Transformer Oil Regeneration by qbp14515


									                                              TRANSFORMER OIL REGENERATION

                                          E575R SERIES

 new E575R series of Transformer Oil
Regeneration systems returns your used transformer
oil to better than manufacturer’s original specification.
 The E575R series also overcomes the need for
costly disposal of Fullers Earth by providing for
reactivation of our adsorbent media. The system is
completely environmentally friendly as no hazardous
waste products are produced.

This proprietary blend of titanium, silicon, iron and
aluminium oxides can be reactivated over 300 times,
resulting in significant savings in media acquisition
and disposal. In fact media costs are less than ½
cent US per gallon of oil processed! At the end of the
useful lifetime of the media, it can be simply
discarded in a normal landfill site.

                                                               Typical Single-Pass Performance
   Stationary or mobile options                                                       	     

   Annual throughputs from 160 000 gallons or                                          		       

    640 000 liters
   Designed for continuous 24-hour operation
   Does not generate hazardous waste
   Long-life media need only be changed every                 %&&                       '()    
    four to five years                                           *&&+
   Corrects acidity, colour, moisture, IFT, etc. by           ,-').                     0        
    restoring transformer oil to virgin specifications
   Mobile option can be used for on-site
    transformer maintenance with our 1 Torr                    12%                            "    

    vacuum package                                                                                                 )&.
    Choice of semi- or full-automatic control                  )                           &               6
    Flexible integral degasifier options                                                                           7/
   Spare and replacement parts are readily
    available.                                                 )89                          )#    :;#
                                                               <&                       0       0       


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