may be
assessed for damages if we are in violation. Noncompliance of
these requests will result in delay of tournament play. Courtesy
toward your opponents, respect for the host school’s property
and also for the game officials, reflects true sportsmanship. We
ask each student to abide by this policy and thereby avoid
embarrassment to oneself and one’s school. Your cooperation
will make for a better tournament. Members: Northwest District
Athletic Board
There will be a regular Key Club meeting Tuesday, February 26th
in the Fisher-Titus Learning Center. Mrs. Heintz will be there to
talk to you about clothe-a-child.
Those gentlemen working at the Gala Saturday night may pick up
their tuxes in Room 6211 after school.
Reminder to all girls interested in playing softball – there will be a
mandatory meeting tonight at 2:45 in ms. Nickoli’s room.

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